plush “pure gain” pedal instructions

Thank you for purchasing this Plush product. Plush (a division of Fuchs Audio Technology LLC) is a
company committed to the finest quality professional products, built for years of trouble free use.
This pedal incorporates a solid aluminum enclosure, a durable powder coated finish, premium passive
components, metal shaft controls, and is backed by a five year warranty.
A few pointers: If using this product on a pedal board, and using external power, it’s wise to remove the
battery. This unit may be cleaned with a soft dry cloth (like an old T-shirt), but no abrasive cleaners
should be used. If the pedal is extremely dirty a mild cleaner such as Windex may be used, however, it
should be strayed onto the cloth, not the pedal, and care should be taken to not get this cleaner into any
jacks or switches.
The Plush “Pure Gain” pedal is a unique product co-designed by Nelson Pass (a noted high end audio
Designer) and Andy Fuchs. It uses a unique circuit topology which uses high gain FET’s, for lowest noise
and the warmest tube like sound possible.
The unit is activated when a standard ¼” guitar cable is plugged into the input jack. If using this unit on
battery power, the guitar cable should be unplugged when it’s not in use, to extend battery life.
The Plush “Pure Gain” can be used as both an active buffer, and as a gain booster. When the control is in
its lowest position, the pedal is operating in unity gain mode, which means the input signal and output
signals are identical in strength. The advantage of keeping the unit on, in unity gain mode, is the signal
from your instrument is buffered. This means its output impedance is much lower than its original 1Meg ohm value. In unity gain mode the “Pure Gain” provides a 1-K output impedance, which is ideal for
driving long cable runs or pedals with low input impedance. As the gain control is increased, the booster
adds gain only as required. Unlike other boosters which produce full gain at all times and simply lower it
with a volume control “Pure Gain” truly adjusts its gain, which makes it the quietest booster made
today. It also allows you to use only as much gain as you choose, keeping noise as low as possible.
When set at maximum gain, “Pure Gain” provides up to 20-db of gain for any input signal. Its input
impedance is 1-Meg, which is suitable for most any guitar or keyboard input. It has an extremely high
overload point, which means, should you hear any distortion, you are either overloading the input of the
pedal, or the pedal has increased the signal level to the point of overloading the amplifier, pedal, or
device it’s feeding.
The Plush “pure Gain” provides a hard wire bypass, which means when not in use (LED not lit) the input
is connected directly to the output, with no loading of the signal, and no active devices in the signal
The DC jack on the side is a standard 2.1 mm tip negative adaptor input. A Plush DC adaptor may be
purchased from your local dealer or any standard Roland style (or similar) DC adaptor may be used. The
output of the adaptor must be 9-Volts DC. Using this pedal with the incorrect adaptor may potentially
damage the pedal, which will not be covered under warranty.
Battery replacement: To replace the battery, remove the four screws holding the rear cover in the unit.
The battery should be replaced with a new premium quality 9-V alkaline battery. Battery life (depending
on usage) should be approximately 6 months to one year.
The Plush product is designed for years of reliable service, and there are no user serviceable or
replaceable parts inside. Service should be obtained via our factory or the distributor from which you
obtained the pedal, in the event of a product failure.
For your records, please record the dealer information, date of purchase, and serial number below:
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