Access Control Systems Integrated solutions for every application

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Integrated solutions
for every application
A Tradition of Quality and Innovation
For over 125 years, the Bosch name has stood for quality and reliability.
Bosch is the global supplier of choice for innovative technology, backed
by the highest standards for service and support. Bosch Security Systems
Bosch Access Control solutions offer you a perfectly flexible system for any project.
proudly offers a wide range of security, safety, communications and
Thanks to the scalability of the components the systems grows according to your
sound solutions that are relied upon every day in applications around the
world, from government facilities and public venues to businesses,
security needs.
schools and homes.
Our Access
Control Solutions
Office buildings
Energy and utilities
The Access Engine of the Building
Integration System is an ideal
access control software solution
for projects, such as airports or
stadiums, although it can also
be used in medium-sized applications. Our software solution for
medium and entry-level projects
is the Access Professional Edition.
For consistency and interoperability, both use our Access Modular Controller.
Access Control Systems
Reliable and flexible solutions for any project
Proven expertise
in the security industry
Integration with third-party devices
Through our Integration Partner Program (IPP), we ensure
▶ Vertical solutions expert
that Bosch access control solutions are compatible with
▶ More than 50,000 AMCs installed in
third-party products to provide end-to-end solutions.
Bosch Access Control Systems
▶ More than 35 years of experience in
access control
▶ Worldwide support near you
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Bosch Access Control Systems
Reliable, versatile, scalable
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Access Control is a key pillar of today’s security. The growing need to control access
to buildings and areas, more flexible working time models and the limitations of
Access Professional Edition (APE)
BIS Access Engine (ACE)
Access Modular Controller (AMC)
Readers & Cards
mechanical locks make a modern and reliable access control system indispensable.
Bosch offers complete, reliable and scalable access control solutions for any medium
Comprehensive portfolio of readers and cards
Bosch offers a wide range of readers and cards, from fully
featured advanced solutions to cost-effective starter systems. Most models are available with or without keypad or
as biometric versions, with the added option of fingerprint
readers. Wiegand and RS-485 support ensures that our
solutions will work seamlessly with your preferred technology. Simply choose the option that best matches your
to large sized application.
For medium sized projects
▶ Easy-to-use and scalable software
▶ Integration of third-party functionalities such as cardholder
information, door control, employee time and attendance,
and payroll systems via Software Development Kits (SDK)
▶ Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for bi-directional
encrypted communication between reader and controller
▶ Administers up to:
- 512 readers
- 16 concurrent workplace clients
- 128 cameras
- 10,000 cardholders
For large and complex projects
▶ Installer-friendly configuration and scalable software
▶ Integration of Bosch video, fire, intrusion and public address
systems via the Building Integration System (BIS)
▶ Integration of third-party products via open protocols (OPC)
and Software Development Kits (SDK)
▶ Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for bi-directional
encrypted communication between reader and controller
▶ Administers up to:
- 10,000 readers per server
- 80 concurrent workplace clients per server
- 4,000 cameras per server
- 200,000 cardholders per AMC
For medium to large projects
▶ Intelligent access manager
▶ Carries out independent authorization checks on access
points, takes access decisions, controls closing/opening
elements and registers movement events – even when
▶ Specifically designed to work with APE and ACE systems
▶ Supports RS485 and Wiegand technology
▶ Storage capacity of 2GB
▶ Administers up to:
- 8 readers
- 200,000 cardholders
Mifare classic and DESFire EV1
▶ High security level
▶ Most common standard in
▶ Bosch-coded credentials
available for highest level of
▶ Wiegand and OSDP/RS485
panel interface available
▶ Fingerprint readers available
iClass, iClass SE and Seos
Key advantages of access control
Investing in the right technology is central to the
Effective security
Maximum resilience
Speed of installation
A high level of security is provided by facilities
such as badge enrollment, entrance control
monitoring or alarm management with video
An additional third layer of security – Master
Access Controller – between the workstation and
the controllers ensures controller communication, even if the workstation fails.
The modular concept makes system planning and
stocking easy. The service display allows for quick
troubleshooting and system maintenance. Thanks
to the fast and reliable Ethernet host interface,
cardholder updates are completed within seconds.
Multiple applications and integration
Other applications such as intrusion, video
or elevator management can be integrated to
create a complete security solution.
Comprehensive system with many features, such
as car park management, visitor management or
guard tours. Integration of third party systems via
SDK and OPC.
Thanks to its offline capability and supervised
battery extensions, the AMC works continuously.
To avoid losing data, the event buffer memory
stores up to 2 million events offline.
protection of your employees, site visitors and
ultimately the success of your company. While
you naturally want your business premises to be
as open and welcoming as possible – as well as
making it easy for staff and visitors to move
around the building – you need to ensure maximum protection against unauthorized intruders.
In the event of an emergency, not only the future
of your business but people’s lives hang on the
reliable functioning of access control systems.
This combination of cutting-edge technology,
open access and strict security is precisely what
Future-proof investment
Future-proof investment
Future-proof investment
Minimize your initial investment with APE and
switch to a more powerful BIS ACE solution as
your needs demand – using the same hardware
The ability to connect up to 10,000 readers
provides excellent scalability. Regular software
updates ensure that the system keeps up with
the latest IT advances.
Modular system designs ensures that the system
can grow and adapt according to your needs and
changes in technology.
▶ High security level
▶ Most common standard in
the US
▶ Wiegand and OSDP/RS485
panel interface available
EM and HID Prox
▶ Cost-effective entry-level
▶ Easy to install and handle
▶ Fingerprint readers available
Bosch Access Control solutions offer you.
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