Tips for Getting a Close Shave

Tips for Getting a Close Shave
Getting a close shave can be tough. It’s a pain to stock up on supplies and work on your technique when
you’ve been shaving forever, but switching things up can benefit your daily routine if you regularly sport a
five o’clock shadow or bumps.
Get a glimpse of these tips to keep your skin a whole lot smoother:
1. Follow the instructions. While it may seem like every cream and soap’s a no-brainer, with plenty of new
ingredients and hyper-intuitive items, it does benefit to take a look at the instructions. When products that
you don’t use regularly are used right, you’ll get better shave results.
2. Buy a shower mirror! Shaving straight in the shower can save you time in the morning, and with an antifog mirror, you can get it done in a flash.
3. Massage your skin before shaving. Time may be of the essence in the A.M., but the better you managed
to push the hair up and off the skin, the easier it is to cut it off during the shaving process.
4. Keep things hot. Well, warm at least! Remember to keep the water warm while you are shaving.
5. Consider adding an extra step. Shaving in the shower is a great step for a close shave, but if you need to
get an extra smooth shave for a special night, put a hot towel over your face to soften your bristles even
6. Become a “razor detective.” Are you constantly battling itchies and irritation? Check out your razor.
Sometimes double and triple blades can irritate the skin, and a single blade can work better. Dull blades are
equally as bad, so always keep a good selection in your medicine closet so you don’t destroy your face.
7. Do you have very coarse hair? Consider using a cream formulated for curly hair that can grow back in on
itself. Nobody likes shaving bumps and ingrown hairs, so have a look around for special creams and
experiment. Consider the following brands when you’re getting ready to shave: Tend Skin Air Shave Gel,
Zirh Shave Cream, and Aveeno brand creams that all contain special soothing ingredients.
8. Stuck on the same old aftershave? That alcohol-based aftershave may not be the best for you—consider
a balm aftershave that soothes instead of stings.
9. Rinse your razor after use. You’ll be pleased with how much longer it lasts when you clean it thoroughly.
Just a note, though—it’s not recommended that you rub the razor dry with a towel.
10. Switch it up. You don’t need to be exclusive with your method of hair removal. Give your face a break
by using an electric razor and switching to a blade for the weekends.
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