The best natural sleep solution for your baby.

The best natural sleep
solution for your baby.
wrapping you and baby
1. Basic method
2. Love your baby hold
infant to toddler
3. Newborn hold
premies & babies to 3 months
4. Hammock hold
birth to 6 months
5. Helpful pointers
Thank you for your interest in the Sleepy Wrap!
basic method
Now, you can have your hands free and know that
baby is safe and secure. Sleepy Wrap is the first
carrier with
just the right amount of elasticity, conforming
perfectly to
your body with no need for constant
readjusting. The
closeness and lull of your heartbeat
will settle and calm your baby. Again and again you will
find your little one peacefully asleep on your chest.
The Sleepy Wrap grows with you and your child
time and allows adults of all sizes to wear the
It is ideal for your baby’s first year of life, yet
you may comfortably accommodate your two year old.
It uses your entire back and has wide straps to wrap
over both shoulders
equally distributing the weight of
your baby. It is gentle but strong, not to mention that
its completely ergonomic design ensures that there
are zero pressure points on you or on your precious
little one. Thus there is literally no time limit as to how
long your baby can spend in the wrap so that you can
confidently go anywhere together through your day.
Tying the wrap may take some practice over the
couple of days. Yet with experience you will find
the right
fit for you and your baby and will become
as easy and
commonplace as tying your shoelaces. Enjoy
your Sleepy
Wrap and tell us what you think!
1. Unfold the wrap and find the Sleepy Wrap
logo at the center. Place the logo around your
waist and wrap around your back.
basic method
2. Cross the two pieces behind your back and bring
each side up and over your shoulders to the front.
Try to keep the material flat so it doesn’t twist.
3. Tuck both pieces underneath the section with the logo.
4. Pull down. The label piece will rise to your chest and should
be adjusted to fit snug and cling to your body. 5. Cross the pieces and
bring them around your waist behind your back. Make sure that the
pieces cross each other high on your chest area (your sternum is a good
reference point). There is no need to leave extra space for your baby.
basic method
6. Cross the wrap and if there is enough fabric bring
it back to the front. If not, you can tie a knot here.
7. You may tie a double knot here, or if there is enough
fabric tie the double knot on your back.
love your baby hold
1. Hold your baby securely and carefully place one leg
through the shoulder piece of the Sleepy Wrap
that is closest to your body.
love your baby hold
2. Spread the fabric wide over your baby’s entire bottom, back and
shoulder. The wider you spread it the more comfortable it will be.
3. Tuck your baby under the second shoulder piece
and spread out the fabric again.
4. Pull the logo piece of fabric up and over your baby’s
bottom and back. You can keep your baby’s legs covered
or you can pull your baby’s legs through if you wish.
5. Love your baby.
newborn hold
1. Basic method. Grab the shoulder piece closest to your body.
2. Slide your baby down your chest and into the shoulder piece.
Do not separate baby’s legs. Leave them tucked in the fetal
position and spread the fabric wide over your baby’s entire body.
3. Spread the other shoulder piece over your baby’s body.
4. Pull the logo piece of fabric up and over
your baby’s back and bottom.
hammock hold
1. Fold the shoulder pieces in half. This makes a pouch on each side.
2. Place baby’s bottom in the pocket that is closest to your body.
Your baby will be sitting sideways with one ear against your chest.
Spread the fabric wide over baby’s bottom back and shoulder.
3. Place legs into the other pocket and spread fabric again.
4. Pull the logo piece of fabric up and over your baby.
Now your hands are free!
Helpful pointers
• The shoulder pieces that
are crossed in front of
your body should be
clinging to you so that when
you retract them they bounce
back against your chest. • The shoulder pieces should
actually have to be pulled away
from you to get your baby inside
as the fabric is actually intended
to stretch over your baby for
added support and comfort.
• If the fabric is hanging and not
clinging, it’s not tight enough!
• It may take a couple of
tries to figure out how to
work with the elasticity,
but is delightful when you
get the tying method down.
free your hands
• When you cross the two pieces of fabric to create the “x”
that supports your baby, the pieces should cross each other
above your sternum (where your ribs meet). Basically the
higher the “x” is, the higher your baby will be carried.
• Avoid twisting the shoulder pieces. Make sure you
get used to spreading the fabric flat and wide over
your shoulders before adjusting it to your desire.
• When your baby falls
asleep, you can tuck his
head under the stretchy
cotton fabric so that
he will be secure and
have good neck support.
• Some babies (especially
gassy babies) prefer to be
held upright as opposed to
horizontally as in the Hammock
hold. When babies do not
want to be held in the
Newborn hold anymore
everyday errands
they usually let you know by
stretching their legs. Every
baby is different. Listen to
your baby’s cues.
• As the Sleepy Wrap
product is essentially a long
piece of fabric void of buckles,
snaps, buttons, or any other
attachments that could
break or come undone,
the biggest safety concern
is presented when the
product is not tied tight
enough or is misused.
• The product is not a safety
device on its own; it is designed
to assist parents in carrying their
babies. Parents are ultimately
responsible for the safety of
their child while he or she is
in the carrier.
mobile in nature
Order your Sleepy Wrap in a variety of colors
for gifts, vacations, grandparents, holidays,
events and whatever life brings! Visit a fine retailer in your area or check
out our web site at
dark pink
light blue
royal blue
navy blue
dark green
IMPORTANT: For safety always take your baby out of the Sleepy Wrap before untying.
Sleepy Wrap, Inc. is not responsible for improper tying or use of the wrap.
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