Setting up your smartphone including setting up your Google Play

Setting up your smartphone including setting up your Google Play Store Account
Your new Trust smartphone will have been posted to you along with your SIM card.
To set up your handset:
1. Switch on the handset using the Power key, you will see this screen:
2. Click on the yellow circle and
3. You will be asked to insert your SIM card
4. To insert your SIM card
you need to remove the
back of the handset.
5. Remove your SIM card
from the credit card sized
holder, and input it into
the phone as per the
6. Once your SIM card is inserted, your phone set up will continue:
You will be asked to input your name:
7. Tap the line and a keyboard will
appear at the bottom of the screen.
Once you have typed your first and
last name, touch Next.
8. You will be asked to select a Home screen:
We recommend you select the
Standard Home Screen.
9. The Help tips screen will appear:
The standard setting is for Help tips
to be on. Click Next.
10. You will be asked to set the date and time:
To edit the date and time, touch the
grey text.
11. You will be shown information about Google Services.
Touch MORE
Touch NEXT
12. Your handset set up is complete:
Click Finish.
Setting up your Play Store account:
In order to access your corporate email account on your smartphone you need to install Good
Work. Good Work is an app which is available via the Play Store. In order to download the app
from the Play Store you need a Google Account. Please read the guidance on how to create a
Google Account here.
1. On your Home screen touch Play Store:
Play Store.
Please note, if the Play Store icon is
not on your home screen, touch the
menu button to look through your
menu to locate it.
You will be asked to add your Google Account:
2. Type in your Southern Health
email address. Touch the grey
text and a keyboard will appear.
3. Type in the password you
created for your Google Account.
4. You will be asked to set up payment info. Please select remind me later. Good Work and
Good Access are both free apps and so do not require financial information to be added to allow
them to be downloaded.
5. Touch NEXT.
6. You are required to accept the Google Play Store Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You
can access these policies directly through this screen, touch to ACCEPT.
Once you have completed the steps above you will be able to access the Google Play Store to
download Good Work.
For guidance on how to do this please read the Installing GW information sheet.