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Product Safety Guide
Safety Precautions
Indicates a potentially hazardous situation, which, if not
avoided, could result in death or serious injuries.
Follow these guidelines to avoid the risk of fire, burns, injury,
electric shocks, rupture, overheating, abnormal odours, or
• Always use the specified voltage and the suggested AC adapter for the label
maker to prevent any damage or failure.
• Do not touch the label maker during a lightning storm.
• Do not use the label maker/AC adapter in places of high humidity, such as
• Do not overload the power cord.
• Do not place heavy objects on, or damage the power cord or plug. Do not
forcibly bend or pull the power cord. Always hold the AC adapter when
disconnecting from the power outlet.
• Make sure the plug is fully inserted into the power outlet. Do not use an outlet
that is loose.
• Do not allow the label maker/AC adapter/power plug/batteries to get wet, for
example, by handling them with wet hands or spilling beverages on to them.
• Since loss of eyesight may result when leaked fluid from batteries gets into
your eyes, immediately rinse your eyes with a large amount of clean water,
and then seek medical attention.
• Do not disassemble or modify the label maker/AC adapter/batteries.
• Do not allow a metal object to contact both the plus and minus ends of a
• Do not use sharp objects, such as tweezers or a metallic pen, to change the
• Do not throw the batteries into fire or expose to heat.
• Disconnect the AC adapter and remove batteries immediately and stop
using the label maker if you notice abnormal odor, heat, discoloration,
deformation, or anything unusual while using or storing it.
• Do not use a damaged or leaking battery as the fluid may get on your hands.
• Do not use a deformed or leaking battery or one whose label is damaged.
There is a possibility of generating heat.
Indicates a potentially hazardous situation, which, if not
avoided, may result in minor or moderate injuries.
Follow these guidelines to avoid personal injury, liquid
leakage, burns, or heat.
• When you are not using the label maker, store it out of the reach of children.
In addition, do not allow children to put the label maker parts or labels in their
mouths. If any object has been swallowed, seek medical attention.
• Do not touch metal parts around the print head immediately after printing.
• Do not touch the cutter blade.
• If leaked fluid from batteries gets on your skin or clothes, immediately rinse
them with clean water.
• Remove the batteries and disconnect the AC adapter if you do not intend to
use the label maker.
• Do not use a battery other than that specified. Do not use combinations of
old and new batteries or combinations of different types, different charging
levels, different manufacturers or different models. Do not insert a battery
with its plus and minus ends reversed.
• Do not drop or hit the label maker/AC adapter.
• Do not press on the LCD.
• Do not put your fingers inside the label maker when closing the cassette
• Before using Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, carefully read the instructions
for the batteries and battery charger, and be sure to use them correctly.
• When using Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, charge the batteries with a
specialized battery charger before using the batteries.
General Precautions
• Depending on the location, material, and environmental conditions, the label
may unpeel or not be able to be removed, the color of the label may change
or be transferred to other objects. Before applying the label, check the
environmental conditions and the material.
• Do not use the label maker in any way or for any purpose not described in
this guide. Doing so may result in accidents or damage to the label maker.
• Use Genuine Brother P-touch TZe tapes with the label maker. Do not use
tapes that do not have the
• Use only a soft, dry cloth to clean the label maker, never use alcohol or other
organic solvents.
• Use a dry cotton swab to clean the print head. Never directly touch the print
head with your hands.
• Do not put any foreign objects into the tape exit slot, AC adapter connector
or battery compartment.
• Do not place the label maker, batteries, or AC adapter in direct sunlight or
rain, near heaters or other hot appliances, in any location exposed to
extremely high or low temperatures (for example, on the dashboard or in the
back of your car) or high humidity, or in dusty locations.
• Do not apply excessive pressure to the cutter lever.
• Do not try to print if the cassette is empty as it will damage the print head.
• Do not pull the tape while printing or feeding as it will damage the tape and
label maker.
• Any data stored in memory will be lost due to failure to repair the label maker
or if the batteries expire.
• The label maker is not equipped with a charging feature for rechargeable
• The printed text may differ from the text that appears in the LCD.
• The length of the printed label may differ from the displayed label length.
• A protective clear plastic sticker is placed over the display during
manufacturing and shipping. This sticker should be removed prior to use.
• When power is disconnected for more than three minutes, all text, format
settings, and any text files stored in the memory are cleared.
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