Increase your business success by printing in color—on demand

Device Management Solutions
The Benefits of Color
OKI Printing Solutions software to help you control your infrastructure and your costs
Increase your business success
by printing in color—on demand
PrintSupervision software to monitor and control the
operation of the printers on your network.
Job Accounting software to give you full control over color
and mono printing.
This proprietary utility allows HQ administrators to tell at a glance
how a printer or group of printers is functioning... predict toner
levels and image drum life 8 for accurate planning... schedule reports
and have them delivered automatically via e-mail... even send print
files with embedded instructions to remote printers for distributed
printing. It’s available with all network-configured OKI Printing
Solutions printers and can be used with most printers from other
Job Accounting Software enables easy monitoring and control of
printer usage, as well as the tracking of color printing costs. Used
with Digital Color printers from OKI Printing Solutions, the software
helps contain costs by allowing only authorized users to print.9
With PrintSuperVision, you can gather printer data to a “master”
server from multiple servers in your store locations throughout
your network – even through firewalls – and gain a comprehensive
overview of your enterprise’s printing infrastructure.
Save time and costs
• Create proactive enterprise rollup reports with the click of a button
• Plan consumables usage and proactively order supplies 8
• Generate purchase orders via computer fax, online or hard copy
• Monitor printing costs and view maintenance logs
Minimize printer downtime
• Get fast alert notification, including calls for routine maintenance
Keep track of costs
• Limit color printing permissions to specific users
• Set individual printing usage limits
• Assign costs to a group or individual
• Assign specific costs to color and black & white pages and to
various paper sizes/media types
• Easily export usage data into Excel or other popular database
Capture important details
• Color vs. black & white pages printed
• Page size and paper/media types
• Paper trays used
• Document name
• Total time spent on printing – by person or department
Oki Data Americas, Inc.
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8 Currently for OKI Printing Solutions printers only.
9 Requires printer flash memory or a hard disk drive for operation.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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Psychology of Color
Impact of Color
On-Demand Printing
Color Printing vs. Black & White
Color at Retail
Color Document and Signage Solutions
Device Management Solutions
Color: a first impression with lasting impact
In his current bestseller, Blink 6 , author
Malcolm Gladwell states that human beings
are strongly guided by first impressions,
making critical and complex judgments in
about two seconds.
Using Color:
• Enhances the acceptance or rejection
of an item by up to 60%1
• Increases purchase motivation by
up to 80%2
• Increases willingness to read
messaging by up to 80%2
• Increases retention of messaging
by up to 75%3
• Improves payment response time
by up to 30%4
On-Demand Printing 5:
• Eliminates printing waste by up to 100%
• Cuts turnaround time by 50%; eliminates
need for shipping and inventory space
• Reduces production costs by up to 60%
vs. short-run offset printing (i.e. 3,000
pieces or less)
• Reduces cost per print by up to 75%
The reason for this, according to Angela
Wright, the internationally-known color
psychologist and author, is that color has a
strong psychological – and even physical –
impact on people of all ages and nationalities.
Human response to color, according to
Dr. Wright, is instinctive and not purely
subjective – a position that has been strongly
supported in a recent study by the renowned
Colour & Imaging Institute at England’s
University of Darby.
“Given the deep impact that colors can have
on both an emotional and psychological
level,” Dr. Wright says, “getting it right is
essential if you want to build a positive
relationship with customers.”
Color affects the bottom line. The power
of color is not just academic or theoretical.
No wonder enlightened companies make
color an integral part of all of their printed
communications, including signage, invoices,
letters, memoranda, and statements.
Studies show that color is the first thing
people instinctively register when they are
assessing any object – from a store sign to an
item of merchandise. And it has a powerful
effect on their decision to buy – or to move on.
In business applications, the effective use
of color has a proven potential to turn the
bottom line from red to green.
Color printing vs. Black & White
Just as businesses worldwide are recognizing
the power of color, prices for business color
printers are falling dramatically. As they do,
printing in color has become increasingly
affordable and easy to justify.
Today, color output can be produced by
workgroup printers at a total cost of pennies
per page. At the same time, digital color
printers from manufacturers such as
OKI Printing Solutions have proven that
today’s color printers are just as reliable –
and practically as cost efficient – as many
monochrome printers.
The net result is that color printers offer a total
cost of operation that is very competitive with
that of their monochromatic counterparts.
And the need for having two printers (color for
signage, mono for reports) is eliminated.
Color at Retail 7:
With 70% of all in-store decisions being
made at the point of purchase...
• In-store merchandising utilizing color
is 55% more likely to be read before
black & white materials
• In-store merchandising utilizing color
increases the likelihood of purchases
by as much as 80%
• The use of color images in point-ofpurchase signage can
– lift sales by 11.2%
– reduce out-of-stocks by up to 65%
– decrease labor costs by 25%
(easy identification cuts down
stocking time)
– help maintain plan-o-gram
Controlling costs through
on-demand color printing
Color document and
signage solutions
With color printing prices falling and
recognition of color’s impact rising, many
successful companies have moved from
centralized signage production to on-site,
on-demand printing.
In competitive business environments,
the complete family of Digital Color printers
from OKI Printing Solutions effectively
balances low total costs of ownership with
high levels of performance and productivity
to directly benefit your bottom line.
In this model, the company has full control
over its printers infrastructure. Headquarters
distributes signage content – including
complete text and graphics – electronically,
and individual store locations print just the
quantities they need, when they need them.
Printing on demand, then, is more costeffective than short-run offset printing:
it eliminates the wasteful overproduction
and shipping costs that are inherent in
most centralized printing scenarios.
In addition, by printing signs locally, an
organization can enable its stores to become
more responsive to changes in competitive
pricing and promotions, to shifts in inventory
and customer requests.
This on-demand approach has worked
for some of America’s most successful
companies, including leading retailers.
OKI Printing Solutions offers fast, affordable,
high-quality desktop and workgroup color
printers, and is the only company to offer
specific models for printing color signage
– ideal for today’s on-demand retail needs.
Signage-configured C9000 Series Digital
Color printers feature a heavy-duty multipurpose tray, and special media and driver
settings, enabling the printing of color in-store
merchandising materials – including shelf
strips, table tents, 4-up labels, cling film,
heavy card stock, and banners up to 4-feet in
length – with highly impactful color content.
In addition, OKI Printing Solutions brings
the power of color to your general business
printing, as well, adding impact to virtually
all marketing materials and forms, such as
newsletters, flyers, invoices and letterhead.
For additional details on the benefits of color
and retail color printing solutions, please