8115 The robust, high-performance wheel loader

The robust, high-performance wheel loader
The Kramer wheel loader 8115 is part of the premium segment of the 8 series and is equipped with the tested principle of the onepiece chassis. The bucket volume of 1.15 - 1.8 m³ dependent on the material density paired with the unique powerful engine with an
optional 100 HP makes the 8115 one of the real high-performance wheel loaders. The wheel loader has a high measure of reliability,
functionality and comfort with optimal manoeuvrability and stability. The newly developed cab concept offers a very good all-round
visibility as well as a safe and intuitive operation.
Versatile application: With the aid of the Kramer quick-hitch system, the attachments from our broad range can be quickly
ecospeed transmission: The optional ecospeed transmission enables a stepless acceleration of 0 - 40km/h and in conjunction with
the EC approval makes the 8115 the perfect tractor
Best traction: Excellent quiet running, best traction and optimal lift capacity with the optional 24-inch tyres
Ball hitch: The height-adjustable ball hitch in combination with the optional pneumatic braking system is suitable for a trailer load of
up to 14t
Long loading system: The optionally available long loading system enable more overloading height and reach
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Technical specifications
Operating data
Bucket capacity (standard bucket)
1,15 m³
Operating weight
6.050 kg
Engine / Motor
Engine / Motor manufacturer
Engine performance (standard)
55,4 kW
Engine performance (option)
74,4 kW
Emission standards stage (standard)
Emission standards stage (option)
Power transmission
Traction drive
Continuously variable, hydrostatic axial piston transmission
Travel speed (standard)
20 km/h
Travel speed (optional)
40 km/h
Standard tires
Differential lock
Max. steering angle
100% connectable
2x40 °
Steering and operating hydraulics
Max. pump discharge capacity
84 l/min
Max. pump pressure
240 bar
Max. Powerflow discharge capacity
120 l/min
Design system
Parallel kinematics
Tipping load (with bucket)
4.300 kg
Payload (S=1.25)
2.900 kg
Tilt-in angle
50 °
Tip-out angle
45 °
Filling capacities
Fuel tank
Hydraulic oil tank
120 l
64 l
Additional technical data is available in the detailed brochure in the informational material section
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2.680 mm
5.800 mm
1.970 mm
Ground clearance
2.150 mm
Center of front axle to tip of teeth
2.030 mm
Center of rear axle to end of vehicle
1.620 mm
Bucket width
2.150 mm
Bucket pivot point
3.450 mm
Overhead loading height
3.200 mm
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390 mm
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Dumping height
2.650 mm
Dump reach
660 mm
Stack height
3.200 mm
Turning radius (over tyres)
2.950 mm
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