RF Shielding Test Enclosure
Isolate. Test. Adapt.
Isolate test environments from unwanted signals. The dbSafe is an RF enclosure with a double wall
design that offers the best RF shielding in its class; 100dB isolation from DC to 13GHz.
Test wireless devices in a cost-effective RF enclosure. The double wall design guarantees more than
100dB of isolation that is required for testing emerging low-power wireless devices. RF connections
are made with minimum path loss to ensure higher RF quality and repeatability.
Adapt the dbSafe to your test requirements. In addition to having three standard sizes, the dbSafe
can also be manufactured to any size. Field upgradeable custom I/O panel offers flexible testing
options for different applications. The dbSafe can also be configured for thermal testing.
In dustr y R eq uirem ents
d bS a f e
The technology trend is to squeeze higher frequency
and more functionality into a lower power and
smaller chip area, making the device more
susceptible to interference.
RF enclosures are now a necessity for testing wireless
devices. The dbSafe offers unmatched isolation in its class;
up to 100dB from DC to 13GHz.
A higher data rate in communication between new
wireless devices mandates improved shielding for RF
Testing in RF shielded rooms can be expensive, while
a cost effective and portable RF enclosure is an ideal
Different wireless standards exist today and tight
shielding regulations are dictated by industry and
The dbSafe has been engineered from the ground up
to provide superior RF isolation and performance while
being cost effective.
The dbSafe can be designed and manufactured to almost
any size and dimensions.
Additional testing accessories, such as antenna
positioners and mounting brackets can be added to
accommadate different test setups.
Different wireless technologies co-exist on the same
device, requiring multiple access points to the DUT.
Flexible custom I/O panel allows multiple connections for
RF, ethernet, data, power, fiber optics, and waveguides.
The custom I/O panel can also be changed on-site as
projects change.
Products have shorter and shorter life spans so the
test equipment used must be flexible, adaptable, and
reused whenever possible.
Double wall design provides the higher shielding
effectiveness which is required for testing low power
sensitive devices.
The worldwide market for wearable
devices is expected to grow to around
155.7 million units by 2019.
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Custom RF absorber foam eliminates unwanted
reflections within the RF enclosure.
R F Abs o r b er Fo a m L i n e r
The dbSafe minimizes reflections across its interior with the
use of an RF absorbing foam liner, which is precision cut
and fitted to the exact interior dimensions. This allows the
DUT to be positioned anywhere with virtually no effect on
attenuation caused by reflections or leaks
17dB reflectivity and 0.15W/cm2 power handling
R F G a s ket s
• RF gaskets are used in seams and I/O connections to eliminate leakage
• The main RF seal uses a braid over foam gasket precisely installed on
the enclosure’s integrated lip channel, providing a perfect seal each and
every time
D o u b l e Wa l l C o n str u c t i o n
The exterior of the dbSafe is composed of two layers
of aluminum with a 1” gap between them. This form of
construction not only improves the structural strength of the
chamber, but provides an additional 20dB of RF isolation
U s e r D ef i n ed I / O Pa n e l
RF input: SMA, SMB, BNC, TNC, UHF, N
RF filtered connectors: USB1.1/2.0.
Ethernet 10/100
Fiber optics: ST and FC
Data: DB9, DB15, DB25, DB37, DB50, RJ11
AC: filtered AC feedthru with 2500pF filter; 120/240V power
Waveguide port
Air ventilation
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dbSafe Specifications
Shielding effectiveness
(double wall)
100dB @ DC - 3GHz
>90dB @ 3GHz - 6GHz
>80dB @ 6GHz - 13GHz
RF gasket type
Braid over foam
Single bar
Dual latches
Available sizes: All dimensions
are interior L x W x H
S - 8.5” x 11” x 6”
M - 11” x 17” x 8”
L - 15” x 24” x 13”
External options
I/O panel options
USB 2.0/3.0
RF connectors
Loading style
Pneumatic Control Station
Adjustable lift rate hydraulics dampers
ITAR compliant locking system
1 year parts and labour
Size Comparison
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