Non metallic cable clamps that snap shut after cables are
inserted with a pull upward of the lower portion of the clamp.
It clicks into shut position and can be easily re-opened by
pushing the release. Neatly and securely hold bundles of
cables together for various types of short cable runs. Two
sizes of clamps available. Clamps are suitable for both wall
and overhead mounting.
Made of halogen free polypropylene and are flame retardant
up to 960 degrees C. Material rated as 94V2.
Catalog #
SHF 15
SHF 30
Height mm/ inch
70mm/ 2.75”
105mm/ 4.1”
SHF 15
Profile from
back of clamp
Niedax-Kleinhuis USA, Inc.
2260 Westbrooke Drive –Bldg K
Columbus, OH 43228
Width mm/ inch
30mm/ 1.2”
45mm/ 1.8”
Box quantity
50 pc
25 pc
SHF 30
Profile from
back of clamp
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