1.Operating elements and connections

7. Security notes
The unit is only suitable for indoor use. The heat being generated in the unit has
Copyright @2012 by this company. No. Part of this publication may be reproduced,
to be removed via air circulation. Therefore, the circulation vents in the housings
transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system or translated into any language
must not be covered with any objects. Do not insert or drop anything into the air
or computer language, in any form or any means. Electronic, mechanical, magnetic,
vents! This could result in a short-circuit. If the unit is used for purposes other
optical, chemical, manual or otherwise, without the prior written permission of this
than originally intended, if it is connected in the wrong way or not repaired by
authorized skilled personnel, there is no liability for possible damage. For
cleaning, only use a dry, soft cloth, Do not use any chemicals or water. .If the
unit is to be put out of operation definitively, bring it to a local recycling plant
for disposal.
1. Never push objects of any kind, or spill liquid of any kind into these products.
2. Do not attempt to service this product yourself, as opening or removing covers
8. Technical Data
LCD technology: TFT active matrix
may expose you to dangerous voltage points or other risk. Refer all servicing to
Display size: Diagonally measured 7”
qualified service personnel, if any misuse mentioned above happened or any
Colour system:
accident dropping, miss-operations occurred.
Sync. :.hor. 15 625 Hz, vert. 50 Hz.
Number of pixels:
Power supply:
NTSC and PAL Dual System
12V- 3.3Amps Centre positive.
Dimensions: 489.00 x 131.82 x 66.00 (WxHxD)mm
Weight: 3400 g
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5. Operation
7.0” x 2 Rack Mount Monitor x 1
Energy Saving Switch:
Please turn on the Energy Saving, On-off switch before use and turn it off to
Power supply and Mains lead x 1
avoid OSD stand-by power drain.
1) Switch on the device with the Main power switch
3) Adjust the Brightness control □
+ □
2) Select the right Video input
in order to obtain an image
as clear and sharp as possible.
4) You may push the reverse image function button
5) Please push OSD Control Manu bottom
to select the Brightness, Contrast
6. Application range
The LCD colour monitors offer a sharp and high contrast display. They can be
universally applied, e.g. in surveillance systems, reverse monitoring car systems or
for multimedia applications.
Fig. 1. Accessories
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2. Installation
4. Connections and Operating elements
The model in a metal case is suitable for mounting into a 19” Rack Housing or
furniture, walls, etc. Insert the four screws into the mounting holes at the front
panel and mount the device to the desired location.
Fasten the Screw of ○
12 (see above diagram) to adjust the required Viewing
angle, then fasten into the 19” Rack Device.
3. Connection
1) Connect the Video source to the Video input or VGA input ( ○
10 or ○
11 ) .
2) Connect an electronically regulated 12V power supply to
The positive pole must be connected to the middle contact.
3) Connect the Video Output if required.
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Fig. 2 Connectors and Controls
Power Saving On-off Switch
LED Power Indicator
Main Power
3 Video Input selector
Left-Right-Up-Down image Reverse
5 □
- Decrease ( default to Brightness)
+ Increase ( default to Brightness ) ○
7 OSD Menu
8 DC 12V Power Input
9 Video Output.
10 Video Input
11 VGA Input
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7.0” x 2
TFT LCD Monitor
VGA & Composite video
19” Rack Mount
User’s Manual