7” Touch Screen
>> Ultra clean, modern appearance
>> Thin profile and compact footprint
>> Affordable and easy to install
>> 7” widescreen active-matrix color display
>> 1024 x 600 WSVGA display resolution
>> Capacitive touch screen technology
>> Multi-touch capable
>> Smart Graphics® performance
>> Backlit soft-touch capacitive buttons
>> Any/all button hide feature
>> Auto-brightness control
>> Voice recognition capability [1,2]
>> H.264 or MJPEG streaming video display
>> Built-in 5 MP H.264 IP camera [2]
>> Built-in microphone and speakers [2]
>> Rava® SIP intercom and phone technology [2]
>> Native Sonos® app
>> Crestron Fusion® room scheduling [4]
>> Built-in PinPoint™ beacon [2,5]
>> Customizable audio feedback
>> Built-in web browsing
>> On-screen multi-language keyboard
>> Customizable screensaver
>> Single-wire Ethernet connectivity
>> PoE or PoE+ network powered (refer to specifications)
>> US, UK, or European electrical wall box mounting
>> Lectern mount over a rectangular cutout
>> Retrofit and masonry mounting options available [6]
>> Multi-surface and ADA compliance mounting options available [3]
>> Tabletop and swivel mount options available
>> 3 RU rack mount option available [3]
>> Available in smooth black or white finish
Advanced Touch Screen Control
A Crestron® touch screen offers an ideal user-interface for controlling
all the technology in your home, boardroom, classroom, courtroom, or
command center. Touch screens simplify and enhance the way you use
technology, doing away with those piles of remote controls, cluttered wall
switches, disparate smartphone apps, and cryptic computer screens.
For controlling audio, video, lighting, shades, HVAC, security, and other
systems, Crestron touch screens are fully-customizable with easy-to-use
controls and icons, true feedback and real-time status display, live
streaming video, voice recognition, web browsing, and a full-featured
media player for an enhanced multiroom entertainment experience.
With its clean, contemporary design highlighted by edge-to-edge glass
and stunning color graphics, the Crestron TSW-760 touch screen makes
an elegant statement on any wall, tabletop, lectern, or equipment rack.
| 800.237.2041
Perfectly at home in the most contemporary residence or modern office
building, its high-tech good looks underline its power for simplifying
everyday tasks and functions throughout any facility.
The TSW-760 delivers the ultimate touch screen experience in an
unobtrusive, space-saving design. It features a brilliant 7 inch capacitive
touch screen display with Smart Graphics® and 5 soft-touch buttons. PoE
connectivity and a range of mounting options make installation a breeze
for both new and retrofit applications. Additional advanced features
include the abilities to control any function using voice commands, view
security cameras and other video sources, communicate using built-in
video intercom and phone capabilities, manage meeting room scheduling,
browse the Internet, and enjoy full access to your Sonos® Home
Sound System.[1]
Smart Graphics®
Crestron touch screens use Smart Graphics to deliver the ultimate user
experience and the ultimate value by enabling the creation of dynamically
rich user interfaces with incredible efficiency and unparalleled functionality.
Using Smart Graphics, programmers can swiftly integrate fluid gesturedriven controls, animated feedback, rich metadata, embedded apps and
widgets, and full-motion video for a deeply engaging and ultra-intuitive
touch screen experience.
Crestron Smart Graphics offers these enhancements and more:
•• Cool-looking graphical buttons, sliders, knobs, and gauges that are
intuitive and fun to use
•• Kinetic effects to enhance the feeling of realism, with lists and toolbars
that scroll with momentum at the flick of a fingertip
•• Drag-and-drop objects that snap into place, offering an easy way to
switch sources
•• Dashboard widgets to personalize the touch screen with clocks,
weather, news, and other information [1]
•• A power-saving screensaver that allows display of time, temperature,
and other text content at a reduced brightness level
TSW-760 7” Touch Screen
TSW-760-W-S – Shown in White
TSW-760-B-S with TSW-760-TTK-B-S Tabletop Kit
•• Customizable themes allowing a completely different look and feel for
every user, event, or season
•• Fully-developed SmartObjects® that enable sophisticated control over
complex devices with minimal programming
•• A consistent look and feel across multiple touch screens of
varying sizes
Rava® SIP Intercom
Rava SIP Intercom Technology enables hands-free VoIP communication
with other Rava-enabled touch screens and door stations. Rava works over
Ethernet, supporting 2-way intercom, video intercom, and paging without
requiring any special wiring. VoIP phone capability is also possible through
integration with a SIP-compatible IP phone system or SIP server, allowing
hands-free telephone functionality complete with speed-dialing, caller ID,
custom ringers, and other enhancements. Built-in echo cancellation affords
full-duplex performance for clear, seamless voice communication using the
TSW-760’s integrated microphone and speakers.[2]
Soft-Touch Buttons
The TSW-760 includes five backlit, soft-touch capacitive buttons for quick
access to commonly used functions. These buttons are pre-labeled with
icons for “Power”, “Home”, “Lights”, “Up”, and “Down” functions. Each
button is programmable via the control system for custom functionality,
and any unused button can be hidden by simply turning off its backlight.
Auto-Brightness Control
To ensure optimal visibility under varying lighting conditions, the
TSW-760 includes a built-in light sensor, which regulates the brightness
of the display and button backlighting according to the ambient light level
in the room. Separate auto-brightness settings are provided for the display
and buttons to allow each to be adjusted or defeated as needed.
Voice Recognition
Some things are easier said than done, so why not just say what you
want and let Crestron do it for you? With built-in voice recognition, the
TSW-760 provides the ability to use spoken commands to control virtually
anything. Voice recognition can be used to quickly turn devices on or
off, select and play a specific media title or playlist, change the channel,
choose a lighting scene, lock the doors, arm the security system, or enter a
password. Simply say a command and Crestron does the rest.[1,2]
Streaming Video
High-performance streaming video capability makes it possible to view
security cameras and other video sources right on the touch screen.
Native support for H.264 and MJPEG formats allows the TSW-760 to
display live streaming video from an IP camera, a streaming encoder
(Crestron CEN-NVS200, DM-TXRX-100-STR, or similar [3]), or a DigitalMedia™
switcher. Video is delivered to the touch screen over Ethernet, eliminating
the need for any extra video wiring.
| 800.237.2041
Built-in Camera
A 5 megapixel camera is built into the TSW-760 to support video
intercom and room monitoring capabilities. This feature allows individuals
to communicate both verbally and visually between two touch screens,
or between one touch screen and a Rava-compatible video door station.
It can also be used to visually monitor any room securely using an H.264
compatible decoder (Crestron DM-TXRX-100-STR, DM-RMC-100-STR, or
similar [3]) or a third-party video monitoring system. When not needed, the
camera feature can be turned off programmatically through the control
system. A “no-camera” model is also available.[2]
Sonos® App
Merging technologies from Sonos and Crestron brings a whole-house
music experience like no other. From any touch screen in the house, a
family can effortlessly browse for tracks, artists, or playlists using all the
services available from Sonos and instantly play them in any room using
Sonos wireless speakers or a Crestron Sonnex® Multiroom Audio System.
The Sonos app runs natively on the TSW-760, enabling enhanced control
of Sonos products as part of a complete Crestron system. The app checks
for updates nightly so it’s always current.[1]
Room Scheduling
The TSW-760 can provide an invaluable productivity tool for corporate
enterprises and other organizations that use Crestron Fusion®,
Microsoft® Outlook®, Google Calendar™, or another calendaring application
to schedule meetings and manage rooms. Mounted on the wall outside
each room, the TSW-760 allows anyone to see at-a-glance if the room is
TSW-760 7” Touch Screen
available or in use, and to view details about the current meeting. A swipe
of the finger reveals the room’s entire schedule for the day, displaying
upcoming meetings and open time slots, and allowing the room to be
reserved right on the spot.
Room scheduling functionality is enabled on the TSW-760 using the
built-in room scheduling application, which syncs directly over the network
with Crestron Fusion, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365®, Google Calendar, or
G Suite™. A Room Availability Hallway Sign (model SSC or SSW [3]) can be
added for enhanced visibility.[4]
PinPoint™ Beacon (Coming Soon)
The built-in PinPoint proximity detection beacon enhances the intelligence
and personalization of a Crestron system by enabling a smartphone or
tablet device to always know what room it’s in. It works with the Crestron
App or Crestron PinPoint App, using Bluetooth® technology to determine
when the mobile device is in or near the same room as the beacon, and
signals the mobile app to automatically display the appropriate controls
and information for that location.[2,5]
Web Browsing
Using its built-in web browser, the TSW-760 provides quick access to
online program guides and other web-based services at the touch of a
button, allowing enhanced touch screen control of DVRs and other
appliances without having to pick up a separate tablet or smartphone. If
a device can be controlled or managed through a web browser, it can be
integrated into the Crestron system through the TSW-760. Of course, the
web browser may also be used to simply browse the Internet, check traffic
conditions, or look up a recipe.[1]
On-Screen Keyboard
Typing in passwords, URLs, and text searches is facilitated using the
on-screen multi-language keyboard.
Multi-Touch Support
The TSW-760’s capacitive touch screen affords enhanced capabilities for
browsing web pages using multi-touch gestures.
Audio Feedback
Customized audio files can be loaded to add another dimension to the
touch screen graphics using personalized sounds, button feedback, and
voice prompts.
Single-Wire Connectivity
A simple Ethernet LAN connection is all that is required to wire the
TSW-760, containing all control, video, intercom, and power signals within
a single wire.
Power over Ethernet
Using PoE technology, the TSW-760 gets its operating power right through
the LAN wiring. PoE (Power over Ethernet) eliminates the need for a local
power supply or any dedicated power wiring. A PoE Injector (PWE-4803RU [3])
simply connects in line with the LAN cable at a convenient location. Crestron
PoE switches (CEN-SW-POE-5 or CEN-SWPOE-16 [3]) may also be used to
provide a total networking solution with built-in PoE.
Note: Refer to the “Power” specifications for additional details.
| 800.237.2041
Room scheduling application
Wall or Lectern Mounting Options
Using the bracket provided, the TSW-760 is easily installed over a 2-gang
or 3-gang electrical box, or a 2-gang European or UK electrical box. The
same bracket allows for installation in a wooden lectern or podium over
a rectangular cutout. When installed, the touch screen protrudes just
1/2 inch from the mounting surface and latches firmly into its mounting
bracket leaving no visible screws for an ultra clean appearance. A security
latch option is included to deter unauthorized removal of the touch screen.
Additional mounting options are afforded using the TSW-UMB-60 Universal
Mounting Bracket. By itself, the TSW-UMB-60 provides a post-construction
solution for retrofitting the TSW-760 into existing drywall. For preconstruction applications that don’t require a back box, the TSW-UMB-60
can be used along with a TSW-UMB-60-PMK Pre-Construction Mounting
Kit. Masonry and concrete applications are accommodated using the
TSW-UMB-60 along with a TSW-UMB-60-BBI back box. The TSW-UMB-60
is compatible with TSW-560, -760, and -1060 model touch screens,
making it easy to change devices at any time.[6]
When installing the TSW-760 in place of an older Crestron touch screen
(APAD, CT-1000, LC-1000, TPS-4L, or TPS-2000L), Crestron offers Retrofit
Mounting Brackets (TSW-60-RMB series [3]), which facilitate replacement
without having to tear out the old mounting hardware or patch the wall.[6]
For impenetrable surfaces, such as glass, granite, or marble, or for
applications requiring ADA compliance, Crestron offers the Multi-Surface
Mount Kit (TSW-760/1060-MSMK [3]). This option allows for attaching
securely to virtually any smooth, flat surface without screws, providing an
ideal solution for modern offices with glass walls or historically significant
spaces where cutting and drilling is prohibited. It can also be mounted over
a conventional electrical box. When installed, the touch screen is angled
upwards at a 20° tilt to allow for mounting at an ADA approved height.
Tabletop Option
Using the optional Tabletop Kit (TSW-760-TTK [3]), the TSW-760 becomes
a stylish, freestanding touch screen that fits perfectly on a table, desk, or
countertop. It can even be permanently attached to the surface using the
optional Swivel Mount Kit (TSW-560/760/1060-SMK [3]).
Rack Mount Option
The TSW-760 can be mounted in a 19” EIA equipment rack using the
optional Rack Mount Kit (TSW-560/760-RMK-1 [3]). When rack mounted,
the touch screen occupies three rack spaces.
TSW-760 7” Touch Screen
Touch Screen Display
Display Type: TFT active matrix color LCD
Size: 7 inch (178 mm) diagonal
Aspect Ratio: 17:10 WSVGA
Resolution: 1024 x 600 pixels
Brightness: 350 nits (cd/m²)
Contrast: 1100:1
Color Depth: 24-bit, 16.7M colors
Illumination: Edgelit LED w/auto-brightness control
Viewing Angle: ±80° horizontal, ±80° vertical
Touch Screen: Projected capacitive, 5-point multi-touch capable
Hard Keys: (5) Projected capacitive pushbuttons, backlit w/auto-brightness
control, per-button show/hide (backlight enable/disable), pre-labeled with
icons for “Power”, “Home”, “Lights”, “Up”, and “Down”
Reset: (1) Miniature pushbutton on rear panel for hardware reset
Graphics Engine
Crestron Smart Graphics, multi-language web browser [1], multi-language
on-screen keyboard, screensaver, single scalable streaming video window,
native Sonos app [1], native room scheduling application [4], setup and
diagnostics via web browser or onscreen UI
Smart Graphics: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional),
Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (UK), English (US), Finnish, French, German,
Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish,
Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish,
Swedish, Thai
On-Screen Keyboard: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Croatian, Czech,
Danish, Dutch, English (UK), English (US), Finnish, French (Canada), French
(Switzerland), German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian
Bokmal, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
Voice Recognition: Afrikaans (South Africa); Chinese, Mandarin (China,
Simplified); Chinese, Mandarin (Hong Kong, Simplified); Chinese, Mandarin
(Taiwan, Traditional); Chinese, Yue (Hong Kong, Traditional); Czech (Czech
Republic); Dutch (Netherlands); English (Australia); English (Canada);
English (Generic); English (India); English (New Zealand); English (South
Africa); English (UK); English (US); French (France); German (Germany);
isiZulu (South Africa); Italian (Italy); Japanese (Japan); Korean (South
Korea); Polish (Poland); Portuguese (Brazil); Russian (Russia); Spanish
(Spain); Turkish (Turkey)
Web Browser: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech,
Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew,
Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian,
Lithuanian, Norwegian Bokmal, Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese,
Romanian, Romansh, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish,
Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
Room Scheduling [4]: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Danish,
Dutch (Netherlands), English (US), English (UK), French, German, Hebrew,
| 800.237.2041
Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese
(Portugal), Russian, Spanish, Swedish
Storage: Firmware/Application: 4 GB Class 10 microSD card;
System: 4 GB eMMC
Maximum Project Size: 600 MB
Ethernet: 10/100 Mbps, auto-switching, auto-negotiating, auto-discovery,
full/half duplex, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, CIP, DHCP, SSL, TLS, SSH, SFTP (SSH File
Transfer Protocol), IEEE 802.1X, SNMP, IPv4 or IPv6, IEEE 802.3at compliant
USB: USB 2.0 host for room availability hallway sign [3,4]
Bluetooth: Crestron PinPoint proximity detection beacon [2,5]
Streaming Decoder
Video Formats: H.264 (MPEG-4 part 10 AVC), MJPEG
Audio Formats: AAC stereo
Bitrates: Up to 25 Mbps (20 Mbps maximum recommended)
Streaming Input Resolutions: Up to 1920x1080@30fps
Streaming Protocol: RTSP
Streaming Encoder & Camera [2]
Camera Resolution: 5.0 MP
Field of View: 50º horizontal
Video Format: H.264 (MPEG-4 part 10 AVC)
Streaming Output Resolution: 1280x720
Streaming Protocol: RTSP, ONVIF discovery
Features: Built-in microphone and speakers, Rava SIP Intercom, multilanguage voice recognition [1,2]
Audio Feedback Formats: MP3
LAN PoE: (1) 8-pin RJ45 connector, female, with 2 LED indicators;
10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet port & PoE+ PD port;
Green and yellow LEDs indicate Ethernet port status
USB: (1) USB Type A connector, female;
USB 2.0 host port;
For optional room availability hallway sign [3,4]
Power over Ethernet: IEEE 802.3at Type 2 compliant PoE+ PD (Powered Device);
- Requests 15 Watts from an 802.3at Type 2 PSE with LLDP advanced
power management;
- Requests 30 Watts (PoE+ Class 4) from an 802.3at Type 2 PSE
without LLDP;
TSW-760 7” Touch Screen
- Requests 15.4 Watts (PoE Class 0) from an 802.3af (or 802.3at
Type 1) PSE
Temperature: 32° to 112° F (0° to 45° C)
Humidity: 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Heat Dissipation: 44 BTU/hr
Construction: Plastic, smooth black or white finish, edge-to-edge glass
with black or white surround
Mounting: Surface mount over a 2 or 3-gang US electrical box, 2-gang
European (DIN 49073) electrical box, or 2-gang UK (BS 4662) electrical
box; lectern mount over a 2-1/5” H x 3-3/4” W (56 mm H x 96 mm W)
cutout; 1-3/8” (35 mm) minimum mounting depth; additional wall mount,
surface mount, rack mount, and tabletop options available separately
Height: 4.79 in (122 mm)
Width: 7.61 in (194 mm)
Depth: 1.52 in (39 mm)
Dimensions do not include the mounting bracket
14.1 oz (400 g)
UL Listed for US & Canada, IC, CE, FCC Part 15 Class B digital device
Available Models
TSW-760-B-S: 7” Touch Screen, Black Smooth
TSW-760-W-S: 7” Touch Screen, White Smooth
TSW-760-NC-B-S: 7” Touch Screen without Camera, Microphone, or
PinPoint™ Beacon; Black Smooth
TSW-760-NC-W-S: 7” Touch Screen without Camera, Microphone, or
PinPoint™ Beacon; White Smooth
Available Accessories
TSW-760-TTK: Tabletop Kit for TSW-760
TSW-560/760/1060-SMK: Swivel Mount Kit for TSW-760-TTK
TSW-UMB-60: Universal Mounting Bracket for TSW-x60 Series
TSW-UMB-60-PMK: Pre-Construction Mounting Kit for TSW-UMB-60
TSW-UMB-60-BBI: Wall Mount Back Box for TSW-UMB-60
TSW-760/1060-RMB-1: Retrofit Mounting Bracket – Converts APAD,
CT/LC-1000, or TPS-2000L to TSW-760 or TSW-1060
TSW-760/1060-RMB-2: Retrofit Mounting Bracket – Converts TPS-4L
to TSW-760 or TSW-1060
TSW-760/1060-MSMK: Multi-Surface Mount Kit for TSW-760 & TSW-1060
TSW-560/760-RMK-1: Rack Mount Kit for TSW-560 & TSW-760
| 800.237.2041
PWE-4803RU: PoE Injector
CEN-SW-POE-5: 5-Port PoE Switch
CEN-SWPOE-16: 16-Port Managed PoE Switch
CEN-NVS200: Network Video Streamer
DM-TXRX-100-STR: HD Streaming Transmitter/Receiver
DM-RMC-100-STR: HD Streaming Receiver & Room Controller 100
SSC: Room Availability Hallway Sign, Ceiling Mount
SSW: Room Availability Hallway Sign, Wall Mount
SW-FUSION-C-3: Crestron Fusion® Cloud
SW-FUSION-P-L: Crestron Fusion® On-premises
1. Voice recognition, web browsing, weather information, Sonos app, and certain other functions
require an Internet connection.
2. The camera, microphone, and PinPoint beacon (Bluetooth) are included on models
TSW-760-B-S and TSW-760-W-S only. To ensure privacy, the camera, microphone, and
Bluetooth transceiver can each be defeated programmatically at any time. For applications
demanding an extra measure of privacy, Crestron offers models TSW-760-NC-B-S and
TSW-760-NC-W-S, which have no physical camera, microphone, or Bluetooth
transceiver installed.
3. Item(s) sold separately. Refer to each product’s spec sheet for complete information.
4. Room scheduling functionality and USB support for the SSC or SSW hallway sign can be
enabled using the native room scheduling application or the Room Scheduling SmartObject®.
The SmartObject provides a UI similar to the TSS-752 and requires Crestron Fusion. The
native application features a newer, more customizable UI, and can be used with Crestron
Fusion, or without Crestron Fusion via direct connection to MS Exchange, Office 365, Google
Calendar, or G Suite. Refer to http://www.crestron.com/fusion for a list of other calendaring
applications that are supported through Crestron Fusion. Using the native application, the
TSW-760 must be designated exclusively for room scheduling use, which precludes use of
certain other features and functions described in this spec sheet.
5. PinPoint beacon functionality will be enabled through a future update. When enabled, the
TSW-760 will provide an integrated, equivalent alternative to the standalone PP-100 beacon.
For more details, refer to the PP-100 spec sheet. Bluetooth technology is used solely for
proximity detection and does not transmit or receive any control, multimedia, or personal data.
PinPoint beacons are only visible to Bluetooth enabled devices that are specifically
programmed and configured to work with your system.
6. The TSW-UMB-60, TSW-UMB-60-PMK, and TSW-UMB-60-BBI are all sold separately. The
TSW-UMB-60 is also compatible with older TSW-UMB-PMK preconstruction mounting kits
and TSW-550-BBI back boxes, allowing the TSW-760 touch screen to be installed in place
of a previous generation TSW-5xx series touch screen, or any other device that was originally
installed using the a TSW-UMB-PMK or TSW-550-BBI, without modification to the wall. If
replacing an APAD, CT-1000, LC-1000, TPS-4L, or TPS-2000L device, use the appropriate
TSW-60-RMB retrofit mounting bracket (sold separately).
This product may be purchased from an authorized Crestron dealer. To find a dealer, please
contact the Crestron sales representative for your area. A list of sales representatives is available
online at www.crestron.com/salesreps or by calling 800-237-2041.
The specific patents that cover Crestron products are listed online at: patents.crestron.com.
Certain Crestron products contain open source software. For specific information, please visit
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Wall mounting bracket
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