February 19, 2004
DN-5635 • B-300
Fire Alarm Control Panel
With Built-In DACT
Section: Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels
The NOTIFIER SFP-1024 is a 24-volt, ten-zone fire alarm control panel with a built-in communicator and remote-site upload/
download capability. The integral communicator transmits event
information (alarms, troubles, supervisories, faults, etc.) to a
UL Listed central station. Selectable transmission formats allow the SFP-1024 to communicate to virtually all central stations.
Vol. II
State Fire
City and
County of
• Ten programmable Initiating Device Circuits (zones).
Each zone may be programmed for:
Two-wire smoke detectors.
Normally open contact devices (pull, heat).
Four-wire smoke detectors.
Waterflow operation (silenceable or
Supervisory operation.
Auto-reset supervisory operation.
Remote switch for Reset, Drill, Silence and
Auto-reset or latching, critical and noncritical
process monitoring.
• Zones programmed for process monitoring require a
contact closure for activation and can be used to monitor:
Temperature (high/low temp).
Gas detection.
Loss of air flow.
Water level.
Refrigeration. Tamper (non-fire). Open/Close.
• Two built-in, Class B (Style Y) Notification Appliance
Circuits (NAC). Expandable to four. Class A option.
• Notification appliance circuits may be programmed:
Non-Silenceable (a strobe circuit can keep flashing
after the panel is silenced).
Auto-Silence (program 5 to 30 minutes).
Silence Inhibit (60 seconds).
Coding (March Time, Temporal, California).
• 6.0 amps notification appliance power meets the critical power requirements for ADA and UL 1971 devices.
• Two built-in, fully programmable, Form-A relays —
expandable to four with two Form-C relays.
• Dual-line rotary- or Touch-Tone® -dial DACT interfaces to public telephone network (leased phone lines
are not required).
• 24-volt operation.
• Built-in voltmeter measures:
Zone voltage.
Primary AC line voltage.
Battery voltage.
Notification appliance circuit(s) voltage.
Resettable 24 volt power.
• 230 VAC, 50 Hz international version available.
• Surface Mount Technology (SMT).
• Fully programmable via built-in keypad (no costly external
programmers necessary).
• Complies with NFPA 72 (Local, Central Station and Remote Station [DACT only - not polarity reversal] Fire Alarm
• Reporting formats include Ademco Contact ID and 14
• Integral battery charger for up to 60 hours of standby power.
• Fuseless, power-limited technology meets UL PowerLimiting Requirements.
• Programmable alarm presignal timer, alarm verification
timer, and optional trouble reminder.
• Single-person walk test with 256-event walk-test buffer.
• Fire drill function.
• Zone disable capability (software).
• 256-event history buffer with time-and-date stamp, stored
in permanent memory.
• Accurate real-time clock/calendar.
• Electronics and operational controls fully enclosed in
lockable cabinet capable of housing up to 12 AH batteries.
• Optional LED-10N Remote Annunciators operate off serial, two-wire EIA-485 interface.
• Optional printer interface for on- or off-line printing of:
Text alarm and trouble status with time and date.
Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
History files. Program entries. Walk Test data.
This document is not intended to be used for installation purposes. We try to keep our
product information up-to-date and accurate. We cannot cover all specific applications
or anticipate all requirements. All specifications are subject to change without notice.
For more information, contact NOTIFIER. Phone: (203) 484-7161 FAX: (203) 484-7118
12 Clintonville Road, Northford, Connecticut 06472
Made in the U.S.A.
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Remote Site Upload/Download
The SFP-1024 may be downloaded or uploaded, without
compromising the system fire protection at the protected
• Download system programming.
• Upload key system information:
Current system status, history + walk test files.
Zone, AC line, NAC1, 2, 3 and 4, Resettable Power,
Battery Voltages.
System programming.
• Upload or download within one minute without affecting
normal fire panel functions.
• Multiple security techniques.
• Requires PK-1024 programming kit and Hayes-compatible 1200-baud modem.
• Windows® 3.1 and Windows® 95/98 compatible.
Notification Appliance Circuits
• Two Style Y (Class B) @ 3.0 amps each. Use the CAC10F Class A Converter Module to convert all Class B
NACs and IDCs to Class A.
• Option module adds two Style Z (Class A) NACs @ 1.5
amps each.
• All circuits are fully power-limited and meet the UL
Power-Limiting Requirements for fuseless technology.
Auxiliary Outputs
• Resettable four-wire smoke detector power @ 500 mA.
• Nonresettable power @ 500 mA.
• Two fully programmable (activate from Common Alarm,
Trouble, Supervisory, Process Monitoring or Comm.
Fail) Form-A relays.
• Option module adds two fully programmable (activate
from Common Alarm, Trouble, Supervisory, Process
Monitoring or Comm. Fail) Form-C relays.
Single PC board design using Surface Mount Technology
(SMT). Two modular telephone jacks for connection to
Compatible Devices, EIA-485 Port
AC Power
120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.3 amps.
230 VAC, 50 Hz, 1.2 amps (“E” suffix).
Wire size: 14 AWG (2.0 mm²) with 600-volt insulation.
Built-in brownout circuitry.
Built-in voltmeter.
One line-active indicator for each of two phone lines.
“Kiss-Off” signal LED.
Dual “low telephone voltage detect” circuitry.
Programmable event codes per each format.
Up to 100 transmitted events/messages.
Selectable/deselectable transmissions of 100 events.
Communication Formats
Express and Ademco Contact ID formats allow complete
transaction to be communicated in under five seconds.
• Ademco Contact ID.
• 20 PPS, 3+1 standard and expanded.
• 20 PPS, 4+1 standard and expanded.
• 20 PPS, 4+2 standard and expanded.
• 4+1 and 4+2 Ademco Express.
NOTE: For more detailed information on Compatible EIA-485
Devices for use with the SFP-1024, please refer to the data sheets
for the LED-10N (DN-5846), AFM-16A (DN-3440), LDM Series
(DN-551),or ACM-8R (DN-3558).
Cabinet Specifications
The cabinet is gray with a dark blue overlay. Knockouts on
the top, sides, and back provide ease of wire entry. The
cabinet can be surface- or semi-flush mounted and is compact in design. Door: 17.11" H x 14.71" W (43.46 cm H x
37.374 cm W). Backbox (below): 16.90" H x 14.50" W x
4.50" D (42.93 cm H x 36.83 cm W x 11.748 cm D). Trim
Ring: 20.020" H x 17.620" W (50.85 cm H x 44.75 cm W).
Initiating Device Circuits (zones)
The SFP-1024 includes ten programmable Class B Initiating Device Circuits (zones). Use the CAC-10F Class A
Converter Module to convert all Class B IDCs/NACs to
Class A.
Each zone may support two-wire smoke detectors. Programming options include:
• Normally Open Contact devices (pull, heat).
• Four-wire smoke detectors.
• Waterflow (silenceable/non-silenceable) operation.
• Supervisory (standard/auto-reset) operation.
• Remote switch for Reset, Drill, Silence and Acknowledge.
• Critical and Noncritical Process Monitoring (standard/
All circuits are power-limited and fully supervised. They allow up to 100 ohms of line resistance and allow for use of
12 AWG (3.1 mm²) to 18 AWG (0.78 mm²) wire.
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Ten-zone Remote Annunciator. Mounts to threegang electrical box. Requires LED-10IM.
Annunciator Fixed Module, 16 Alarm LEDs,
Common Trouble LED. Mounts to four-gang
electrical box.
Graphic Annunciator Interface Module.
Remote Form-C relay module. Provides eight
mappable, Form-C relays driven by EIA-485.
Requires ABS-8R.
Ten-zone, 24 volt, Fire Alarm Control Communicator
(includes backbox, 2X transformers, 6 Amps of NAC
power, technical manual, and a frame & post operating instruction sheet).
SFP-1024E Same as SFP-1024 with 230 VAC, 50 Hz transformer.
LED-10IM LED-10N Remote Annunciator Interface Module.
NAC-REM Notification Appliance (Signal) Circuit, Relay Expander
Module. Adds 2 NACs and 2 Form-C Relays.
Class A Converter Module. Converts Class B Initiating Device Circuits (zones) and standard Notification
Appliance Circuits to Class A.
Upload/download utility includes: programming software (Three 3.5" disks, IBM compatible, high density) and instruction manual.
Printer Interface Module. Provides an EIA-232 printer
output. Includes cable, DB9F and DB25 adapter.
Internal Dress Panel (required for Canadian applications).
Metal enclosure for mounting ACM-8R module.
DACT phone cords, 7 ft./2.13 m long, (two required).
UL listed battery backbox. Required for batteries up
to 18 A.H.
PS Series Batteries. SFP-1024 charging circuit is 7 – 17 AH.
Refer to the PS Series (DN-1109) data sheet for ordering information.
BAT Series Batteries. SFP-1024 charging circuit is 7 – 17 AH.
Refer to the BAT Series (DN-6933) data sheet for
ordering information.
The chart below shows UL listed receivers compatible with the SFP-1024:
Osborne Radionics
Hoffman 6000/ Sescoa Surguard
Format #
Ademco Knight CS-4000 FBI
6500 3000R MLR-2
685 (1) 9000
(Addresses 16 & 42)
(3) CP220FB 1 & 2
1 4+2 Ademco Express
2 3+1/Standard/1800/2300
3 3+1/Expanded/1800/2300
4 3+1/Standard/1900/1400
5 3+1/Expanded/1900/1400
6 4+1/Standard/1800/2300
7 4+1/Expanded/1800/2300
8 4+1/Standard/1900/1400
9 4+1/Expanded/1900/1400
A 4+2/Standard/1800/2300
B 4+2/Expanded/1800/2300
C 4+2/Standard/1900/1400
D 4+2/Expanded/1900/1400
E Ademco Contact ID
0 4+1 Ademco Express
(1) With 685-8 Line Card with Rev 4.4d software.
(2) With 9002 Line Card Rev 9035 software or 9032 Line Card with 9326A software.
(3) Rev. 4.0 software.
(4) FBI CP220FB Rec-11 Line Card with Rev 2.6 software and a memory card with Rev 3.8 software.
(5) Model 6500 with Rev 600 software.
(6) Model 6000 with Rev 204 software.
(7) With Rev B control card at Rev 1.4 software and Rev C line card at Rev 1.5 software.
(8) Model 2 only.
(9) Version 1.62 software.
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