PEEL AWAY® After Strip Tech Data Sheet

PEEL AWAY® After Strip
Tech Data Sheet
Product Description & Use: Peel Away® After Strip makes the final clean-up easy when using
Peel Away® and Smart Strip™ paint removal products. This product prevents residue from
clinging to wood, metal, masonry, fiberglass and most other substrates after stripping. Peel
Away® After Strip is excellent to clean and polishes all marine surfaces.
Features & Benefits:
Makes final clean-up easy when using Dumond® paint removal products
Prevents residue from clinging to wood, metal, masonry, fiberglass and most
other substrates after stripping
Cleans and polishes all marine surfaces
Limitations: Peel Away® After Strip may damage or discolor some substrates. Always test
Peel Away® After Strip in a small inconspicuous are before applying to your entire substrate.
Recommended Substrates: Peel Away® After Strip can be used on most substrates, however
is not recommended for the following: Drywall, EIFS, plywood and laminates, Plexiglass, some
fiberglass and plastics.
Regulatory Information: Peel Away® After Strip is VOC compliant with all national, state and
local regulations.
How to use:
Hand scrape or scrub with a nylon brush as much residue as possible off the substrate. Spray
on Peel Away® After Strip and agitate with either a nylon scrub brush or synthetic scuff pad.
Limit your cleaning area to 40 sq. ft. (3.7 sq. m). Use a large sponge and clean water to remove
the dissolved residues. No waiting necessary.
Peel Away® After Strip is not a paint remover. Use our Peel Away® or Smart Strip® Paint
Removal Systems to remove all surface coatings first.
This product can also be used to remove thin layers of varnish and polyurethanes from wood
surfaces. For heavier applications, be sure to use our Smart Strip® advanced paint remover
followed by the Peel Away® After Strip.
Peel Away® After Strip is excellent for fiberglass surfaces.
Availability & Cost: Dumond® Chemicals products are available through a nationwide network
of paint stores, hardware stores and safety supply distributors. For outlet nearest you please
visit once on the website type your zip code or postal code into
the dealer locater to find addresses and phone numbers of your nearest dealer.
Health & Safety Requirements: Not for internal consumption. While After Strip is formulated
to be safe for the user, surface and environment, proper safety procedures should be followed
at all times when handling this product. Read the full label and MSDS for precautionary
instructions before use.
24-Hour Emergency Information:
1-800-535-5053 North America or 1-325-323-3500 International
Warranty: Dumond® Chemicals, Inc. warrants all its products to be free from defects, and makes no other
warranties with respect to its products, express or implied, including without limitation the implied warranties of
MERCHANTABILITY OF FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Dumond® Chemicals, Inc. liability shall be limited in all
Events to supplying sufficient products to re-treat the specific areas to which defective product have been applied.
Dumond® Chemicals, Inc. shall have no other liability, including liability for incidental, consequential or resultant
damages whether due to breach of warranty or negligence. This warranty may not be modified or extended by
representatives of Dumond® Chemicals, Inc. or its distributors, and dealers.
Technical Services: Dumond’s expert staff is available to answer technical questions and provide productspecific information. On-site assistance is available at no additional cost. Call 800-245-1191, email or visit with product or technical questions.
Technical Data:
• Form - Clear Liquid
• Wt./Gal – N/A
• Flash Point – 200°
• pH - 6
• VOC - 0
• Freeze Point - 0
• Shelf Life – 2 Years
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