● Auto-tune button on your Receiver–tune in for the best sound exactly where you are;
● Listen and keep in touch with your surroundings:
o Multiple Receivers can be paired with one Charging Cradle;
o Single-touch Mute function switches the Audio Listener into a conversation assistant
enabling you to talk with and listen to the people around you with the receiver on, taking
advantage of its built-in audio amplifier to hear everything better.
● Up to 6 hours of rechargeable battery life per full charge – never lose the soundtrack in
● Only 3 hours to fully recharge the Receiver simply by replacing the Receiver in its Charging
!!! Please refer to our website: www.geemarc.com for an up to date user guide, as
there may be important updates and changes you need to be aware of !!!
Optical Jack
3.5mm headphone
6.3mm headphone
RCA socket
(1) TV Headset Receiver
(2) Charging Cradle and
(3) Power Supply
(4) Optical Cable
Headset Receiver
(1) Connect the Power Supply to the DC IN Socket located on the Charge Cradle rear panel.
(2) Connect the Power Supply to an electricity socket (100-240V~50/60Hz).
(3) Connect one end of the Optical Cable to the rear panel of the Charge Cradle.
(4) Connect the other end of the Optical Cable to your Audio Source (e.g. TV set, Hi-Fi
system) with Optical Output.
(5) Accessories for items (5) and (6) in above drawing are not provided in the pack
(6) If your Audio Source does not have an optical socket, then use one of the following
Adapters (not provided in the pack components) that connects to the Audio In of the
• 3.5mm to 3.5mm Audio Cable
• 3.5mm to 6.3mm Adapter Plug
• RCA Adapter Cable
• SCART Adapter
(7) On the rear panel of the Charging Cradle, switch the Power ON/OFF Switch to ON. The
green Power Indicator LED will glow immediately.
When the audio signal is detected from the Audio Source, the Green LED Signal Indicator
will glow constantly.
(1) Earbuds
(2) Volume Control
(3) Power/Signal LED
(4) Mute Button for Verbal
(5) Microphone
(6) Auto Tune Button for
Frequency Channel
(7) Sound Balance Control
(8) Power On/Off Switch
(9) Battery Contact
Function Identification: Charging Cradle
(1) Charging Pins
(2) Tone Adjustment
(3) LED Indicator: Battery
Charge (Red = charging,
Green = fully charged)
(4) LED Indicator (Green):
Audio Signal
(5) LED Indicator (Green):
(6) LED Indicator (Yellow):
Treble enhanced
(7) LED Indicator (Blue): Bass
(8) Audio In
(9) Frequency Channel
Selector (CH1 or CH2)
(10) Optical In Socket
(11) Power ON/OFF
(12) DC In Socket
Initial Operation
1. Make sure the CL7350 is
plugged into the mains supply.
2. Switch ON the CL7350 – on the
rear of the Charging Cradle (see
figure (1) at right).
3. Place the TV Receiver in the
Charging Cradle for at least three
hours to allow it to fully charge.
• Make sure the TV Receiver is
switched OFF (see figure (2) at
• The LED Indicator glows red
during charging.
• It will glow green after the battery
is fully charged (see figure (3) at
4. After the three hours have
passed and the charging LED has
turned green, you can proceed to
use the device.
Routine Operation
1. Switch on the Audio Source (TV
set or audio device) that the
Transmitter is connected to. The
Signal LED Indicator will glow
The Geemarc Wireless Audio Listener is an audio amplification system specifically designed
for people with hearing difficulties.
The Geemarc Audio Listener can be used with all kinds of audio systems for interference
-free listening enjoyment – TV set, Smartphone, DVD player, CD player, Hi-Fi system, etc.
Audio output from a TV or audio device is transmitted by the Charging Cradle, the wireless
receiver receives the signal and amplifies the audio sound for the listener.
● The listener’s comfort and long-term enjoyment has been built into every feature of the
Geemarc Wireless Audio Listener:
● Rich, adjustable audio quality:
o Broad audio bandwidth;
o Adjustable bass, treble and balance to compensate for hearing loss.
● Up to 25 meters transmit-receive range keeps you within hearing distance all over the
house and garden;
continuously (see figure (4) at right).
2. Put the Ear Phone plug into the 3.5mm phone jack of TV Receiver. On the TV Receiver,
switch the ON the On/Off Switch (see figure (5) at right). The green signal LED Indicator will
glow continuously.
3. Adjust the Volume to the desired sound level (see figure (6) at right), then fit the earbuds in
your ears.
NOTE: Make sure the volume on your Audio Source (TV set or other audio device) is turned
up to at least half of its full volume to get good sound quality in your Earbuds.
Improving Sound by Switching Channels
The CL7350 can transmit on either of two built-in
frequency channels. You can select the channel that will
produce better audio quality.
1. If the audio sound is distorted or unclear, press the Auto
Tune Button on the TV Receiver (see figure (7) at right), to
match the frequency of Channel 1 or Channel 2 set at the
back of Transmitter. Allow a few seconds for the audio to
: 863 MHz (CL7350 OPTI VDE&UK version)
: 900 MHz (CL7350 OPTI US version)
properly connected to the DC IN connector on the Charge Cradle.
• Ensure that the Headset Power ON/OFF switch is switched ON.
• Check the state of the Battery charging in the Headset – place it in the Charge Cradle and
recharge the battery until the Battery Charge LED turns green.
that the TV set, Hi-Fi system or audio component is switched ON and set to a
channel that broadcasts an audio signal.
Ensure that the volume on the connected audio component is turned up to at least half its
full volume.
The connected audio/video equipment may not be in playback mode. Start playback on by
the equipment.
Use the Volume Control on the Headset to turn up the volume.
Check whether the Headset volume level is set too low. Adjust the volume to a suitable
If the sound is not clear and distorted, change the frequency Channel selection on the back
of the Charge Cradle, and then press the Auto Tune Button on the Headset Receiver for
better reception.
• Ensure
Controlling the Tone (Bass & Treble)
You can adjust the tone of the audio you are listening to and enhance your listening pleasure
by amplifying either the Treble or the
Bass in the Headset Receiver.
Press the Tone Clarity Button
switch cyclically between :
1. Enhanced treble (yellow LED glows
• The battery inside Headset may need charging. Recharge the battery.
• The Headset may be too far away from the transmitter inside the Charge
2. Enhanced bass (blue LED glows
), or
3. Flat tone (bass and treble equally
Cradle. Bring
them closer together.
The audio signal input level from the audio source is too low. Increase the volume at the
audio source.
If the sound is not clear and distorted, change the frequency Channel on the back of the
Charge Cradle, and then press the Auto Tune Button on the Headset for better reception.
Cleaning & Maintenance
Adjusting the Sound Balance (left-right)
Note: DO NOT use alcohol, chemical or spirit based cleaning agents.
Wipe Base and Headset clean with a damp cloth.
You can adjust the sound to suit your hearing in each ear.
With the Receiver on, rotate the Sound Balance button (see
figure (10) at right) to adjust the sound – you will notice that
the sound seems to “drift” from one side to the other. Play
with this button until you find your most pleasant sound
From the moment your Geemarc product is purchased, Geemarc guarantee it for the period
of two years. During this time, all repairs or replacements (at our discretion) are free of
charge. Should you experience a problem then contact our help line or visit our website at
The guarantee does not cover accidents, negligence or breakages to any parts. The product
must not be tampered with or taken apart by anyone who is not an authorized Geemarc
The Geemarc guarantee in no way limits your legal rights.
Please note: The guarantee applies to the United Kingdom only.
Using the Mic Button and Microphone
for Conversation
You can switch from Listening mode to Conversation mode
without having to take off the Receiver.
Carrier frequency
No Sound
• Ensure the power supply is properly plugged into the electricity socket and that its cable is
3. Press the Auto Tune button again to improve the quality
still further.
NOTE: The Transmitter will turn off automatically after
about 5 minutes if there is no audio signal from the audio
source (TV set, etc.), or the signal from the audio source is
too weak for proper reception. However, if the audio signal
returns to an acceptable level, the transmission will
automatically restart.
: UHF Stereo
2. If this does not help, switch the channel selector on the
rear of the Charging Cradle (see figure (8) at right) and see
if the audio quality has improved.
enhanced, no LEDs glowing
Transmission mode
To talk or listen to someone:
1. Press the Mic button (see figure (11) at right). This will
shut off the Audio Source and the Receiver will become an
amplifier by activating the Microphone.
2. To resume listening to your audio device, press the Mic
button again. The microphone will be shut off and the audio
will resume.
CE Directives
Geemarc Telecom SA hereby declares that this product is in compliance with the
essential requirements and other relevant provisions of the Radio and
Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive 2014/53/UE.
The CE declaration of conformity may be consulted at www.geemarc.com
Charging the Battery
1. The signal LED Indicator on the Headset Receiver will
blink slowly when the battery level is low. At this stage
there are about 20 minutes of operating time before the
Headset will switch off. Recharge the battery.
This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two
1. This device may not cause harmful interference, and
2. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause
undesired operation.
2. Switch OFF the On/Off Switch on the Headset (see
figure (12) at right). The green LED on the Headset should
turn off.
3. Place the Headphone on the Charging Cradle (see
figure (13) at right), make sure the charge contact touches
the charge pins on the Charging Cradle.
4. The Charging process starts automatically.
• It will glow in green after the battery is fully charged.
Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for
compliance could void the user’s authority to operate this equipment. This device and its
antenna(s) must not be co-located or operating in conjunction with any other antenna or
Recycling Directives
• The LED Indicator glows red during charging.
The battery must not be exposed to excessive heat such as
sunshine, fire etc.
Do not attempt to replace the original rechargeable battery.
When the headphones are not in use, move the switch to the OFF position to avoid
damaging the batteries.
The battery must always be fully charged before first use. An initial 3 hours charge is required
to guarantee an acceptable service life for the rechargeable battery. Always ensure that the
Receiver is switched to OFF position while the battery is charging.
Excessive sound pressure from earphones and headphones can cause hearing loss.
The WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) has been put in place for the
products at the end of their useful life are recycled in the best way.
When this product is finished with, please do not put it in your domestic waste bin.
Please use one of the following disposal options:
- Remove the batteries and deposit them in an appropriate WEEE skip.
Deposit the product in an appropriate WEEE skip.
- Or, hand the old product to the retailer. If you purchase a new one, they should accept it.
Thus if you respect these instructions you ensure human health and environmental
This unit should be operated with built-in rechargeable battery only. When replacing the
battery or when disposing of the unit, always comply with applicable laws relating to the
disposal of battery. Please place them in a proper disposal container to ensure that they are
eliminated safely and in an environmentally friendly way.
Battery operating Time
: Up to 6 Hours
: Up to 25 meters (open area)
Frequency response
: 30 Hz – 10K Hz
Signal-to-noise ratio
Headset weight
: >65 dB
: <2%
: 50 grams
Operating voltage
: Charging Cradle: 8V, 400mA
: Headset: 3.7V, 350mA Lithium Polymer Battery
For product support and help, visit our website at www.geemarc.com
For our Customer Helpline Telephone:
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