Accu-Cut 202L
Automated Tubing Cutter
The Accu-Cut 202L Automated Tube Cutter is highly regarded among medical
device manufacturers for its clean, square cuts and precise lengths, high speed,
convenient output and easy adaptability. It offers many state-of-the-art options for
recipe set-up, enhanced control, clean and convenient storage and special process
needs. The 202L can be easily integrated with Accu-Feed stick and spool feeders
for fully automated manufacturing.
Key features
• Provides square cuts and precise lengths on both hard and soft materials
• Fast, repeatable setup with 10-second blade and tooling change and optional
Recipe Store and Save system
• Handles a wide range of materials including silicone, Teflon®, polyethylene,
urethane, vinyl, and Pebax®, as well as latex and PEEK
• “Walk-away” automation of stick- and spool-fed materials available
• Virtually unlimited processing options, including slitting, CleanAir Deionizer
and Scrap Eject
• Special process capabilities include angle cuts, dual cuts, slitting, skiving, drilling
and inspection
• Automatic index crush control
Accu-Cut 202L
Automated Tubing Cutter
• Rate: 200ppm
• Speed: 14.566"/second (37cm/second)
• high speed option: 44.882"/second (114cm/second)
• Standard deviation: .0005" (short lengths) (0.013mm)
• Repeatability (+/-): .005" (0.13mm)
• Design annual usage: 10 million cycles
• Maximum blade force: 20 lb. (9.07 kg)
• Typical materials: All types of tubing, with the exception of metal braided
• Cut length range: .020-300" (0.51-7620mm)
• Cut and slit length range: 0-100" (0-2540mm)
• Length handling range: 2-1000" (5-2540cm)
• OD handling range (cut): .010-.500" (2.54-12.7mm)
• OD handling range (cut and slit):.025-.200" (0.64-5.08mm)
• Power: 100-240VAC at 1A
• Air: 90psi at 0.1-5cfm
• HMI: 7" full color LCD touchscreen
• Dimensions (standard machine): 14" x 19" x 14" (35.6 x 48.2 x 35.6cm )
• Weight (standard machine): 50 lb. (22.7 kg)
• Storage and operation environment: 50-100° Fahrenheit and humidity of
less than 60% (10-38° Celsius)
• Warranty: 1 year
• Certifications: CE optional; safety cover and interlocking switch standard
• Blade types:
• Gem single edge SS or carbon steel
• Gillette double edge
• Lutz4320
• Lutz 4310
Accu-Cut 202L
Automated Tubing Cutter
Typical materials processed
Teflon® PTFE
Teflon® FAP
PVC (vinyl)
latex and natural rubber
nylon 6 and small diameter nylon 12
Delrin® (acetal)
optical fiber
natural suture
synthetic suture (polyglycolide)
small diameter glass fiber
lead and silver bearing solder
Accu-Cut 202L
Automated Tubing Cutter
• Auto Gap: automatically controls gap height for precise processing
• Auto Load: detects incoming part and starts process
• Input guide: helps guide part into Auto Load
• Encoder wheel spare: recommended; one encoder wheel is included with
• Input roller guide: guides extremely sticky parts into machine
• Input shelf: extends input guide length for fragile parts
• CleanAir Deionizer: eliminates static to allow for easier part handling
• Air conveyor
• Micro-bin bag loader: recommended for parts up to 30cm in length
• Micro-bin jar loader: laboratory-grade plastic jar with screw-on cap
• Micro-bin tube loader: recommended for parts up to 12” in length
• Scrap Eject System: automatically separates scrap ends
• Stainless steel output bin: holds parts up to 60” in length
• Alcohol dispenser: provides smooth feeding of silicone, PVC, polyurethane,
Pebax® and other similar materials
• High resolution: ensures a standard deviation on short parts of 0.003” or
• High speed option: increases max index speed from 14 to 40ips and max
accel from 200 to 1000ips2; recommended for long parts and/or high volume
• Recipe Database System: eliminates errors in machine set-up
• Barcode scanner: allows for effortless, error-free machine set-up
when used with barcode identification sheet
• Angle cut: utilizes a guillotine cut system for 45 degree cuts
• Foot switch: makes cut when pressed
• PEEK processing: provides adjustable blade damping for smooth cuts on
tough plastics, including PEEK and polycarbonate
• Sequencing option: allows for up to 48 programmable cuts in a sequence
• Slitting option: provides independently programmable lengthwise slitting of
one end of tube; can be turned off when necessary
Accu-Cut 202L
Automated Tubing Cutter
Options (continued)
• Takeaway option: cuts next part when a part is removed from machine
• Tip reference sensor: uses a laser comparator to identify diameter change
and accurately reference cut location
• Variable angle cut: allows for a straight and angled cut on same part
• 220VAC: voltage option if required by CleanAir Deionizer
• CE mark: includes safety guard over blade
• Dual Feed System: utilizes a rotating mount to provide precise alignment
and easy changeover between an Accu-Feed CPF and Accu-Feed LTD to an
• Printer integration: includes software and testing
• Stand: high-quality, aluminum-extruded stand allows for precise alignment
between a cutter and feeder; can be outfitted with wheels for easy
• Vertical mount: mounts machine so that final parts may be dropped into bag
• Wheels: swiveling, locking polyurethane wheels provide easy maneuverability
for mounted machines
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Accu-Cut 202L
Automated Tubing Cutter
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