The Actiheart is a compact, chest-worn monitoring device that records heart
rate, Inter-Beat-Interval (IBI), and physical activity in one combined, lightweight waterproof unit. It is designed for capturing HRV data and for
calculating and measuring Activity Energy Expenditure.
Key features
Record Heart rate and activity for up to 21 days
Record IBI for up to 440,000 beats (3.5 days @ 76bpm)
Compact and lightweight: less than 10 grams
Clips onto two ECG electrodes worn on the chest
Can also be worn on a belt, similar to a Polar wearlink belt
Noninvasive technology
Waterproof design
Nonvolatile memory
Available as a paediatric monitor
The new gold standard for measuring Activity Energy Expenditure: validated against Doubly
Labeled Water
How does the Actiheart work?
The Actiheart has two clips which attach directly to standard ECG electrodes. Usually one electrode is adhered at
V1 or V2 (4th intercostal) and the second electrode is placed approximately 10cm away on the left side at V4 or
V5, although this placement can be adjusted to be comfortable for the subject. The number of R-waves detected
is recorded in 15, 30, or 60 second epochs. Simultaneously, an internal accelerometer senses the frequency and
intensity of the subject's torso movements.
HRV or IBI data can be logged for up to 440,000 beats. For further information on measuring HRV data with the
Actiheart please see the page on Heart Rate Variability.
Energy expenditure is calculated from both the activity and the heart rate data and the total recording time
available depends on the options selected (please see the table below for more details). For further details on
how the Actiheart calculates energy expenditure, please see the page on calculating Activity Energy
Actiheart Recording Times
The Actiheart is ideal for use in both short and long term monitoring situations. The following table shows the
maximum recording times available in different modes:
15 seconds
30 seconds
1 minute
Recording time HR+Act
21 days
21 days
21 days
Recording time HR+Act +IBI Max-Min
10 days
20 days
21 days
IBI recording capacity (Beats)
Actiwatch Mini
The Actiwatch Mini is a miniature Actiwatch specifically designed for use
with animals in veterinary applications. Its small size means that it can be
used to record sleep, activity and circadian rhythm on animals of all sizes.
Key features
Wrist worn or collar-worn light-weight sleep and activity monitor for ambulatory monitoring of activity
for veterinary applications
Recording of physical activity by means of an accelerometer
Records for up to 90 days with a 1 minute epoch
Suitable for use in sleep monitoring and circadian rhythm studies
All data stored in the software is fully exportable for analysis in a third party program
Recording times
Epoch Length
2 sec
5 sec
10 sec
15 sec
30 sec
1 min
Recording Time
72 hours
180 hours
15 days
22.5 days
45 days
90 days
Technical specifications
7.5 grams
Battery life
500 days
Battery type
2 years
Size (mm)
Epoch Range
2s - 15min
PC Analysis
Windows Vista, XP and 7