Let’s talk safety
This vacuum cleaner is intended for household use only
and NOT for commercial or industrial use.
•Only use the vacuum cleaner indoors on dry surfaces and
keep the area you’re cleaning well lit.
•Keep fingers, hair and loose clothing away from moving parts
and openings whilst using the vacuum cleaner.
•Only Vax recommended tools and accessories should be used
with this vacuum cleaner.
•Don’t use the vacuum cleaner if it has been dropped, damaged
or left outdoors.
•Don’t run over the power cord or use vacuum cleaner if the
power cord or plug is damaged. Please contact our Customer
Care Line on: 0330 026 8455 (Mon-Fri 8:30am to 6:30pm,
Sat 9:00am to 5:00pm).
•Don’t handle the plug or use the vacuum cleaner with wet hands.
•Don’t pull or carry the vacuum cleaner by the power cord.
•Don’t use the power cord as a handle, pull the power cord
around corners, sharp edges or close a door over the power cord.
•Don’t unplug vacuum cleaner by pulling on the power cord.
• Turn off all controls on the vacuum cleaner before
disconnecting or connecting the power cord.
• Always make sure the filters are in place before use.
• Always switch off the vacuum cleaner before disconnecting
or connecting the hose and accessories.
• Keep all openings clear and free from debris as this may
affect the airflow/suction.
• Always replace the fuse in the plug with a British 13amp
fuse. Always protect the power cable from heated surfaces
and open flames.
•This vacuum cleaner can be used by children aged from 8 years and above
and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of
experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the vacuum cleaner in a safe way and understand the
hazards involved. Children shall not play with the vacuum cleaner. Cleaning
and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.
•Don’t vacuum up any flammable or combustible materials (lighter fluid, petrol,
kerosene etc.) or use the vacuum cleaner in an area with explosive vapours
or liquid.
•Don’t vacuum up hot coals, cigarette butts, matches or smoking hot burning
items or use in an area where there may be harmful fluids (chlorine, bleach,
and ammonia drain cleaner).
•Don’t attempt to remove blockages with sharp objects as this may cause
damage to the vacuum cleaner.
•Don’t vacuum up hard or sharp objects such as glass, nails, screws
or coins etc.
•Don’t use the vacuum cleaner with incorrect voltage as this may result in
damage or injury to the user. The correct voltage is listed on the ratings label.
• Take extra care when positioning and using the vacuum cleaner
on the stairs.
• Use only CE approved 13amp extension cords, non-approved extension
cords may overheat. Care should be taken to arrange the extension cord
as it can be a trip hazard.
• Store the vacuum cleaner in a cool, dry area. If filters have been cleaned
as per user guide instructions ensure they are thoroughly dry before
storing away.
Please keep instructions for further use.
Thank you for buying this AWC Cylinder.
Taking care of your carpets and hard floors
The AWC Cylinder product is designed to make vacuuming carpets and hard floors regularly,
as effective and efficient as possible and this user guide will help you get the most out of
your machine.
Maintaining your carpets and hard floors will ensure they keep their appearance for longer.
You’ve chosen the carpets and hard floors for your home for a reason and Vax will help you take
good care of them.
Taking care of your AWC Cyliner
Also inside this guide are instructions on maintaining your new machine, so that it’s always ready
when you are to tackle your carpets and hard floors.
Taking care of you
We’re here if you need us. Instead of taking me back
to the shop, simply visit:
vax.co.uk/support or call:
(UK) 0330 026 8455 (ROI) 1-800 928 308
Monday-Friday 8:30am to 6:30pm, Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Calls are charged at the UK local rate. Please make a note of the serial number and model number
of the product before calling.
Alternatively, you can write to us at:
Vax Ltd., Plot 302, Stonebridge Cross Business Park, Hampton Lovett, Droitwich,
Worcestershire, WR9 0LW, UK
This user guide can be found online at: vax.co.uk/support
Let us know what you think @VaxUK
Let’s talk safety
(Included with all models)
Included with
your machine
Getting to know your machine
Getting started
extension tube
Using your machine
Combination floorhead
Taking care of your machine
3-in-1 Tool
Let’s talk technical
Pre-motor filter
What to do if it goes wrong
Post-motor filter
Getting in touch
All the above, plus
Tool Connector
Initial Setup for normal operation
1. Use the base accessories.
a. Shortest hose.
b. Extension tube set to shortest practicable length.
2.Clean filters installed.
3.Dust receptacle empty.
4.All Bleeds must be closed.
5.Floorheads/tools set to Carpet Mode for carpet cleaning.
6.Mechanical Agitation turned ON for carpet cleaning.
7. Floorheads/tools set to Hard Floor Mode for hard floor cleaning.
8.Mechanical Agitation turned OFF for hard floor cleaning.
Getting to know your machine
Dirt container lid
Carry handle
Dirt container
release button
Dirt container
and shroud
Parking slot
Cord rewind button
filter cover
Hose entry point
Dirt container release
button (hidden)
On/Off button
Post-motor filter (hidden)
Technical Specification
Accessories & Consumables
Name AWC01/AWC02
Voltage See rating label on machine for details
Wattage See rating label on machine for details
Cord Length 5m/6m
Weight 4.3kg
Filter Kit (Type 95)
Crevice Tool (Type 9)
Upholstery Tool (type 3)
Dusting Brush (Type 5)
TurboTool (Type 6)
Hard Floor Tool (Type 3)*
Subject to technical change without notice.
*To purchase consumables and accessories, please visit vax.co.uk
Getting started
Before you begin cleaning
CAUTION: Always switch off the vacuum cleaner before connecting or disconnecting the hose/attachments, or
removing and emptying the dirt container.
IMPORTANT: The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a thermal cut-out. If for any reason the vacuum cleaner does
overheat the thermostat will automatically turn the vacuum cleaner off. If this happens, switch the vacuum cleaner off
and unplug. Remove and empty the dirt container also check the vacuum cleaner for blockages. Allow the vacuum
cleaner to cool for approximately 1 hour (if you have cleaned the filters please wait 24 hours for the filters to fully dry
before putting back into the machine).
Clean the pre-motor filter every time the dirt container is emptied and replace the post-motor filter every 12 months.
If the vacuum cleaner is blocked, switch off and unplug before removing the blockage.
Assembling your vacuum cleaner
Press both buttons at the
end of hose and insert into
hose entry point.
Insert hose grip into
telescopic extension tube.
Press button on telescopic
extension tube and adjust
to required length.
Insert the other end of
the telescopic tube into
the floorhead.
Using your accessories
Choose an accessory.
Push the accessory onto
the telescopic extension
tube or hose end.
The TurboTool connector
must be fitted on the hose
when using the TurboTool
(some models only).
Using your machine
IMPORTANT: The base of the vacuum cleaner should always be positioned flat on the floor when starting and in use.
The dirt container should be locked into place before lifting the vacuum cleaner by the carry handle.
IMPORTANT: The power cord must always be completely unwound, do not pull further than the yellow marker.
Operating the appliance and accessories
Unwind the power cord.
Do not pull further than
the yellow marker.
Raise brushes for carpets.
Plug into mains and press
the On/Off button to switch
the machine on.
Lower brushes for hard floors.
For use on carpets, click
rocker switch forward.
For use on hard floors
click rocker switch back.
Slide vent cover on hose grip open
to reduce suction if required.
Brushes on the
floorhead should
be visible when using
on hard floors.
Taking care of your machine
IMPORTANT: Unplug and switch off vacuum cleaner before performing maintenance or troubleshooting checks.
Emptying and cleaning the dirt container
Press dirt container
release button. Lift to
remove dirt container
from machine.
Hold dirt container over the bin.
Press release clip at the bottom
of the container, the dirt release
door will open allowing dirt/debris
to fall out.
Don’t over fill the
dirt container to
avoid blocking the air
flow through the
vacuum cleaner.
Cleaning the pre-motor filter
NOTE: For best cleaning results, tap the pre-motor filter over a bin every 4-6 uses to remove dirt and debris and
wash every 3 to 6 months (depending on the level of use). Filters available at www.vax.co.uk
Turn the dirt container
lid anti-clockwise
to remove.
Wash pre-motor filter
under running water.
Lift to remove the
pre-motor filter out
of dirt container.
Leave to dry for 24 hours or
until fully dry before placing
back in the machine.
Tap the filter against a bin
to remove excess debris.
Taking care of your machine
Cleaning the separator
Turn the dirt container
lid anti-clockwise.
to remove.
Lift to remove the
pre-motor filter out
of dirt container.
Using central grips lift
to remove separator
from dirt container.
Twist grips clockwise
and remove cap
from separator.
Tap the separator
against a bin to
remove any dirt
or debris.
For any stubborn dirt/
debris remaining in the
separator, use of a soft
brush to remove.
Refitting the separator
Replace the separator cap,
twist clockwise to lock.
Replace separator into dirt container, make sure the
rectangular hole in the dirt container lines up with the
rectangular hole on the separator.
IMPORTANT: Incorrect fitting of the separator will reduce suction.
Taking care of your machine
Post-motor filter maintenance
IMPORTANT: The exhaust filter is designed to offer long life with no maintenance. The filter should be checked
periodically and when heavily discoloured it should be replaced. Please do not wash, scrub or brush the filter as
this will damage the delicate filter media.
Turn the post-motor filter
cover anti-clockwise
to remove.
Pull to remove
post-motor filter.
Push post-motor filter into
wheel and re-fit.
Line up the filter cover tabs with the wheel and turn
clockwise. The filter cover will be locked into place
when the centre trim is in the horizontal position.
Check the post-motor filter
for discolouration.
Storing your vacuum cleaner
Unplug from the mains
and hold the cord rewind
button in, the cord
will retract into the
vacuum cleaner.
Place floorhead into
parking slot located at
back of vacuum cleaner
for storage and carrying.
CAUTION: Make sure to hold the cord with your other hand to prevent injury when re-winding.
Let’s talk technical
Removing blockages from the TurboTool (some models only)
Slide the locking ring
to remove.
Lift and separate
the housing.
Using a pair of scissors,
remove any threads
or hair caught around
the brushbar.
Line up the tabs on front of
housing and push together
to refit. Slide locking ring
into groove to secure.
Removing a blockage from the hose
Remove the hose from the vacuum
cleaner and telescopic extension
tube. Insert a broom handle or similar
blunt instrument into the hose to
remove blockage.
Don’t forget your accessories!
Order at: www.vax.co.uk/spares-and-solutions
Pro Cleaning Kit (Type 2)
All our best tools all in one kit that makes cleaning
your home quicker, easier and with even better results.
We’ve taken care of cleaning all of the hard to reach
areas such as on top of cupboards and in between
blinds to the dust that collates behind and
within the radiator.
TurboTool (Type 6)
Use the TurboTool for vacuuming your stairs, upholstery
and car interiors. It’s great for picking up stubborn pet hair.
Fur ‘n’ Fluff Tool
Specifically designed to remove extra stubborn
pet hair from upholstery, furniture and carpets.
What to do if it goes wrong
Is there an
accessory missing?
Why won’t the vacuum
cleaner pick up?
• Check the ‘This pack contains’ panel on the box to make sure
the part is included with your vacuum cleaner.
• The dirt container may not be correctly fitted, remove the dirt container
from the vacuum cleaner and check it’s assembled correctly, refit
ensuring it’s locked into place.
• The separator is blocked. Go to ‘Taking care of your machine’.
• The separator is incorrectly fitted. Go to ‘Taking care of your machine’.
• The filter may be clogged, clean the filter. Go to ‘Taking care
of your machine’.
• The dirt container may be blocked, empty the dirt container.
Go to ‘Taking care of your machine’.
• There may be a blockage in the hose/tube. Disconnect from the vacuum
cleaner and carefully remove any blockages. Go to ‘Let’s talk technical’.
• The plug may not be fully pushed into the electrical socket.
Why does my vacuum
cleaner have no power?
• Check the fuse in the plug if this needs replacing, always replace with
a British 13amp fuse.
• The motor thermostat may have tripped. If this has happened, unplug
the vacuum cleaner. Remove and empty the dirt container and check
the hose for blockages. Clean the filters and allow the vacuum cleaner
to cool for approximately 1 hour (if you have washed the filters you will
need to wait 24 hours for the filters to fully dry before putting them back
into the vacuum cleaner).
• The filters may be clogged, clean the filter. Go to ‘Taking care
of your machine’.
Why is dust escaping
from the vacuum?
CAUTION: To reduce the risk of personal injury, unplug the vacuum cleaner before performing maintenance
/troubleshooting checks.
Getting in touch
† Registration required. Terms and conditions apply, see vax.co.uk for details.
* Calls are charged at the UK local rate. Please make a note of the serial number and model number of the product before calling.
0330 026 8455
EEC Statement of Compliance: Manufacturer/EEC importer: Vax Limited, hereby on our own responsibility,
declare that the AWC01, AWC02 series is manufactured in compliance with the following Directives:
Safety: 2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive. EMC: 2004/108/EC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive.
Waste electrical products should not be disposed of with household waste. Please recycle where facilities exist.
Check with your Local Authority or retailer for recycling advice.
© 2015 Vax Limited. All rights reserved. The VAX trade mark and Vax lozenge is the property of Techtronic Floor Care Technology Ltd and is registered in the EU
and may be pending or registered in other countries.
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