Mi|Home Thermostat
User Guide
The MiHome Thermostat is part of Energenie’s heating
range of products and part of the MiHome home
automation range. The heating range includes the radio
controlled MiHome thermostat, radio controlled radiator
5. Connect the control wires to the W and COM
terminals on the connections box. If the cable is rigid, you
can enter it directly. If its flexible, you may need help from
the tip of a pen to press on the thermostat terminal block.
MiHome products link directly to the MiHome Gateway*
which provides the communications between your
MiHome device and the internet.
(* MiHome Gateway, radiator valves are available to
purchase separately)
The MiHome thermostat is suitable for switching any
standard domestic boiler (see product specification
below). Control of the thermostat is by radio control using
either the Android or IOS smartphone App, or by using the
MiHome server web portal, in conjunction with an internet
connected Gateway
In the Box:
- MiHome Thermostat (Product Code MIHO069)
- Batteries (2 x AA (LR6))
- Screw Fittings (please note that while we provide screw
fittings it is your responsibility to check their compatibility
with the surface to which you are fixing the thermostat).
6. Insert the batteries into the
thermostat. The LED will flash
three times, indicating that
they have been inserted correctly.
7. Fit the thermostat to the
connections box on the wall
and your thermostat is now
ready to use
1. Remove your old thermostat, if it is
necessary cut the power off in the
installation area
2. Remove the back of the thermostat
by inserting your finger into the
opening and pulling back the panel
connections box
3. Enter the connection cables
to the boiler through the hole in
the connections box.
4. Screw the connections box to
the wall, using either the fixings
included in the package, or if
they are unsuitable for your
wall material please use
alternative fixings
Pairing with the MiHome Gateway
To pair the thermostat to your MiHome Gateway, follow the
instructions below to pair using either the MiHome App or
the web browser. When requested by the app/web
browser, put the thermostat into pairing mode by pressing
the ‘M’ button on the side of the unit until the pairing LED
icon starts to flash (approx. 3 seconds). Successful pairing
will be indicated on the app or MiHome server web portal
by a message, and the pairing LED icon on the unit’s
display will stop flashing and stay steady on.
1. Log into your MiHome account on the MiHome App
(Available for free on both iOS and Android platforms)
2. Select Add a new device from the menu and choose
3. Follow on-screen pairing instructions
Web Browser
1. Log into your MiHome account at mihome4u.co.uk.
2. Select Pair New Device from the
3. Select the Thermostat, followed by Pair Device and
follow the on screen pairing instructions
Remote Control Operation
Once paired with the MiHome gateway all functions of
the MiHome thermostat can be controlled and viewed
through the Smartphone App and Web portal.
Available functions include:
- Set the target temperature
- View current and historical graphs of ambient
temperature and relative humidity
- Set up a schedule
- Setup Geofencing to automatically switch your heating
when you’re away
- Choose between Comfort and Eco modes
- Choose a battery-saving summer mode
- Configure MiHome TRVs to work with the MiHome
Off - standby mode, powered on, not controlling the
heating, but still reporting temperature, humidity and
motion. Button shows dark grey when selected, otherwise
light grey.
Configuring the Thermostat
Comfort and Eco mode (4)
Comfort mode keeps the temperature control close to the
target temperature, whereas Eco mode will allow the
temperature to fall lower than Comfort mode before
switching the boiler back on. This may be set from the
Comfort/Eco selector on the main page. The margins for
Comfort and Eco mode may be set in the settings section
on either the web browser, or smartphone app.
Configuring the thermostat – Settings page (8)
On and Off may be set from the MiHome server on the
web browser, from the MiHome smartphone app device
list, or from the thermostat page on the MiHome
smartphone app.
Set the Target Temperature (3)
The target temperature may be set in 0.5°C steps using the
slider control on either the web browser, or smartphone
app. The temperature is shown on the slider itself (point 3)
and the Target Temperature dial.
Programmes (5)
Programmes comprise of an On time, an Off time, any or all
days of the week, and a target temperature which together
provide for controlled operation of the heating system.
Multiple programmes may be configured for each
thermostat. These programmes may be set on either the
web browser, or smartphone app.
Temperature offset (9)
The thermostat may be given an offset in steps of 0.5°C to
align with either other rooms or temperature measuring
devices within your home. This offset may be set from the
settings section on either the web browser, or smartphone
Name your thermostat (6)
The thermostat may be given a logical/descriptive
name via the Rename Your Device section on either
the web browser, or smartphone app.
Display (1)
Swipe to view temperature, humidity and motion.
Manual On/Off control (2)
The thermostat may be set to either:
On - normal operation, powered on, controlling the heating,
and reporting temperature, humidity, and motion.
Button shows green when selected, otherwise light grey.
Geofencing (7)
Geofencing uses the GPS technology on your smartphone
(Apple or Android) to create a virtual geographic boundary,
enabling software to perform a trigger activity when your
mobile device enters or leaves a particular geographical
Humidity offset (10)
The thermostat may be given an offset in steps of 1% to
align with either other rooms or humidity measuring
devices within your home. This offset may be set from the
settings section on either the web browser, or smartphone
Comfort and Eco temp margins (11 and 12)
See “Comfort and Eco Mode” on the previous “Configure
thenThermostat” section.
Seasonal modes, Winter and Summer (13, 14, and 15)
During Winter, the heating control is normally required to
be quite responsive to maintain the target temperatures,
so the response time may be set accordingly (10 to 120
seconds in 1 second steps). During summer, battery life of
the thermostat may be extended as the response time of
the heating control may be set to a higher value (10 to 120
minutes in 1 minute steps).
Note: Setting the response time to less than one minute
could significantly reduce battery life.
This summer and winter response times may be set from
the settings section on either the web browser, or
smartphone app.
TRV warmup time (16)
To allow any TRVs to reach their own designated target
temperature, the heating can be set to continue heating for
abdefined time after it has reached the target temperature
at the thermostat location. This TRV warmup time can be
set from the settings section on either the web browser, or
smartphone app.
Reverse relay (17)
Depending on the boiler requirements, the relay may be
left as default (Normally Open), or may be set to reverse
operation (Normally Closed) This may be set from the
settings section on either the web browser, or smartphone
eTRV Integration
For initial eTRV setup please refer to the eTRV instructions
which are available on our eTRV product page.
All sections in eTRV Integration refer to the eTRV pages on
the app. Repeat the following procedures as required for all
eTRVs that are to follow the thermostat.
Follow Thermostat
You can enable any of your eTRVs to follow your
Thermostat. By following the Thermostat, the eTRV will
replicate and maintain the same target temperature as the
Thermostat. To do this, select your desired eTRV from the
dashboard. Select the last option on the page “Follow
Select your Thermostat from the list and save.
This returns you to the eTRV screen which now displays
the Thermostat being followed, and the “Thermostat
Overrides” option
Selecting back returns you to the eTRV screen which now
displays the number of Overrides created in the circle to
the right of “Thermostat Overrides”.
Thermostat Overrides
An Override timer allows an eTRV that is following a
Thermostat to ignore the target temperature of the
Thermostat for a period. The timer will specify the time of
the override, the days to activate the override and the
desired temperature during this time. To set an Override
timer select your desired eTRV, then select the “Thermostat
Overrides” option.
Create the Override by defining the target temperature,
times and days as required then save.
Unfollow Thermostat
From the eTRV page, select the “Following …” option that
shows the name of your thermostat.
On the following page, select the option “Tap to unfollow”
and save.
Product Spec
Model: MIHO0069,
Radio: 433MHz OpenThings
Batteries (2 x AA (LR6))
Voltage Range 220 – 240 V 50Hz ac
Temperature, humidity and presence sensor
Temperature accuracy ±0.3°C
LED display
Switching Rating: DC 2A/30V max, AC 0.25A/230V max
Max Power: 62.5VA / 60W
Relay Type: Single pole, volt free, dry contacts
Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 25 mm
Weight 150g
Rx Frequency: 433.9 MHz
Range: 30 m in open area
Hereby, Sandal Plc, T/a Energenie declares that the
radio equipment type MIHO069 MiHome Thermostat is
in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU.
The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is
available at the following internet address:
If you do not install and use in line with this guide the
warranty will become invalidated and we will not be
liable for any damage or loss whatsoever, including
indirect loss, damage to property or personal injury.
You must only use the product in dry areas indoors, and
it must be protected from moisture and water.
Do not disassemble as it does not contain any parts to
service. If it arrives faulty, return it to where you bought
it. Your statutory rights are not affected.
Further Help
For more help, look online at
mihome4u.co.uk/troubleshooting and
www.energenie4u.co.uk, or contact our helpful support
team in the UK via 08000 469 466 or
Further contact methods can be found at:
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© 2017 Sandal Plc.
User Manual
Part no: MIHO0069
Energenie and MiHome are brand names of Sandal Plc.
Registered Office: Claremont House, Deans Court, Bicester
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