Multi Function Steam Iron

Multi Function Steam Iron
/ GVA2018A
Instruction Manual
Important Safety Instructions
Parts of your iron
Operation Instructions
Temperature Control Setting
Care and Cleaning
Important Safety Instructions
Read this manual thoroughly before first use, even if you are familiar with this type of
product. The safety precautions enclosed herein reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and
injury when correctly adhered to. Keep the manual in a safe place for future reference, along
with the completed warranty card, purchase receipt and carton. If applicable, pass these
instructions on to the next owner of the appliance.
Always follow basic safety precautions and accident prevention measures when using an
electrical appliance, including the following:
Electrical safety and cord handling
• Voltage: Make sure your outlet voltage and circuit frequency correspond to the voltage
indicated on the appliance rating label and your outlet socket is properly earthed. If this is
not the case, do not use the iron.
• Separate circuit: Do not use any other appliance at the same time on the same electrical
circuit as it may overload the circuit and trip the circuit breaker.
• Water: To reduce the risk of electrocution, never operate the iron with wet hands. Never
immerse the cord, plug or iron in water or other liquid.
• No extension cord: Do not use this iron with an extension cord.
• Protect the power cord. Do not damage the cord, do not kink or squash it and protect
it from sharp edges. Do not let the cord touch any hot surface, including the ironing
sole plate. Run the cord in such a way that there will be no risk of anyone pulling it
inadvertently or tripping over it during use. Unwind and straighten the cord before use.
Do not roll the cord around the iron for storage until the iron has cooled down, then loop
the cord loosely around the iron.
• Damage: Do not pick up or operate the appliance after it malfunctions, is leaking or has
been dropped or damaged in any manner. Do not use it if it works intermittently or stops
working entirely. In case of damage, contact the after sales support line for advice.
• Damaged cord: If the power supply cord is damaged, do not attempt to change it
yourself. A damaged cord or plug must be replaced by the manufacturer or a qualified
person in order to avoid a hazard.
• Repair: To avoid the risk of electric shock, do not disassemble the iron. Incorrect reassembly can cause a risk of electric shock when the iron is used. Never insert any objects
into the appliance.
• Disconnect: Turn all controls off and unplug the iron from the power socket before filling
the water tank with water, before emptying the tank and after use. Grip the plug when
disconnecting, do not pull on the cord.
• RCA: Unless your home is already fitted with a residual current device (safety switch),
we recommend installing an RCD with a rated residual operating current not exceeding
30mA to provide additional safety protection when using electrical appliances. See your
electrician for professional advice.
Important Safety Instructions (Cont.)
Usage conditions and restrictions
• Domestic use only: This appliance is designed and intended for indoor household use
only. It is neither suitable for commercial nor for outdoor use.
• Purpose: Do not use this iron for anything other than its intended purpose and only use it
as described in this manual.
• Usage restriction: The appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children)
with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
• Children: Young children should be supervised to ensure they do not play with the
appliance. Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used by
or near children. Do not let children touch the iron while it is in use.
• Liability: Improper use or installation may result in the risk of fire, electric shock and/
or injury. We assume no liability for any eventual damages caused by improper use
or inappropriate handling, or by any other noncompliance with the instructions in this
Safe operation
• Work surface: Only use and rest the appliance on a firm, flat and stable surface.
• Water tank: Only fill water into the water tank. Do not add scented water, vinegar or any
other additives into the water tank; they can damage the iron. Empty the water tank after
• Water inlet: Do not open the water inlet cover during use.
• Temperature control: Ensure the temperature dial is set to the minimum (MIN) position
before plugging the iron into a wall outlet and before unplugging it.
• Heel rest position: When not in use or during storage, place the iron upright (on its heel
rest position) on a flat surface to avoid overturning.
• Unattended: Do not leave the appliance unattended when it is connected to a mains
power supply outlet or when it is resting on an ironing board.
• The iron generates high temperature steam that can cause scalding. Always handle with
care and warn other users of potential danger.
• Do not touch the iron rest or sole plate during or just after ironing. It is hot!
• Use caution when you turn a steam iron upside down – there may be hot water in the
Parts of your Iron
Temperature control
Burst of steam button
Spray button
Spray nozzle
Water inlet
Pilot light
Steam control knob
Stainless Steel plate
Water tank
Self-clean button
Operation Instructions
• This iron can be used with normal tap water.
• If the water in your area is particularly hard, it is advisable to use distilled or
demineralized water.
• Do not use chemically descaled water or any other liquids for refilling.
• Set the Steam Control knob to “0” and the Temperature Control Dial to OFF.
• Unplug the iron from the wall outlet, and wait for the iron to cool down.
• Pour water into the water inlet.
- Fill up to maximum level “MAX” of the water tank.
• Connect the iron to a suitable mains supply outlet.
• Ensure that the steam control knob is in position “0”
• Select the setting on the temperature control.
• When the pilot light turns off, the required temperature is reached. The iron is ready
for use.
• If the temperature of the sole plate has dropped below the set ironing temperature,
the temperature pilot turns on.
• If the pilot light turns on, wait for it to go out before you start ironing.
Operation Instructions (Cont.)
This function can be used any time and it does not affect the ironing temperature.
• Fill water into the iron.
• Aim the nozzle towards the garment.
• Press the spray button.
Steam Ironing
This function can be used only at higher ironing temperature
for moderate steam
or MAX
for maximum steam
Fill water into the iron.
Stand the iron upright.
Connect the iron to a suitable mains supply outlet.
Turn the temperature control to a desired temperature.
The pilot light turns off when the required temperature is reached. The iron is ready
for use.
Turn the steam knob to the required position, steam starts coming out from the
holes in the sole plate.
NOTE: When steam ironing, water may drip from the sole plate if temperature has been
set too low. If this happens, turn the temperature control to the advised position.
Wait until the appropriate temperature has been reached.
Burst of Steam
This function provides an extra mount of steam to remove stubborn wrinkles.
• Fill the iron with water.
• Turn the temperature control to the position “MAX”
• The pilot light turns off when the required temperature is reached.
• The iron is ready for use.
• Press the Burst of Steam button once.
• Steam will penetrate into the garment removing the wrinkles.
• Wait a few seconds before pressing the steam control knob again when there are
stubborn wrinkles.
Usually all wrinkles can be removed within pressing three times.
Temperature Control Setting
Always check garment label for ironing instructions before ironing garment.
If the ironing instructions are missing, then the table below may help you.
First you should sort the laundry: Wool with wool, Cotton with cotton etc. Start ironing
the fabrics requiring the lowest temperature and progress to the higher ones because
the iron heats up quicker than it cools down.
If the fabric consist of various kinds of fibres (e.g. cotton with polyester) you must always
select the ironing temperature for the material with the lowest advised temperature.
Instructions on
textile label
Fibre type
Synthetic (eg Acrylic, Acetate, Viscose
(Rayon) Polyamide (Nylon), Polyester)
No steam
No steam
Do not iron
Setting the Temperature
1. Insert the plug in the wall socket and stand the iron upright.
2. Turn the temperature control knob to the desired temperature setting.
3. The desired temperature has been reached when the pilot light has turned off.
The pilot light will turn on and off from time to time, indicating that the selected
temperature is being maintained.
Turn the temperature control to “OFF “ and set the steam control knob to position
Disconnect the iron from the wall outlet.
Pour any remaining water out of the water tank.
Stand the iron upright and let it cool down completely.
The power cord can then be wound around the iron.
Always store the iron in an upright position.
Care and Cleaning
1. Turn the temperature control dial to OFF, then disconnect the iron from the wall
outlet and let it cool down completely.
2. Deposits and other residues on the sole plate can be removed with a cloth soaked
in a vinegar/water solution.
3. The casing may the wiped with a damp cloth and then polished with a dry one.
4. Never use any abrasives to clean the sole plate.
5. Keep the sole plate smooth; avoid contact with metal objects.
6. When you have finished ironing or when you are leaving iron unattended:
- Turn the steam control knob to position “0”, and the temperature control
dial to OFF.
- Stand the iron upright.
- Disconnect the iron from the wall outlet.
7. Do not allow children to touch the iron or the power cord when ironing.
8. Do not immerse the iron or the cord into water or any other liquid.
9. Do not touch hot metal hot metal parts, hot water or steam. These parts become
hot and may cause bums. Take care if you turn the iron upside downs there may be
not hot water in the tank.
10. The plug and cord should not be allowed to touch the hot sole plate. Let the iron
cool down completely before taking it away. Roll the power cord around the iron
for storage.
11. Disconnect the iron from the wall outlet while filling with water or when emptying
the water after use.
12. The iron is for household use only.
Care and Cleaning (Cont.)
• The iron may smoke slightly when switched on for the first time. It will not happen
again after two uses.
• Before using for the first time remove any protective films or stickers from the sole
plate and the cabinet. Clean the sole plate with a soft cloth.
• When using the iron for the first time, test it on an old piece of fabric to ensure that
the sole plate and water tank are completely clean. Use burst of steam.
This function removes the scales and minerals built up in the Steam Chamber.
Before FIRST USE and after steaming function has been used over 5 hours, the sole plate
needs to self-clean.
Fill the iron as described in “How to Fill Water”, fill the water tank up to half.
Place the iron on a surface in upright standing position.
Connect to a mains supply outlet and turn on the iron.
Select the LINEN (MAX) wait till thermostat light switches off.
Disconnect the iron from mains supply outlet.
Hold the iron horizontally over a sink.
Press and hold the Self-Cleaning knob.
Steam and boiling hot water will drain from the holes on the sole plate washing
away the scales and minerals that have built up inside the steam chamber.
9. Gently move the iron back and forth until the water tank is empty.
10. When Self-Cleaning is complete, release the Self-Cleaning knob.
11. Rest your steam iron back on its heel rest and allow it to fully cool down.
12. Wipe the sole plate with a cold damp cloth.
CAUTION: Keep skin/body away from the hot water.
Iron emits an odor or smoke
Iron gives off an odor when turned on for the first time. Oils used during manufacture need
to be burnt off, allow ten minutes for odor to disappear.
Iron does not heat
The iron should be plugged into a 220-240 Volt , AC electrical outlet only. The temperature
dial must be set at the desired temperature.
Iron does not steam
The water tank may be empty. Turn the steam valve to “ 0 “ and add water. Allow the iron to
heat, and then set the steam dial to the steam setting.
Burst of steam feature does not work
The water tank must be at least 1/4 full .Temperature must be set to steam position. Iron
should be in the horizontal position. Prime pump briefly. Allow a short pause between shots.
Be sure to fully depress the burst of steam button.
Spray mist feature does not work
The water tank must be at least 1/4 full. Fill the iron as described in the section “how to fill the
water tank”.
Iron is leaking
The variable steam dial must be set " 0 ",until the iron is hot. The temperature setting is too low
to produce steam. Shot of steam possibly used too much, allow iron to re-heat.
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