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Mobile Patrol - Community
Quick Start Guide v13.4
Administrator Guide for Mobile Patrol Module
1. Creating Users (Patrol Officers)
2. Creating Checkpoints / GeoTags
3. Creating Tours
4. Creating Incident Forms
5. Reviewing Completed Patrols
6. Connecting Phones to Your Account
1. Creating Users
Create Users that will logon to phones onsite and perform tours (Patrol Officers)
1. Go to the Administration tab > Community Staff link > Add Staff button
2. Fill out Patrol Officer Information. Email will be the user’s login (Note: This does NOT have to be an actual email address.
You can create a false email address. This is only used for logging onto phone application)
3. Create Password. Confirm New Password (Note: Passwords for phone logins ARE CaSe SenSiTive)
4. Select “Patrol Officer” as Type button
5. Click “SAVE”
2. Creating Checkpoints / GeoTags
Checkpoints are the individual stops at each Location. You will create instructions and / or requirements for each Checkpoint
It is suggested that you map out the Checkpoints at your community prior to completing this step. To create Checkpoints:
1. Click Clients & Locations tab > Locations page > Edit link next to the Location to be managed
2. Click Add Checkpoint to create a new Checkpoint or Edit link to modify existing Checkpoint
3. Give the Checkpoint a Name e.g.: “Main Entrance”
4. Create Instructions for the Checkpoint if desired e.g.:
Make sure front door is locked. 2. Turn all lights off. 3. Take a picture of the thermostat.
5. GeoTags: Please see the separate GeoTag Installation Instruction Guide
6. Checkpoint “Required” Activities.
Choose the required activities for each Checkpoint by clicking on the Yes or No buttons.
Click SAVE. If you need to delete a Checkpoint, click Edit next to the Checkpoint and then click the Delete button.
3. Creating Tours
Tours are “Groups” of Checkpoints you create for your patrol. Some examples of Tour names include: Day Shift, Swing Shift,
Graveyard Shift, etc. To create a Tour:
1. Click Patrol tab > Checkpoints page
2. Click Add Tour in the Tours section
3. Give the Tour a name and select alert notifications if desired. If you want to receive a notification if a tour has NOT completed
by a specific time/date, select that checkbox day of the week and choose a notification time.
4. Click Save, then OK to confirm.
5. On the next page, scroll down and “Assign” the Checkpoints you want performed on this Tour. Click Save then OK once
completed. You can remove Checkpoints from the Tour at any time by clicking remove next to the Checkpoint. You can also
organize the Checkpoints in specific order of appearance on the tour by clicking the Up and Down links. To delete a Tour
completely, click Edit next to the Tour and then click the Delete button.
Once deleted, this action cannot be undone.
4. Incidents / Forms
Forms are created and completely customized by you for your Patrol users.
1. Go to Patrol Tab > Incident Forms page
2. Give the Form a Name and then create each individual field (question) for the form. Create as many fields as you require for
your form and click SAVE at the bottom of the screen.
If you don’t click save, you may lose any unsaved form data.
Add Field Section, use the Field Type dropdown and select the type of field to create. These types include:
Audio Recordings – Officer can create an audio recording from the phone. This is available to hear on the Patrol Report
Checkboxes – Create a question with checkboxes as the answering method. Officer can choose multiple answers
Date Picker – Add the date of the event, incident, or form
Dropdown List - Create a question with a dropdown list answering method. Officer can only choose 1 answer from list
Image Display – Upload an image that is displayed on the phone as a reference to something you want the officer to see.
Acceptable file formats include JPG, GIF, and PNG
Message – You can create a written message for the officer to see while they are creating the form
Photo Capture – Officer can add a photo to the report. You can add Photo Capture as many times as you desire on a form
Radio Buttons - Create a question with radio buttons as the answering method. Officer can only choose 1 answer from list
Text Area Large – Creates a Large free form area for the Officer to type in answers or information
Text Area Small – Creates a Small free form area for the Officer to type in answers or information
Prompt = Question
Is Required = Check box if you require this prompt to be answered by the Officer
Option = Answers. Create each answer for your prompt, and then click Add
Once the Field, Prompt and Options have been completed, click the Add Field button. The completed field will show up on the
right side column in the Fields area.
Repeat for each Field you create and CLICK
SAVE at the bottom of the page!
3. You may Edit forms at any time. You can move the fields up / down to reorganize. Helpful when adding a forgotten field
4. Use the Copy button to duplicate a complete form. You can then rename and modify for a different location if desired.
This helps you to create a similar form without having to build a completely new form for a different Client Location
5. Reviewing Completed Patrols
Patrols are defaulted to list in a real-time summary for the last 48 hours. You can adjust filters as required
1. Go to Patrols tab > Patrols link > Today’s most recent patrols are listed
2. Click View on a report to see detail
3. Adjust filters as necessary to search, summarize, print or export desired patrol information
6. Connecting Phones to Your Account
Each phone needs to be connected to your account. Activation Keys need to be created and are available on your account. Once
phones are activated, your Patrol Officer Users can log into the phone App and begin performing tours.
1. For Activation Keys go to Patrol tab > Phones link > Add Activation Keys button. You need to add a key for each phone
you are activating. There is no limit to the amount of keys you may activate for your community
2. Download Mobile Patrol Phone App Instructions: (You may also refer to the Mobile Patrol Officer Guide)
a. iPhone -Go to the App Store, search “Guard Tour” and download the free app. You will not enter an activation code for
the iPhone App, as the phone automatically “grabs” a key from the account once connected.
(Please note: The app is not supported for iPad)
1. Enter your username and password and then select “Confirm User Account” (Passwords ARE CaSe SenSiTive)
2. When Prompted, enter your username and password AGAIN (2nd time) and select “Login”
3. Make sure the iPhone is NOT set to display in military time. This will affect the display date of the patrols.
b. Android - Go to the Play Store or Market, search “Guard Tour” select “INSTALL” and download the free app. Then: 1. Open the Application on your phone and enter a Phone Activation Key (from the “Unused Activation Keys” section)
Then select “Activate”
2. Click on the Sync Users button to synchronize the device and users to the server.
3. Enter username and password. (Passwords ARE CaSe SenSiTive)
4. Select “login”
Community Mobile Patrol GeoTag Instructions
Sample GeoTags (Print this page, cut out and temporarily tape to locations for testing purposes) Order the GeoTags from the Order Center.
GeoTag Setup:
Patrol Tab > Checkpoints link > Add or Edit Checkpoint:
Adding or Editing a Checkpoint: Add the GeoTag number in the field provided (You must enter all 10 digits)
Attach the GeoTag to the Checkpoints physical location onsite
When performing a tour, use Scan button to scan the GeoTag to validate presence at the location. Once device scans GeoTag, the Checkpoint will be
displayed on screen and officer can perform tasks for that location
Tour + Scan
Scan Screen
Checkpoint Displayed