322_01_Cordless Impact Wrench

seen in the working direction) for forward rotation. Push
the forward / reverse switch to the left (as seen in the
working direction) for reverse rotation.
Reverse rotation
Forward rotation
The speed of the power tool can be controlled smoothly
(increased from minimum to maximum) by pressing the
control switch gradually.
Before starting work, survey the work area and use the
correct type of tool.
Make sure you are in comfortable position. The correct
position allows you to work easier and provides better
Do not apply excessive pressure. This will not increase
the performance. This is not a drill.
When the impact socket will not do what you want, assume
you have wrong bit fitted. Change it to correct one.
When you have finished a work session, release the ON/OFF
trigger switch, let the tool stop spinning, remove the bit
and move the directional selection slider to the middle
position. Place the tool in a safe place.
If when using the tool the power begins to fade the battery
requires re-charging, remove the battery and recharge as
described in the GETTING STARTED section.
Handle the equipment with care. Avoid dropping it,
knocking it, or otherwise exposing it to damage.
Never expose the equipment to dangerous and/or
corrosive chemicals.
When battery pack is not in use, keep it away from other
metal objects, like paper clips, coins, keys, nails, screws or
other small metal objects, that can make a connection from
one terminal to another. Shorting the battery terminals
together may cause burns or a fire.
Store the battery in a cool, dry place. Never store the
battery where it is exposed to direct sunlight or sources
of heat, e.g. on heaters / radiators or behind a motor
vehicle windscreen.
Keep the equipment clean - you will find this less of a
chore if you clean it regularly, rather than wait until the end
of the hire period.
Avoid working the tool continuously for long periods.
When not in use, store the equipment somewhere
clean, dry and secure.
Operating & Safety Guide 322
Switch off the unit by releasing the ON/OFF button then
remove the socket and battery pack.
Clean the tool up as far as possible, paying special
attention to the motor’s ventilation slots.
Place the unit and the battery in the carry case ready for
return, to HSS Hire.
Cordless Impact
Battery type
Battery capacity
2.6 Ah
Energy content
Full hammering frequency
Max. torque
Dimensions (LxWxH)
Driving standard bolts
56.16 Wh
2500 impacts/minute
450 Nm
232 x 94 x 258 mm
3 kg
12mm - 24mm
... have you been trained
The law requires that personnel using this type of equipment in
the workplace must be competent and qualified to do so.
Training is available at HSS Training
0845 766 7799
Hand-held cordless impact wrench.
Ideal for tightening and releasing
nuts, bolts and anchors.
…any comments?
If you have any suggestions to enable us to improve the
information within this guide please e-mail your comments or
write to the Safety Guide Manager at the address below
e-mail: safety@hss.com
Never push the equipment beyond its design limits. If it
will not do what you want with reasonable ease and speed,
assume you have the wrong equipment for the job. Contact
HSS Hire for advice.
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For advice on the safety and suitability of this equipment
contact HSS Hire.
There is a serious risk of personal injury if you do not
follow all instructions laid down in this guide.
The hirer has a responsibility to ensure that all
necessary risk assessments have been completed prior
to the use of this equipment.
This equipment should only be used by an operator
who has been deemed competent to do so by his/her
This equipment should be used by a competent adult
who has read and understood these instructions.
Anyone with either a temporary or permanent disability,
should seek expert advice before using it.
Keep children, animals and bystanders away from the
work area. Cordon off a NO GO area using cones and
either barriers or tape, available for hire from HSS Hire.
Never use this equipment if you are ill, feeling
tired, or under the influence of alcohol or
Wear practical, protective clothing, gloves and
footwear. Avoid loose garments and jewellery
that could catch in moving parts, tie back long hair.
This equipment generates potentially harmful
noise levels. To comply with health and safety at work
regulations, ear defenders must be worn by everyone in
the vicinity.
Safety goggles must be worn by everyone in the
work area.
Ensure the work area is well lit and ventilated, if in
doubt, ask about lighting and ventilation equipment at HSS
Make sure that everyone is aware of what you are
Do not work near flammable gases or liquids, petrol or
paint thinner fumes for example. Keep combustible
materials at a safe distance – at least 5m.
Do not expose the tool to rain or snow and do not use it
in damp or wet areas or where there is a risk of fire or
Working on materials hazardous to the health (e.g.
asbestos) is not permissible.
Do not work from a ladder or steps.
Make sure you know how to switch this machine OFF
before you switch it on in case you get into difficulty.
Do not operate the tool when it is dirty or wet. Dust or
dampness on the surface of the tool will make it more
difficult to hold.
Do not touch rotating parts.
Never leave the tool unsupervised.
Never carry or pull the charger by its power cable.
When working, adopt a stable, well-balanced stance that
lets you see what you are doing while leaving your
hands and body behind the work at all times.
Do not try to repair or modify the equipment. If this tool
can’t do what you expect or fails to work return to HSS Hire.
The charger for HSS Cordless Impact Wrench is
designed to plug straight into a standard, 230V 13A
power socket.
Do not use the battery as a power source for other
unspecified appliances.
Recharge only with the charger specified by the
manufacturer. A charger that is suitable for one type of
battery pack may create a risk of fire when used with
another battery pack.
If the charger fails, or if its power supply cable or plug
becomes damaged, return it. Never try to repair it
Under abusive conditions, liquid may be ejected from
the battery; avoid contact. If contact accidentally
occurs, flush with water. If liquid contacts eyes,
additionally seek medical help. Liquid ejected from the
battery may cause irritation or burns.
Keep cables out of harm’s way, and clear of the work area.
Extension leads should be fully unwound and loosely
coiled, away from the equipment. Never run them
through water, over sharp edges or where they could trip
To reduce the risk of electric shock, use a suitable
RCD (Residual Current-Operated Device) available
from HSS Hire, or power the equipment from a mains circuit
with a built-in RCD.
The HSS Cordless Impact Wrench is designed for driving
HUS 8-14 mm dia. screw anchors in concrete, tightening
and releasing M12 to M24 bolts, machine screws and nuts
Never use the HSS Cordless Impact Wrench until you
have fully read and understood this User Guide and the
machine has been properly set up using the information
it contains.
The Cordless Impact Wrench is powered by removable
battery that requires to be charged before use.
During the work observe battery status
indicator placed on the battery pack. When
the battery is fully charged 4 LED
indicators will flash. In case of only one
indicator blinking you are require to
change to the second battery in order to
continue work. Recharge the battery immediately so that it
is ready for reuse.
NOTE: Battery performance drops at low temperatures.
Never use the battery until the cells become fully
Remove the battery from the drill by pressing in the unlock
buttons on either side of the battery and carefully slide out
the battery.
To charge the battery, plug the charger into a power
source and insert the battery in the battery charger.
Forward / reverse selector switch
with interlock
Battery Charger
Control switch
Release buttons
Li-ion battery
status and
fault display
When the battery is fully charged, before fitting it to the
tool, check that the power tool is switched off and that
the safety lock is engaged (forward/reverse switch in
the middle position). Check that the terminals on the
battery and in the power tool are free from foreign
Now push the battery into the power tool from the rear as far
as it will go and until it is heard to engage with a double click.
Be careful! If it is not fitted securely, the battery could fall
out while you are working with the tool. A falling battery
may present a risk of injury to yourself or others.
Before beginning the work, check that the battery is fitted
securely to the tool.
To remove the battery out of the power tool press both
battery release buttons. Pull the battery towards the rear.
The power tool is equipped with an electronic protection
system to prevent overloading and overheating. The power
tool switches itself off automatically in the event of
overloading and overheating. After releasing the control
switch, the power tool may not restart immediately when
the switch is pressed again (while the power tool is cooling
When the overloading or overheating has occurred 4 LED
indicators on the battery pack will blink. Let the tool cool
Wear protective gloves when changing tools as the
tools get hot during use.
The power tool is equipped with a 1⁄2"
1⁄2" square
square drive with ball-notch accessory
retention mechanism.
Check that the square drive of the insert
tool is clean. Clean the square drive if
Bring the notch in the impact
socket into alignment with the ball
on the square drive before fitting it
to the power tool. The impact impact
socket will not be held securely socket
and could fall off inadvertently if
this point is not observed.
Set the forward /
reverse switch to the middle position or
remove the battery from the power tool.
Align the hole in the side of the impact
socket with the retention ball on the
square drive. Push the impact socket
onto the chuck until it engages.
The forward / reverse switch is used to select the direction
of rotation of the drive spindle. An interlock prevents
switching while the motor is running. The control switch is
locked when the forward / reverse switch is in the middle
position. Push the forward / reverse switch to the right (as