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Installation Diagram
595mm x W
Who can resist a good looking Italian?
455mm x H
5mm Gap
130mm x H
500mm x D
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The De’Longhi Built-in PrimaDonna EABI6600, designed and made in Italy, is the new essential
for the sophisticated kitchen. Featuring the innovation and breakthrough technology for which
De’Longhi is world renowned, this elegant, minimalist Italian design blends beautifully with any
designer architecture. The brushed steel fascia reflects tomorrow’s trends. And its 600mm
width fits perfectly into standard appliance dimensions.
However, the real genius of the PrimaDonna lies in its simplicity of use. ‘Just one finger’
operation delivers perfect coffee every time. With De’Longhi’s intelligent technology, you just
program in your personal favourite balance of coffee, milk and water temperature and it will
automatically create your ideal cappuccino, latte or flat white every time. The machine even
features a precision coffee bean grinder which offers virtually silent operation so you enjoy
barista quality coffee whilst maintaining your quiet home ambience. It’s Italian ingenuity at its finest!
Who can resist a good looking Italian?
The De’Longhi PrimaDonna creates new functionality in the kitchen,
transforming it into a virtual Italian café. But that’s exactly what you’d
expect from the leaders in coffee machine technology and performance.
Features include: Full stainless steel bodied automatic espresso machine.
Precision silent-operation integrated conical grinder. A double boiler system
which allows switching from espresso to frothing milk and back without delay.
Removable milk jug for refrigerated storage. Digital electronic display for ‘just
one finger’ coffee programming. 15 bar pump pressure. Electronic thermostat
control for water and steam temperatures. Electronically adjustable coffee
strengths. Adjustable coffee dispenser for varying cup sizes. Programmable
start-up timer and shut-off. Removable brewing unit for easy cleaning.
Automatic rinse, decalcification and cleaning programs. Optional storage
drawer (DRAWBIS).
Unique ‘just one finger’ operation can be
programmed to hold up to 7 individual
preferences for perfect coffee every time.
A pre-brewing function means the machine
will turn itself on at a pre-set time so your
wake-up cup of coffee is only seconds away.
A specifically designed milk jug allows
easy storage in the refrigerator, whilst one
lever controls air infusion for rich, fluffy
cappuccinos, delicate flat whites and
deliciously creamy lattes.
Even the chore of cleaning is incredibly
fast and simple with automatic rinse,
decalcification and cleaning programmes
built-in. Just press the cleaning button and
the internal line of the milk nozzle is clean
and ready for the next use.