2016-17 Kanata Blazers – Minor Midget B

2016-17 Kanata Blazers – Minor Midget B
Hello Players and families,
Welcome back to hockey season! As try-outs quickly approach, I wanted to take the opportunity to
briefly introduce myself and our plans for the upcoming season. My name is Jason Gadde and I have
the privilege of coaching the Kanata Blazers Minor Midget B Hockey Club this season as a non-parent. I
have been involved with KMHA in coaching for the past 10 years and hockey for over 35 years. As a
coach, I put strong emphasis on skill development while developing an understanding of the game. I
place a high-priority on a “team first” positive attitude and strive to keep the game fun and enjoyable
for the players.
There is no room on this team for negativity nor will it be tolerated. We're all here to improve, learn
and to compete to the best of our abilities and have a good time doing so.
Here are some of the qualities that will be sought for the players of the Club:
possesses advanced individual technical skills (players - skating, shooting, passing / goaltenders
– balance, skating, save execution, puck awareness)
ability to properly read and react to situational game play
assertive on the ice and aggressive on the puck
possess a strong work ethic and effort levels
brings a positive “team first” attitude
demonstrates a disciplined approach to the game
provides a strong commitment to the Club and self-improvement
demonstrates high level of respect to everyone involved in the game
the player must be coachable
Expectation – It is understood that other interests or activities do not conflict with our team activities.
Our Club’s activities take priority over the others. All team events are mandatory. Occasional family
reasons and education events may take a priority above hockey with Coach’s advanced approval
however part-time jobs, completing school homework, finishing a project or studying for a test are not
valid excuses for missing a team activity. Players will continue to learn time management and
responsibility. Players will always strive to maintain high educational standards.
Cost - Team fees are expected to be under $1500 per player above KMHA registration fees and may be
offset though team sponsorships and fundraising. Team fees will be collected though a monthly
payment structure over the first 4 months weighted with higher payment amounts in the first couple
months. This is to offset the majority of the expenses due towards the beginning of the season. This
does not include associated tournaments costs or uniform costs. See Equipment and Dress and Travel
below for additional costs.
2016-17 Kanata Blazers – Minor Midget B
Time - You can expect an average of 3-4 times a week dedicated for on and off ice activities. Players
are to arrive in the dressing room 1 hour prior to games and 45 minutes prior to practices. Occasional
arrival times may be earlier as notified.
Travel - Travel is another major aspect in competitive hockey. League games can range from Carleton
Place to Rockland to Vankleek Hill. Please see tournaments below. You should expect a limited number
of out-of-town extended player development sessions consisting of 2-3 hours on ice and additional off
ice sessions. In the past a bus was rented for such transportation costing around $30 per player outside
of team budget.
Equipment and Dress – Players must wear properly fitted and approved equipment throughout the
year. My preference for the players on game days are:
Collared shirts with ties, dress pants and shoes along (possible team jackets).
Players are to change into warm-up clothing at the rink.
2 pairs of game socks will also be required (home & away).
These items are outside of team budget.
Tentative Tournaments and Events
October 7-9
October 21-23
November 4-5
Dec 2-4
January 6-8
Peterborough, ON
Clearview Resort
Cumberland, ON
Clarkson University tour – Potsdam, NY Hampton Inn Potsdam
Kingston, ON
Residence Inn by Marriott
Kanata, ON
*** Tournaments could start on Thursday evenings or Friday mornings and/or require travel time.
Players may miss some school.
I put together a team of non-parent and non-KMHA evaluators with strong hockey backgrounds
that will assist in player selection and formation of the team
Ice times will be posted and updated frequently on the KMHA website. Check back often.
Dressing rooms and access to them are for players only; Parents, family and friends must avoid
these areas.
Arrive early for your sessions. Be ready to take to the ice 15 minutes ahead of schedule.
Tryouts begin as you arrive to the rink. Act accordingly on and off the ice.
Players are to wear full equipment and bring their own water bottles to all tryout sessions.
Tryouts may also include off-ice components such as fitness evaluations and/or player
Expect releases after each session.
2016-17 Kanata Blazers – Minor Midget B
I reserve the discretion to place players at any position throughout tryouts as well as the season.
I will assume that all those in attendance for try-outs are competing for a spot on the team. I
ask that you inform me if you have other intentions ahead of tryouts to avoid difficult situations.
I'm expecting a very competitive and high paced tryout and look forward to seeing everyone very soon.
I know that we are going to have a great season of hockey, a lot of fun and great times. I can’t wait to
begin. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through the KMHA website (
http://kmha.ca/contact-kmha-rep-coach/ ).
Enjoy the rest of your summer. I look forward to getting started shortly.
Good luck.
Jason Gadde
Coach – 2016-17 Kanata Blazers Minor Midget B