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Product 511532
511532 Passive holder with tilt swivel
When keeping your smartphone in a passive holder, it is always within easy reach. A portable handsfree or a
charging cable can be connected to the device when it is in the holder. The holder is attached onto a tilt swivel
and can be adjusted in order to avoid light reflection. Attach onto a ProClip Mounting Platform.
EAN: 7320285115323
Item no 511532 fits:
Nokia Lumia 720 (For all countries)
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Please read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before attaching the holder.
1. Loosen the screw in the center of the holder so you can remove the tilt swivel attaching plate on the back.
2. Place the attaching plate on desired position. Screw the attaching plate into place with the enclosed screws.
3. Place the holder over the attaching plate so the tilt swivel fits. Screw the holder onto the attaching plate.
4. The holder is in place.
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