let your prepress take flight
Let Your Prepress Take Flight
leading production workflow system. The
Automation begins at the
customer’s order
trusted production hub for commercial,
Prinergy Workflow extends automation
packaging and publishing printers, its open
upstream to the moment the customer’s
infrastructure integrates conventional and
order arrives, whether the print job arrives
digital print production, automates and
from your Kodak InSite Prepress Portal,
optimizes file processing and production
MIS, online storefront, or manual entry
management, drives proofers, computer-
from a sales rep. Options such as the job
to-plate devices and presses, and
info sheet, XML or JDF can automatically
connects Kodak and third-party systems.
define the job’s components—for
Since its introduction in 1999, Prinergy
example, its sheet sizes, print stocks,
Kodak Prinergy Workflow is the world’s
Workflow has continued to grow in power
and flexibility, with ever-increasing levels
of automation that drive costs out of every
color characteristics and more. This
information can then be used to drive
the planning, processing and production
core function.
of the job, right through to finishing.
Prinergy Workflow 7 raises the
The Prinergy Workflow system integrates
bar yet again, with Preflight+ now
embedded and integrated. Preflight+
is the industry’s most robust preflight
technology, compliant with all significant
industry standards. Now your files can
be preflight-checked and corrected
automatically, before entering the
production workflow. And Layered PDF
Versioning is significantly improved,
making versioned printing more flexible,
reliable and repeatable than ever.
Prinergy Workflow 7 means fewer manual
checks, more time-saving efficiency, and
more reasons to trust Prinergy Workflow
as your production hub.
every key workflow function, such as the
new Preflight+, Kodak Preps Imposition
Software and Kodak ColorFlow Software,
seamlessly, allowing an unprecedented
level of operator control.
Quality assurance starts
with Preflight+
Prinergy Workflow 7 introduces
Preflight+, incorporating the powerful
preflight capabilities of callas pdfToolbox
into your Prinergy Workflow. Preflight+
can analyze input files or refined PDF
files, and fix problems in a single refine
task, while generating creating reports
in PDF, XML or text format. It makes
preflight profiles available within the
Prinergy Workflow, so you can check for
specific issues, or create profiles, which
validate and create PDF files that conform
to current PDF/X & GWG standards.
Preflight+ increases quality control and
reduces manual touch points, to drive
costs down while improving consistency.
of files. Layers in input files can be
mapped to layers in the mapping profile,
allowing highly complex publication
and packaging jobs to be automated.
The prepress hub for digital and
hybrid digital-offset production
Prinergy Workflow Systems are modular
Prinergy Workflow 7 enhances the
centralized control over digital and
conventional presses and equipment,
for efficient, automated production of
all job sizes and lengths, to a fleet of
Kodak and third-party digital presses
and CTP devices.
of configurations for any print production
Modular and extensible:
customize your workflow to
meet your growing needs
and extensible, and available in a range
environment, from short runs to the
largest jobs, for digital, conventional and
packaging printing. They can be custom
tailored with the features and capabilities
to meet the most unique and demanding
production requirements. Kodak offers a
comprehensive suite of licensable options
to increase the power, improve the
flexibility, and grow the revenue potential
of your Prinergy Workflow. You can
build the workflow you need today, with
the confidence that you can expand its
capabilities as your business grows into
the future.
These digital printing enhancements
advance the level of automation and
management of production presses.
With these new capabilities, Prinergy
Workflow can completely control every
job-ticketing parameter for multiple
devices—manually or through Rules
Based Automation (RBA). Prinergy
Workflow also monitors and reports
the status of each device: digital,
presses, CTP devices and proofers.
Powerful PDF Versioning
in Version 7: Layered PDF
Versioning (LPV)
Versioned printing—for multiplelanguage or regionally-priced
publications or packages—is more
flexible, reliable and repeatable than
ever. Layered PDF Versioning (LPV)
allows control over multiple layers
Prinergy Workflow 7 protects your profit margins with new features that reduce
human error, improve time to press, and enable faster, more informed business decisions.
Automation and Reporting
Rules-Based Automation Software (RBA)
• I ntelligent, cause-and-effect automation designed to eliminate human decisions and
touch points, and drive down costs.
•Can be customized to create simple, powerful rules: if event X occurs, perform action Y,
that run in the background, waiting for the specified event.
•Used to create automatic rules that replace nearly any manual event, business process,
or step in a print-production workflow. Move files to and from the server, run scripts,
send emails, schedule tasks, make decisions based on the Job Ticket—and much more.
Packaging Layout Automation (PLA)
•Automates the creation of complex press sheet layouts. PLA validates the job intent with
your shop’s equipment and capabilities so that production layouts can be automatically
generated upon receipt of XML data from MIS and ERP systems.
•Reduces operating costs through the re-use of existing templates or previously used
production layouts. Maximizes media usage and drives accuracy and timesaving to new
levels, eliminating redundant data entry.
•For advanced editing requirements, PLA creates layouts that are fully compatible with
Kodak Pandora Step-and-Repeat Software
Business Link
•Enables two-way communication between a Prinergy Workflow and qualified
management information systems (MIS) using JDF.
•Allows automated job creation and set-up, via the exchange of product- and processrelated JDF data between the MIS and Prinergy Workflow.
•Imposition information from an MIS can be automatically imported or used to create
impositions for Prinergy Software. The material and status type information that is
automatically gathered by Business Link during the production process can be sent to
an MIS, allowing automated tracking of materials and distribution of status information
from Prinergy Workflow and Kodak InSite Solutions in the MIS.
•Includes production reports that allow users to run several pre-configured reports from
a web-based interface, independent of an MIS
Color Management
ColorFlow Software accesses your facility’s Resource Equipment and Materials database to automatically validate your color
capabilities. Operators simply choose the print condition and run the job. ColorFlow Software now supports tonal curves for spot
colors and has enhanced support for flexo, digital and inkjet presses. It features packaging-oriented enhancements such as easyto-use bump curves for flexo printing and improved gray balance.
Kodak ColorFlow Software Pro
• Upgrade for ColorFlow Software Workflow Edition.
•Create and edit ICC device profiles and ICC DeviceLink profiles. Stores color tonal curves,
DeviceLink profiles, and ICC profiles and aligns them for consistent color production.
Kodak Ink Optimizing Solution
• Upgrade for ColorFlow Software Pro.
•Saves ink, shortens make-readies and improves press stability by applying sophisticated
color-conversion intelligence to measure color blends, then converts them to ink-reduced
blends that create the same visual result on press.
Kodak Spotless Software
- 4-color
- n-color
• For replacing spot colors with process color recipes in digital, flexographic, and
lithographic printing. Transforms a library of spot colors into easy-to-manage, digital
libraries of process color recipes that are based on a print condition—typically an ink
set, press, and substrate.
• Supports color blends of 4, 5, 6, or 7 process colors.
Preps Imposition Software
• C
ompletely integrated in the Prinergy Workflow interface, Preps Imposition Software
allows “on-the-fly” impositions and marks, offering a new level of template building and
control, with new signature views and independent page handling.
Digital Printing
Digital Press Management
• Centrally
manage jobs to a variety of digital presses from Kodak, and other vendors
including Konica Minolta, Canon, Ricoh, Xerox and HP. Includes:
» Digital Submit: drag-and-drop job interface that can be used with RBA to automate
job creation, file processing, imposition and output to a digital press.
Digital Direct: digital press and job management interface that simplifies the
management of digital print work. Jobs can be filtered, sorted and queued to
multiple presses. Job progress and press status can be viewed from one window.
One Managed Press Connection: Connectivity to one digital front end (DFE)
or controller device.
One Additional Digital Press Connection
• Upgrade for Digital Press Management.
• Adds an additional digital press connection
Acrobat Plug-ins
PDF Production Tools
• Five production tools are included:
» PDF PlateBuilder: Tools for selecting and isolating common elements of a job to
quickly create varnish plates, white plates and bump plates.
PDF File Editor: Tools that facilitate check-out, conversion and editing of files using
Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop Software. Once editing is complete, the
revised file is checked back into Prinergy Workflow for processing.
PDF Trap Editor: Interactive, vector-based trapping tools. Trap entire pages or
selected objects; edit and add traps; set trap geometry; create keepaway traps;
and view trapping. Unique packaging trapping tools for the flexo and offset markets.
» PDF Compare: Quickly determines the differences between revisions of PDF files.
Using Adobe Acrobat layers, the common elements are separated from the changed
elements for easy inspection.
PDF Merge: Merges new or changed elements in a design file into the productionready PDF file, preserving existing traps, DotShop settings, and overprint changes
made previously to the production-ready file.
DotShop Composer
•Access to Prinergy Workflow screening options within Adobe Acrobat Software:
operators can apply per object and per separation in ColorFlow Software setup, curve,
custom dot shape, line ruling, dot size, angle set, and angle orientation.
Kodak Screening Solutions
Advanced Screening
• A system-wide license that includes four unique Kodak Screening Solutions:
» K
odak Maxtone Screening Technology: A hybrid of AM and FM screening
technology. Useful for flexo packaging and other applications, to overcome highlight
and shadow reproduction limitations. Comes in three variations for different printing
conditions: Maxtone CX, Maxtone SX, and Maxtone FX.
Kodak HyperFlex Screening Technology: Produces smaller, more stable dots on
flexographic plates, allowing highlights to be reproduced more faithfully, with a less
discernible transition in blends or vignettes.
Kodak DigiCap Screening: Applies a user definable texture pattern to the surface of a
flexo printing plate to improve ink transfer and the appearance of solid areas.
Raster Scaling: Randomizes pixel removal and prevents visible artifacts when
CopyDot images are contained in electronic artwork.
Kodak Staccato NX Screening
•Advanced, second-order FM screening technology that produces high-fidelity,
continuous tone images with fine detail and an extended color gamut.
• A system-wide license for all Staccato Screening sizes and training kits.
Web-to-Print Integration
OPS/DSF Integration
•License and services required for integrating the EFI OPS or EFI DSF Web-to-Print Solutions
with Prinergy Workflow. Via RBA, production files and order information are received
(in cXML format) and processed in Prinergy Workflow when a new order is created.
Preflight & Refining
NEW Preflight+
Prinergy Workflow Version 7 now includes the preflight power of callas pdfToolbox. With Preflight+, files can be analyzed and/
or repaired within a fully automated prepress, or problems can be reported for advanced repair. Preflight+ supports all common
file types, including PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4 and-4p, PDF/VT-1 and VT-2. It can validate PDF/X-5 files, and create layered
PDF/X-4 OCCDs for multilingual/multi-version publication and packaging files. It supports major profile standards including
GWG 2012, and supports ICC and DeviceLink profiles and color-conversion blends.
•Profile-based preflighting helps identify and correct problems in input files. Includes a
profile editor, so users can create their own profiles. Generates a preflight report that
itemizes the results, with links to the objects in the PDF digital master.
PDF Batch Trapping
• A
dditional PDF Batch Trapping engine to a Prinergy System.
•Automatically traps PDF pages during the refining process. Includes advanced features like
enhanced trap corner geometry settings and keep away traps for packaging work.
• More trap engines can be added based on your production needs.
• Additional Refine engine (or Job Ticket Processor, JTP) for a Prinergy System.
•Provides standard preflight, normalizing, color management, and optimizing of input
PostScript, PDF, and other file formats into a PDF or PDF/X digital master.
• Expandable to meet customers’ production needs.
Collaboration Tools
Kodak InSite Prepress Portal
•Provides secure Web access to the Prinergy Workflow. Customers, prepress operators,
and service representatives can upload files and create new jobs for automatic
processing in Prinergy Workflow. They can also remotely track a job’s progress from any
Web-connected computer. Smart Review (a component of the InSite Portal) allows onscreen proofing with high-resolution zooming, panning and accurate measurements, and
page-by-page approval, annotations, and change requests.
•iPad app support—the iPad app for InSite Portal provides mobile on-screen proofing,
with high-resolution zooming, panning and accurate measurements, and page-by-page
approval, annotations, and change requests.
Kodak InSite Creative Workflow
•A powerful, yet intuitive web-based system for centrally organizing design files.
Collaborate with partners and clients with flexible file sharing, task base review/approval
workflow and an audit trail that tracks every action. The Asset Library, an InSite Creative
Workflow component, stores all assets—images, fonts, project specification, etc. With
the addition of metadata, all stakeholders can easily organize, access, use and reuse
content across projects and libraries with consistency and accuracy.
System Options
• Consolidated web-based display of job status for an unlimited number of users.
•Job archiving, retrieval and purging capabilities. Stores jobs and associated files,
history and settings can be stored on nearline disk volumes for future retrieval and
Hot Standby Software
•Minimizes downtime: the database server is replicated on a secondary, so the system
can continue to run with no data loss if primary fails. Also known as Emergency
Platemaking or EPM+.
Job Replication
•Protects job data by providing real-time backup of the RAID data storage to a second
server with RAID. If the main RAID fails, production can be quickly reconfigured to use
the replicated job data on the second server.
Output Options
Layered PDF Versioning (LPV)
•Versioned printing—for multiple languages or regional pricing—is more flexible, reliable and
repeatable than ever. Multiple layers in input files can be mapped to multiple layers in the
mapping profile, allowing highly complex publication and packaging jobs to be automated.
PrintLink Ink Key Setting
•Generates JDF-compliant Print Production Format (PPF) files that define ink key settings
for the plate.
Web Growth Compensation
•Provides linear and non-linear distortion of individual plate separations to compensate
for paper stretch in web press operations.
Digital Blueline Proofing
(Signature Booklet)
•Cuts and collates pages from an imposed flat and sends the pages to a printer in 1-up
or 2-up reader order.
Output Renderer
•Adds one additional high-resolution output engine (or Job Ticket Processor, JTP).
Renders PDF files and populated imposition job tickets in JDF and PJTF formats.
• Expandable to meet customers’ production needs.
Prinergy Workflow Training
• A
variety of classroom, onsite and online training options are available for managers
and prepress operators. Attendees learn to configure their system and gain insight into
workflow optimization.
Kodak Service and Support
Kodak Unified Workflow Solutions are backed by Kodak Service and Support. Reduce downtime and optimize system
performance, with product updates, scheduled system audits and expert maintenance. With coverage in 120 countries,
Kodak’s highly trained Technical Response Center personnel and Workflow Application Specialists can help diagnose and
resolve issues quickly. Rely on Kodak Service and Support to help keep your system operating at peak performance.
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