Holiday Party Games
Gift Wrapping Game
Divide groups into pairs. Each pair of people stand around a table in front of a piece of wrapping paper, a roll of
tape, scissors, ribbon, and shirt gift boxes. Each pair of players stands with one arm around the other person.
Say "Go!' and the players must race to wrap their box with one person using only their right hand and the other
person using only their left hand. (Keep the other hand wrapped around the partner's waist.) The first pair to wrap
their gift box wins!
Ornament Guess
A great way to start of your Christmas party is to have guests guess how many ornaments are on your tree when
they walk into the party. The person with the closet guess wins!
Toothpick Tower Marshmallow Game
Supplies: Toothpicks, mini-marshmallows
Who can build the tallest marshmallow tower? It may sound simple, but you have to be super fast and some what
creative to win. Suggested for ages 10 and up.
Shaving Cream Santas
Supplies: Shaving Cream, plastic spoons, and paper towels.
Divide into pairs. Each pair decides who will play Santa. The Santa covers his face with shaving cream. The other
player is Santa's barber. Jingle a bell to start! The teams race to "shave" their Santas. The winning team is the first to
have a clean shaven Santa and sit their spoon onto the table. To signify they are done, Santa lets out a loud "Ho ho
ho"! Tip: Make this an edible game for kids with Non-dairy whipped cream.
Balloon Stomping Game
Grab a bag of Dollar Store balloons and give one to each player with some curling ribbon. The players blow up
their balloon and tie them to their ankles. Now blow a horn or ring a holiday bell to start the stomping! Each party
guest has to stomp the other players balloons. The more you stomp, the better your chances of winning the game.
The last person to have a balloon wins! Use masking or painter's tape to mark a circle of play area on the floor.
Drunk Treasure Hunt
Hide two chests with gifts in them in two different location and keep clues leading to the treasure hidden around
the property. This sounds like a normal treasure hunt game but this treasure hunt is better, with every clue a team
finds in this game, a bottle of whiskey is awarded. Each member of the team will have a shot of whiskey before
continuing on their quest of finding the treasure. With every clue they find it will be difficult for the teams to find
the treasure as their judgment will be clouded with alcohol. The best part is both teams will get presents and every
participant will enjoy, especially the ones who appreciate a drink or two.
Name those Logos
Go through several magazines and cut out advertisement symbols (ie. the VW logo dot, but not the word
Volkswagon). Paste each on the white side of a 3×5 card and have everyone go around the room with an answer
sheet and try to identify as many of the symbols as possible.
Dressing Up Santa
With Dress Up Santa, you'll need plenty of space to play this game - preferably a large room, where there won't
be much furniture in the way.
Break everyone into 2-3 equal teams, assigning each one to its own little work area in the room.
In each work area is a large cardboard box housing a Santa Claus outfit (costume, boots, hat, beard 'n all)
On 'Go', all the groups compete to be the first to dress up one of their team in the full Santa gear. Set the round
for 3-5 minutes To win, teams need to use up all the items in their box and produce the best dressed Santa.
What’s in your Stocking
Divide the group in to teams of 3-5 people per team. Give each team a Christmas stocking full of holiday items
that has been tied shut with ribbon. (Get the Christmas stockings ready ahead of time by filling them loosely
with small non-fragile objects- candy canes, plastic holly/mistletoe, plastic non-breakable tree ornaments, etc.)
Set a timer and give each team 3 minutes to feel the stocking and write down all the objects that they can
identify by feeling them through the stocking. The team with the most correct items wins.
The Amazing Maze Game
This is a fun party idea for a child's party. Choose a variety of Christmas curling ribbon colors in a single roll or
ball. One for each player. Tie a prize or party favor to one end of each ribbon. Hide the end with the gift on it
somewhere in the house. Now, unwind the ribbon and wrap it all over the room, all around furniture, over
tables, under doors, anywhere it will be a fun challenge. Tie a candy cane to the other end of the ribbon. Repeat
for each player, tangling the ribbons if necessary. When the guests arrive, give each one a candy cane and have
them follow the ribbon to untangle it (wrapping it around their candy cane as they go). Let them know it leads
to a surprise! Then, let the fun begin!
Christmas Wrapping Pin the Bow
Wrap three large boxes. Line players up single file behind each box. Give each player a giant sticky bow, spin
them around and jingle a bell to start. They must walk around the box and then pin the bow on top, return to
the opposite end and sit down before the next team member goes. The first team sitting down wins.
Find Santa's Reindeer
Buy some cute Dollar Store holiday stocking stuffers. Reindeer, Angels, Santas, etc. Hide them around the
house. The reindeers must be found to drive Santa's sleigh. Attach a clue to each stuffer of where the next one
can be found. When they find a reindeer, they line it up next to the Santa. There are 9 reindeer to be found.
When all reindeer are placed next to Santa you announce the winner. The winner is the one who found
Rudolph and/or placed him in the lead position next to Santa. They win the prize of their choice!
This is a great game for mingling at a party. Write the names of celebrities, famous people or characters on
pieces of paper and stick them to the forehead or on the back of all the players (use tape or office Post-It notes).
Make sure players don’t see the name. Everyone else can see your forehead or back. The objective is to figure out
who you are. Others can make sounds, give clues, or act out who you are. Very fun and interactive indeed!
Christmas Pinata:
Finding group Christmas party games that everybody is sure to enjoy can be tough, but this idea will certainly
bring back fond childhood memories for all of your guests. Pinatas aren’t limited to kids’ birthday parties any
longer! It is now easy to find one in the shape of an ornament or reindeer. Fill yours with holiday candy and
small toys and let your guests swing away (just be careful not to knock over the Christmas tree!)
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