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customer service
Deliver fast, efficient customer service
Winning a new customer is only the beginning of what should be
a long and profitable relationship. But keeping customers happy
means ensuring they get what they want, when they want it.
From defining processes to tracking cases and solutions, you can
resolve customer issues effortlessly.
Sage CRM is designed to help you manage and resolve customer
inquiries and issues efficiently and effectively, by accessing realtime customer information when you need it.
Your customer service staff gains full access to every customer
communication, so you can make every interaction informative
and effective.
Also, when you choose to integrate Sage CRM with a Sage ERP
system, your entire business benefits from end-to-end visibility
and a single view of the customer, where each department works
with the same information and communicates in the same way.
This centralized data can be displayed directly on an interactive
dashboard for convenient and quick views into the health of your
customer service performance.
Benefits snapshot
• Manages your customer accounts with insight and
• Responds to customer cases quickly, reducing
response times to customer service requests
• Enables agents to quickly and accurately find the
right answer the first time
• Enables customer satisfaction measurement and
• Increases productivity of customer support
• Provides self-service facility to customers around
common issues
• Enables customer issues to be tracked and
responded to, regardless of who answers the phone
or receives the email
• Monitors service performance against service-level
• Reduces customer support costs and cost of
customer retention
• Decreases the number of customer complaints
received and increases customer retention
• Enables benchmarking/scorecarding of customer
service operations on an ongoing basis
• Delivers a single view of relevant and comprehensive
information on the interactive dashboard
Customer inquiries can be monitored in real time to ensure that SLAs are reached.
“We can resolve issues in
one call, get off the phone,
and get on to the next knowing
that all the history is waiting
for you.”
Jay Lentz
Client Development
Executive, Lincoln Waste
Solutions, Connecticut
Sage CRM
Case management
Sage CRM provides your customer service team with the
ability to record customer inquiries/incidents that need to be
followed up on. If a case is not followed up on within the time
allocated, it will automatically trigger an escalation procedure
to inform your customer service manager. This ensures that
customer cases are attended to in a timely manner and that
issues do not get lost “between the cracks.” Cases can be
tracked and actioned directly from the interactive dashboard
without the need to switch between screens, maximizing the
productivity of agents.
Sage CRM provides central knowledgebase capabilities
for technical solutions to known issues or questions. This
provides agents with easy and immediate access to a central
bank of information and keeps accurate records of contacts
with customers through case tracking and communication
case is followed up on. Workflow can be fully configured in
order to ensure that cases are progressed in accordance with
company-specific requirements.
Sage CRM provides powerful reporting capabilities, which
make it easy to monitor and measure customer service
performance. Reports and dashboards provide overview
information and detailed analysis on metrics such as call
volume, case resolution times, communications, and follow-up
Customers can be provided with customized
reports to demonstrate that the resolution criteria within their
SLAs are being met. These can be displayed on the interactive
dashboard for quick and easy access and analysis.
Report charts are highly visual and can be incorporated into
presentations for a professional look and feel. Charts are
completely customizable, so users can modify the charts to
suit their specific needs.
Sage CRM gives customer service agents predefined screens and views
that they can access when trying to resolve a customer service issue.
Customer service staff can find a solution to a customer
inquiry quickly and easily, which ultimately results in improved
customer care. A full workflow approval process ensures that
only solutions that have been reviewed and approved by the
relevant manager are published in the knowledgebase.
The ability to define customer care processes and escalation
points is controlled and managed by a feature in Sage CRM
called workflow. If a customer service case or inquiry remains
unresolved for longer than the predefined time, the workflow
process triggers an automatic escalation notification to the
customer care manager.
This alert is a powerful automatic reminder that ensures each
“We believe that we’re
now one of the leaders in
the industry in providing critical
information to clients, instantly
accessible whenever they want it.
This helps us to win new business
and enhance our service to
existing clients.”
Simon Adcock
Managing Director,
ATEC Security Limited
Sage CRM maximizes customer satisfaction and drives customer loyalty by equipping agents with comprehensive, real-time information on the
customer and their account.
Team management
Sage CRM ensures your management team have access
to key company information so they can assess important
metrics. These include information such as case volume and
the case resolution times, as well as qualitative metrics such
as the prioritization of cases and overall customer satisfaction.
This means that staff are motivated and fully equipped to
resolve customer issues and customers receive a more
meaningful and personalized service.
Information from your Sage ERP solution can be displayed
on the interactive dashboard for quick and easy access,
equipping the customer service team with powerful
information to provide customers with a consistent and
exceptional service.
Web self-service
Sage CRM offers a web self-service module that enables
businesses to allow their customers, partners, and suppliers
to access a subset of their Sage CRM data and functionality
over the web at their convenience. This capability can be fully
integrated within the company’s own website, ensuring that
their customers benefit from an entirely seamless experience.
ERP integration
By integrating your CRM and ERP systems together you
provide your customer service teams with a multidimensional
view of customers that makes it easier to deal with queries
and complaints.
For example by being able to match a complaint to an order
and invoice in ERP, customer service can initiate a more timely
response and quicker resolution, reducing the risk of long-term
damage to the customer relationship. Valuable customers can
be identified, and, if needed, referred back to sales to further
nurture the relationship.
“Previously, incoming
customer inquiries could only
be dealt with by looking through
disconnected spreadsheets,
documents, and billing software.
Now it’s all on one screen,
which makes our people
much more productive.”
Jay Lentz
Client Development
Executive, Lincoln
Waste Solutions
Sage CRM allows your team to see and manage all customer interactions from an intuitive dashboard.
The interactive dashboard
Users can view communications, contacts, leads,
opportunities, or cases all through the interactive dashboard.
This ensures that customer service teams are equipped
with the most accurate and up-to-date information at their
fingertips regardless of where it is located within Sage CRM,
enabling them to provide a consistent and excellent customer
service at all times.
The dashboard can be configured to display the relevant
information you need, including optional feeds from a Sage
ERP solution or from a customer self-service portal.
Users can choose to use the preinstalled customer service
dashboard available out of the box or configure their own
dashboard or team dashboard to create a workspace that
reflects the unique needs and terminology of the business.
Users can also create a company dashboard for specific key
accounts to enable them to better serve their customers. With
the interactive dashboard, the customer service team can
monitor customer cases from the one workspace, boosting
agent productivity and maximizing
the efficient use of their time.
“Sage CRM helps us
add value by keeping us
close to our customers
and building loyalty.”
Steen Teisen
Widex, China
Sage CRM
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Irvine, CA 92618-2301
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