Steam Iron
Instruction Manual
Important safety instructions
When using your iron, basic safety precautions should always be followed:
1. Make sure the power used corresponds with the one indicated on the rating label.
2. Use the iron only for needed use as descried in the instruction manual.
3. Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used near children. Do not
leave iron unattended while connected or on an ironing board. Burns can occur from
touching hot metal parts,hot water or steam.
4. Keep the iron out of reach of children.
5. Unplug the iron from the mains electrical supply before:
- Cleaning
- Filling with water or emptying the water tank
- Immediately after use
6. Never operate the iron with damaged power cord or plug, or after it has fallen or
been damaged in any way. To avoid the risk of electric shock, do not disassemble the
iron, take it to a qualified serviceman for examination and repair.
7. Do not let cord touch hot surfaces.
8. To protect against a risk of electric hazards, do not immerse the iron in water or any
other liquid.
9. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service
agent or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
10. The iron must not be left unattended while it is connected to the mains supply.
11. The plug must be removed from the sock-outlet before the water reservoir is filled with
12. The iron must be used and rested on a stable surface.
13. When placing the iron on its stand, ensure that the surface on which the stand is
placed is stable.
14. The iron is not to be used if it has been dropped, if there are visible signs of damage
or if it is leaking.
Important safety instructions
Functions: Dry Ironing, Spraying, Steam, Vertical Steam, Burst of Steam,Self-Cleaning
Rated parameter: AC220-240V 50Hz 2000W
Type of Fabric: Nylon,Silk,Wool Cotton,Linen
Cautions of the first use:
1. Some parts of the iron may have residual oil on them from the manufacturing process,
and may smoke slightly as they first use. After a short while, this will cease.
2. Before using for the first time, remove any sticker or protective foil from the soleplate.
Always test the iron before use on an old piece of fabric to ensure that the soleplate is
3. Keep the soleplate smooth, avoid hard contact with metal objects(such as clothes rack,
button and slide fastener)
4. Pure woolen fabrics (100% wool) may be pressed with the iron set to a steam position.
Preferably set the steam regulator to strong position, and use a dry pressing cloth.
Important Safety Instructions
Parts List
Care and cleaning
Parts list
1. Spray Nozzle
2. Water Filling Inlet
3. Steam Regulator
4. Burst Steam Button
5. Spray Button
6. Self Cleaning Button
7. Thermostat Dial
8. Power Indicator Light
9. Water Reservoir
10. Soleplate
Filling With Water:
1. Set the steam regulator to”0”(=no steam)(only for steam iron).
2. Hold the iron by hand and slant the iron with 45°down, open the Water Filling
3. Fill the water through the Water-Filling inlet.
Dry Ironing:
1. Before running the iron, please classify the clothes as per its washing label, as it will
be quicker for the iron to heat up that to cool, the clothes (such as synthetic fabric, silk
etc.)With lower ironing temperature shall be ironed firstly, and then iron the clothes
(such as wool, cotton and linen etc.)with higher temperature.
2. Stand the iron on its end, and turn the thermostat dial to the MIN position.
3. Plug in the iron and select the temperature by turning the thermostat dial. If there is
water in the reservoir, turn the steam regulator to OFF position. Wait until the indicator
light goes off showing that the required temperature has been reached.
Steam Ironing:
1. Fill water in the iron as per the water-filling methods.
2. Plug the appliance in the socket.
3. If only the thermostat dial is set to MAX position as per the temperature indicator,
steam iron will be available, otherwise water may leak from the soleplate.
4. It indicates that the temperature has been ready until the indicator light goes off.
5. Set the steam regulator correctly, increase the steam output by rotating the steam
regulator anticlockwise.
Caution: Synthetic Fabric, Nylon, Synthetic Silk and Silk cannot use the steam function.
Otherwise it will damage the finish surface.
Burst of Steam:
This function will be able to provide more steam to remove stubborn creases.
1. Set the thermostat dial button to MAX until the indicator light goes off.
2. Release the steam by pressing the steam button.
3. Wait for several minutes and let the steam penetrate through the fabric, and then
release more steam through pressing this buttons again.
Instructions (cont.)
1. There should be 3-5 seconds rest between two times of pressing Steam Button in
order to obtain the best steaming result.
2. Fill the water to the MAX position before using this function.
3. In order to prevent the water leaking from soleplate , please do not press the
steam button continuously with more than 5 seconds.
Spraying Methods:
1. Fill the water in the iron as per water-filling methods.
2. Press water spray button.
3. Note: No matter what steam ironing of dry ironing is, spray will always be available
in any case.
Self- cleaning:
To remove dirt and dust, the iron should be cleaned at least once a month.
1. Fill the iron with water. Turn the steam regulator to no steam position and the
thermostat dial to the MIN position. Plug the iron into the mains socket. Turn the
thermostat dial to Max position.
2. When the power indicator light goes off. i.e. the steam iron is in its presetting
3. Hold the iron horizontally over a sink or basin.
4. Press the “Self-Cleaning” button and hold it down while shaking the iron lightly to
eliminate the dirt. The plate gives off hot water and steam.
5. During this operation you can press the steam button a number of times, remembering
to pause for at least five seconds between one burst of steam and the next.
6. When the tank is empty, release the self-cleaning button.
7. Turning the thermostat dial to the MIN position and unplug the iron from the mains
socket. Leave the iron to cool and clean the plate with a soft cloth.
Instructions (cont.)
Type of Fabric and Thermostat Dial Form:
Caution: If the fabric consists of various kinds of fibers, always select the lowest ironing
temperature of the composition of those fibers.
After Ironing:
To extend the working life of the iron, whenever you finish ironing, it is recommended to
empty the reservoir as follows:
Unplug from the mains socket. Empty the iron by opening Water Filling Cover and holding
it with the tip pointing upwards. Shake it lightly above a sink then close the cover. To dry
the remaining moisture, turn the iron on again with the thermostat dial in the MAX position
with steam regulator in MAX position until Power Indicator Light goes off. Unplug from the
mains socket and allow to cool. Clean the plate with a dry cloth as traces of moisture could
mark it.
Care and cleaning
Before cleaning, remove the plug from the socket and allow the iron to cool down
1. Wipe off the soleplate with a damp cloth and a non-abrasive (liquid)cleaner.
2. If the fiber is adhered to the soleplate, use a damp cloth with vinegar to wipe off the
3. Never use strong acid or alkali in order to avoid damaging the soleplate.
4. If the scale blocks the steam hole, please remove the scale with toothpick; do not
damage the surface of soleplate.
5. Stand the iron on its end and let it cool down sufficiently, and meantime pour any
remaining water out of the box, set the steam regulator to positon”0”.
Simple Repair Methods:
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While every effort has been made in the preparation of this instruction manual, the publishers cannot be held
responsible for the accuracy of the information contained herein or any consequences arising from it.
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