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for the Motability Scheme
Welcome to years of worry-free mobility
We want you to find the experience of leasing with us as
simple as possible. This handbook will help you through your
lease agreement with us – inside you’ll find everything you
need to know about:
and many other frequently asked questions about
leasing through the Motability Scheme.
Your Motability Scheme dealer is:
You can lease through the
Motability Scheme if you
receive one of these benefits:
igher Rate Mobility Component
of the Disability Living Allowance
nhanced Rate of the Mobility
Component of Personal
Independence Payment
ar Pensioners’
Mobility Supplement
rmed Forces
Independence Payment.
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Day-to-day care............................................................................. 8
The end of your lease..................................................................22
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Comments and complaints.......................................................28
General contacts..........................................................................30
The Motability
Scheme explained
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Your Worry-Free Package:
An Overview
The Motability Scheme makes leasing a scooter or powered wheelchair easy. In return for receiving
all or part of your mobility allowance for the length of the agreement, we will lease a Motability
Scheme product to you.
Here’s what’s included:
Here’s what’s not included:
ny optional extras not fitted as standard
to your scooter or powered wheelchair.
l Any fines you may incur.
oss and damage excess, if applicable.
Take a look at your lease agreement
and Insurance Policy Schedule for
more information.
l Cover for theft or damage to personal
belongings in or around the scooter or
powered wheelchair - including coats,
mobile phones, walking sticks and money.
l More than three claims for lost or stolen keys.
ny repairs for cosmetic damage which
doesn’t stop you from driving the scooter or
powered wheelchair safely.
se of the scooter or powered wheelchair
during your lease.
l Breakdown recovery from Motability Assist.
l Servicing, maintenance and repairs. Just get in
touch with your dealer to arrange a call out or
home collection.
l Replacement tyres and batteries.
l Insurance from RSA Motability (RSAM).
l Loss and damage protection.
l Dedicated support from a local Motability Scheme
trained dealer.
l Help from our UK-based Customer Services team.
l And a rain cover to help keep your product dry!
Your Motability Scheme lease agreement
We want your experience with us to be enjoyable
and worry-free. Here are a few key points from our
agreement with you to bear in mind:
l W
e remain the legal owners of the scooter or
powered wheelchair throughout the agreement.
ther people can help you to move the scooter or
powered wheelchair (for example lifting it out of a
car), but only you are allowed to drive it.
Always keep the scooter or powered wheelchair
under your control - don’t lend or sell it to
anyone else.
l Always tell us first if you need to fit any adaptations
to your scooter or powered wheelchair.
l When your product is not being used, always keep it
locked and secured to something fixed (like a railing)
and where possible, covered from the elements.
Let us know straight away
if you change your name,
move house or the place
where the scooter or powered
wheelchair is kept. It’s easy just head to
updatedetails or call us on
0300 456 4566.
If you’d like to receive our
monthly enewsletter simply
give us your email address
Like the Motability Scheme on
Facebook to join in the conversation
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Reported misuse
We take the misuse or improper care
of any Motability Scheme product very
seriously. It’s how we protect the Scheme
and keep costs down for everyone who
benefits from it.
We follow up any information we receive,
and if we discover serious misuse or
severe damage, the agreement may
be cancelled and you may not be able
to lease another product from us in the
future. We may also invoice you for any
repairs or estimated loss in sale value.
Day-to-day care
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Your Motability
Scheme dealer
Wherever you are in the UK, our dealers
are here to help you stay mobile, with
servicing, maintenance and repairs.
We always make sure all dealers are
specially trained and are up-to-date with
every aspect of the Motability Scheme.
So what will my dealer
take care of?
nnual service to keep your product in the
best possible working condition, we’ll let
you know when it’s due.
l Any repairs needed due to general wear,
including all adaptations fitted at the start
of your lease.
l You’ll only need to pay for repairs if they’re
not covered either by the above, or as
defined in your Insurance Cover Booklet.
Something wrong?
Don’t put it off – just call your
dealer straight away to put it right.
How to get the most out of your product
Your dealer will explain everything you need to
know about running your new scooter or powered
wheelchair – but there are a few things you can do
to help keep it at its best.
Before you go out, make sure that:
The battery is
fully charged
Lights, indicators, and
any other electrics
are working
Tyres are fully pressurised
if you have air-filled tyres.
General condition
If you think your scooter or powered
wheelchair needs a mechanical repair,
get in touch with your dealer as soon as
possible. They’ll let you know how repairs
are going and will always let you know if
there’s going to be an unavoidable delay.
Of course, we understand that after three years
of getting around there will be some general
wear and tear, light scuffing and scratching to the
products. However we do expect that when the
product is returned at the end of the lease it’s in
a reasonable condition.
Any repairs you need that are due to
everyday use are covered by our worry-free
package (except if there is evidence
of neglect or misuse).
If your product needs more serious repairs you
might need to arrange this before you return it
to us.
If you don’t feel that the repair has been
handled well, just let us know on
0300 456 4566.
Getting a replacement
If you’re not able to drive your
scooter or powered wheelchair due
to an accident, repair or breakdown
then your dealer will aim to provide
you with an alternative way of
getting around.
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Your battery is one of the most important parts
of your scooter or powered wheelchair - so keep
charging it regularly to keep it in good shape.
We’ll replace tyres worn or damaged through
normal use, as well as punctures to air-filled
tyres, as part of your worry-free package.
Got a problem with your battery?
If you’ve got an issue with your battery
performance, just speak to your dealer.
If there’s a fault they’ll replace it as part
of our worry-free package.
Got a puncture while you’re out and about?
Call Motability Assist on 0800 953 5000
and they’ll take you and your scooter or
powered wheelchair home. You can then
call your dealer to arrange a repair.
How to get the most out of your battery:
l Fully charge it after every use
to keep your product working at its best.
l If you don’t use your product for a while,
just charge it every two weeks to keep the
battery in good condition.
l Letting your battery go flat will damage it.
l Only use the charger supplied with
your product.
Away from the UK?
If you get a puncture while you’re abroad
and need to get it repaired locally, keep the
receipt and contact us when you get back
and we may be able to reimburse you.
Never drive on a punctured
tyre – you might cause
further damage!
The Highway Code
All Class 3 scooters and powered
wheelchairs must be taxed.
Here’s a quick overview:
Your scooter or powered wheelchair will allow you to get out
and about – but you must comply with the Highway Code.
Here’s what you need to know:
our dealer will organise this
with the DVLA at the start of
your lease as part of your
worry-free package.
l The DVLA will get in touch each
year to confirm your product is
taxed - this will usually be the
middle of the month before your
tax is due to expire.
l Check the Highway Code - to find
out what roads you can drive on.
On pavements:
On the road:
Give way to pedestrians.
l The speed limit for
pavements is 4mph.
l Be careful when mounting or
dismounting pavements and
kerbs – where possible use
dropped kerbs.
l Don’t overload your scooter
or powered wheelchair –
and don’t hang bags off the
steering controls.
If you want to check
whether your product is
taxed you can call the DVLA
on 0300 790 6802.
For more information
and the full Highway
Code, head to
nly Class 3 scooters
which travel up to 8mph
and have front and rear
lights, indicators and a
horn are allowed on
the road.
l No scooters or powered
wheelchairs are permitted
on motorways or in bus or
cycle lanes.
l Class 3 scooters can
only be used on dual
carriageways if fitted
with a flashing amber
warning light.
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Using your
product abroad
Using your product in Europe
You can take your scooter or powered
wheelchair abroad within the European
Union free of charge for up to 30 days in any
12-month period. However, you should be
aware that neither your breakdown cover nor
our dealer network extends outside of the UK.
Your breakdown
provision is only for the
UK. That means you’ll
need to make your
own arrangements for
onward travel in the
event of a breakdown
outside the UK.
If you’re planning a longer trip (more than
30 days) give us a call on 0300 456 4566.
There are certain restrictions, so make sure
you take a look at your Cover Booklet for
more details.
If you need a repair while abroad, keep any
receipts and contact our Customer Services
team and we may be able to reimburse the
costs once you return home.
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We’ve got
you covered
Motability Operations Ltd and RSA Motability
(RSAM) provide protection for all scooters
and powered wheelchairs leased through the
Scheme. RSAM provide aspects of your cover
and manage the claims process for Motability
Operations Ltd.
Here’s what’s covered:
amage that affects the normal and safe
operation of the product.
l Theft of the product.
l Legal liability up to £2,000,000 per event.
l Uninsured loss recovery and legal expenses
(up to £25,000).
l Cover whilst using your scooter or powered
wheelchair in the European Union for up to 30
days within a 12 month period.
l Cover for permanently fitted adaptations and/or
accessories which are supplied with the scooter
or powered wheelchair at the start of your
lease, by your dealer and are required to enable
you to use the product.
l Replacement key(s) up to a limit of three times
during the term of your lease, when the keys
have been lost or stolen within the British Isles.
What you‘re not covered for:
Your insurance and loss and damage protection
covers most eventualities. Your Cover Booklet will
give you the full picture, but here are the main
conditions and exclusions.
ersonal belongings – you’ll need to get your own
insurance cover for personal items such as coats,
bags, and walking sticks. One option may be to
extend your household insurance cover.
l Cosmetic damage – damage that does not affect
the normal and safe operation of the product.
l Unauthorised and uninsured users – remember
only the person named as the person entitled to
use the product on your Policy Schedule is insured
to use the product. If you allow it to be used by
another person, you may be held responsible for
any loss, damage or legal liabilities and may not
be allowed to lease another product through the
Motability Scheme.
Some key things
you need to know
Your insurance and loss and
damage protection:
nly the person named as being
entitled to use the scooter or powered
wheelchair on your Policy Schedule
is insured.
l Other people are permitted to move (but
not use) the product - as long as they
have your permission.
l If you do not comply with the conditions
set out in the Cover Booklet, RSAM may
decline your claim and you may be
invoiced for the cost of any repair or
write off value, plus any financial losses
RSAM has incurred.
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Something has happened what do I do now?
If you have an accident or you
need to make a claim for the
theft of your product (regardless
of whose fault it is), please
contact RSAM on 0800 294 0790
as soon as you can - if possible
within 24 hours of the accident.
This will help us to get you mobile
again as quickly as possible.
To keep your product secure,
you should lock it to a fixture
such as a fence, railing or in a
locked shed or building whenever
it is not in use. This includes
overnight storage.
Here’s what you need to do if
your product is stolen or taken
without your permission:
1. Let the police know
immediately. Give them as
much detail as possible.
2. Make sure you get a Crime
Reference Number from them.
3. Call RSAM on 0800 294 0790
who will advise you on what
to do next.
through the use of your scooter
or powered wheelchair, RSAM will
cover the legal liabilities – as long
as the person using the vehicle
was the disabled person as listed
on the Policy Schedule.
If your keys are lost or stolen,
don’t panic - just give RSAM a call
to register a claim. Remember
that you’ll need a Crime
Reference Number if you think
they’ve been stolen (you’ll get
one of these when you report it at
your local police station). Claims
are restricted to three sets of keys
during the lease.
Uninsured loss recovery
If you’re involved in an accident
caused by someone else who
has been identified, RSAM will
try to recover your uninsured
losses from them. This is for
anything that isn’t covered by
your insurance - for example,
your personal belongings and
personal injuries. And if you’re
injured, RSAM will also act
on your behalf by appointing
solicitors to act for you.
Legal liabilities
In the event of an incident which
has resulted in the accidental
bodily injury or the death of
others, or damage to property
Additional costs
Remember that your insurance
and loss and damage protection
will be invalidated if you don’t
comply with the policy conditions.
Find us online at
Had an accident?
Some do’s and don’ts:
Don’t admit fault or deny the claim, negotiate, or
promise to pay the claim, without written permission
from RSAM.
l Do exchange details with everyone involved (including
any witnesses) and each provide your name, address,
phone number and name of your insurer.
l Do call RSAM as soon as possible on
0800 294 0790 to report the accident and register a
claim (even if there is no apparent damage or injury).
l Do send all correspondence you receive
concerning the accident to RSAM’s
claims department.
l Do fully cooperate with RSAM during
investigations of the claim. If you
don’t, it could result in your claim
being declined, and your exclusion
from leasing through the
Motability Scheme in the future.
Getting your scooter or powered
wheelchair repaired after an accident
First, contact RSAM as soon as possible on
0800 294 0790. One of our dedicated claims
handlers will assess the extent of the damage
and where necessary make arrangements for
repairs to be carried out.
Your scooter or powered
wheelchair will only be
repaired to its original
specification, and cosmetic
damage that doesn’t affect
normal or safe operation isn’t
included in this cover.
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Here’s how
it works
24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Motability Assist
helpline and recovery staff are available to help.
l If you breakdown when you are out and about,
move your product to a safe place and call
Motability Assist on 0800 953 5000.
l Motability Assist aim to be with you within 40
minutes to take you and your product home.
l Motability Assist will send the most suitable
solution for you – whether that’s a specialist
vehicle to recover you and your product, or an
accessible taxi.
l Once you’re home, contact your dealer if your
product needs any repairs.
l If you’re on holiday in the UK with your product
and need help, Motability Assist will take you and
your product back to wherever you’re staying. If
your product needs repairing we will help you find
a local dealer.
I f you’re at home and your product does not work
please contact your dealer.
l If you’re not able to drive your product due to a
breakdown, your dealer will aim to provide you
with an alternative way of getting around.
A ‘fair usage’ policy
applies to this service we reserve the right to
charge you for the cost
of recovery if usage is
The end of
your lease
What happens
As your existing lease comes to
an end, it’s time to start thinking
about which Motability Scheme
product might suit your needs for
the next few years.
We’ve got a choice of more than
300 products, so start by talking
to different dealers and getting
lots of advice - use the Find a
Dealer tool on
to find an expert near you.
Here’s how it works:
e’ll get in touch around
three months before your
agreement is due to end.
l At around the same time we’ll
also give you a £100 End of
Contract Bonus.
l Don’t worry about returning
your old product - your dealer
will take care of this for you.
l Once you’ve decided on
your next product, place
your order with the dealer
you’ve chosen.
e can’t guarantee delivery
dates – this is in the hands
of the manufacturer and
dealer, and they’ll keep you
updated. However if there’s a
long delay, your dealer may
be able to extend the lease
on your current product until
your new one is ready.
If a scooter or powered
wheelchair is no longer suitable,
remember we also lease cars and
Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
Need to leave
the Scheme?
We’ll be sad to see you go. But, when the
time comes to give back your old scooter
or powered wheelchair at the end of your
lease you can:
emove any adaptations you’ve paid for
outside of your lease. Just make sure the
product itself is left in good condition
after this. Any adaptations included as
part of your lease will need to stay.
l Return all documentation including the
manual, keys (including any spare keys),
and the charging unit with the scooter or
powered wheelchair.
Find us online at
Ending your
agreement early
You have agreed to lease your scooter or
powered wheelchair for the full length of
the lease agreement with Motability
Operations Ltd.
However, if your allowance stops, contact us on
0300 456 4566 as soon as possible, and we
will discuss options with you. Please see page
27 for more information.
If your circumstances change and you feel
you may need to end your lease early, call us
to discuss this further.
In the unfortunate event that a customer
passes away during their lease, a family
member should contact us.
Your allowance
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Your allowance
If your allowance stops
If the DWP or Veterans UK decide you are no
longer eligible for a qualifying allowance, you
are responsible for keeping us informed and we
will need to make arrangements for returning
the product. You will only pay the cost of the
lease until the product is returned. If you paid
an Advance Payment, this may be refunded to
you on a pro-rata basis.
If your allowance is due to expire
If your mobility allowance is due to expire
during your lease, please ensure it is renewed
on time with the DWP or Veterans UK.
If you haven’t already heard from them, you
should contact DWP or Veterans UK three
months before your allowance is due to expire.
If you have less than 12 months’ allowance
when your current lease is due to end, you’ll
be offered the opportunity to extend your
current lease until you have confirmation
of your new award.
You must have at least 12
months’ allowance remaining
before you make a new
application on the Scheme.
Don’t forget!
If your circumstances change you need to let
us know. Here’s how:
l Update your contact details at
l If your medical condition changes, let the
DVLA know immediately.
l If your mobility allowance changes,
call our Customer Services team
on 0300 456 4566.
Never miss the latest news –
give us your email address and we’ll
send you our monthly enewsletter
and complaints
Find us online at
We always aim to provide the highest quality service. If, however, you feel the
service has fallen below the standard you expect, we’d like to hear from you so
we can put things right.
What to do if you have a comment or complaint
Most concerns are best dealt with by the people
most closely involved. So in the first instance,
please contact the relevant service provider
directly. If you’re unsure who you need to speak
to, please call us on 0300 456 4566.
l Share the details of your complaint with us,
so we can understand your concerns and if
necessary get in contact with you or the
service provider.
l We aim to fully resolve any complaint
within eight weeks.
When making a complaint please provide
our name and/or Customer Reference Number.
l Details of your scooter or powered wheelchair.
l Your address and daytime contact number.
Details of what’s gone wrong and how
and when it happened.
l What you would like us to do to put things right.
What to do if you are still not satisfied
If you are still not satisfied with how your
complaint has been handled or concluded, or
eight weeks have passed and you feel we have
not responded appropriately, you may refer your
complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service,
free of charge:
Financial Ombudsman Service,
Exchange Tower, London E14 9SR.
0800 023 45 67
General contacts
Find us online at
For any issues with your product
please contact your dealer
directly. For general enquiries
about the Motability Scheme or
your agreement, please contact:
Motability Operations Ltd
City Gate House
22 Southwark
Bridge Road
Telephone: 0300 456 4566
If you have specialist Minicom
equipment, please call our
textphone number on
0300 037 0100
(Lines are open 8.00am to
7.00pm Monday to Friday
and 9.00am to 1.00pm on
Phone calls may be recorded and monitored
for the purpose of improving customer
For enquiries about the
Disability Living Allowance
or Personal Independence
Payment, contact:
Department for Work
and Pensions
Telephone: 03457 123 456
Department for Social
Development (NI)
Telephone: 028 9090 6182
For enquiries about the
War Pensioners’ Mobility
Supplement or Armed Forces
Independence Payment,
Veterans UK
Telephone: 0808 191 4218
For Motability Assist contact:
Autohome Assist
Telephone: 0800 953 5000
For Insurance enquiries,
RSA Motability
Customer Services
Telephone: 0800 294 0790
Outside UK:
+44 (0)151 240 2894
If you have specialist Minicom
equipment, please call:
0800 980 5693
(Lines open 9.00am – 5.00pm
Monday to Friday)
For enquiries about the Vehicle
Excise Duty (VED) exemption,
DVLA Customer Enquiries
(Vehicles) Swansea SA99 1BL
Telephone: 0300 790 6802
Like the Motability Scheme on
Facebook to join in the conversation
you need
to know
Telephone: 0300 456 4566
Lines are open 8.00am to 7.00pm
Monday to Friday and 9.00am to
1.00pm on Saturdays.
Published by Motability Operations Limited. Registered Office: City
Gate House, 22 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 9HB. Registered
in England and Wales Company No. 1373876. Motability Operations
Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
PWS HB 01/18
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