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Niko connected switch starter kit
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wireless switch
Niko's wireless switches on your smartphone
Effortlessly smarter
Is your customer looking for additional comfort in his renovation or current home? Then this is the ideal solution. Using wireless
receivers, it is possible to switch lights on/off and dim lights, control shutters and sun blinds, or switch on devices connected with a
socket outlet. Turn on the lights with your tablet without even having to get up. Close the roller blinds with your smartwatch from
the restaurant table. Or use your smartphone when you are out and about to make sure all the lights are off ... It's truly possible!
The Niko connected switch starter kit contains a gateway and a wireless switch.
The gateway is compatible with the Easywave protocol and is the essential link between the wireless switches and connected
switch app. This is connected to the home network using a UTP cable and, in turn, creates a secure connection with the internet
(4G, 3G, GPRS or a WiFi hotspot). This means that the smartphone application is always up-to-date and ready for use.
The gateway can stand freely in the home or be mounted on the wall. Indeed, the high-tech appliance is very stylish.
Little LED lamps provide handy visual feedback. As you might expect, the wireless switches are available in the
Niko finishes Pure, Intense en Original. This means they fi t in beautifully with your other switching material.
Read all about it on www.niko.eu/connectedswitch
Installation in just four steps
Starter kit contents
• Gateway
• Wireless switch, complete:
410-00001 - switch with battery
101-00001 - fi nishing set
120-76100 - cover frame Intense white
• UTP cable
• 5V adapter
1. Programme the switches
on the receiver in dualbutton mode (Mode 1)
2. Connect the gateway to
the home network
Technical data
• Communication protocol: Easywave – 868.3 MHz
• Transmission range max. 30 m indoors
• Programming of the buttons with receivers
in dual-button mode (Mode 1)
• Registration and confi guration via
• Battery wireless button type CR2430
3. Create an account
and programme the
installed buttons
• App: iOS 9 or higher, Android
4 Download the “Niko
connected switch” app and
link it with the account
4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher
• Not compatible with 05-311 (mini
handheld transmitter) & 05-363
(wireless window or door contact)
Wiring diagram
• Can be positioned horizontally,
or mounted vertically on the wall
• Fitted with a LED indicating the
correct functioning of the device
• Dimensions (HxWxD): 173 x 173 x 35 mm
• Maximum consumption: 2.5 W
• Input voltage 5 V via power adapter
max. 50#
• RJ45 port, 100 Mbit WAN port
• Ethernet cable supplied
• Ambient temperature: 0 - 45 °C
max. 30 m
• Protection degree: IP20
Can be extended with wireless solutions
based on the Niko easywave protocol
Modular receivers
05-336, 05-338,
05-331, 05-332,
05-333, 05-335,
05-315, 05-362
05-360, 05-361
Plug-through socket
05-340, 05-341
05-350, 05-351,
05-352, 05-353
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