Silver On-site Service Need help now? It´s just around the

Silver On-site Service
Need help now?
It´s just around the corner.
Quality management of a large fleet of mobile devices is a key to
operational excellence. Less downtime results in higher productivity of
your mobile workforce. That‘s why it is important to manage the risks of
mobility proactively.
With Silver On-Site Service you will receive a Toshiba original service
part on the next business day giving you as a specialist the possibility to keep your workforce running smoothly to deal with inevitable
disruptions without delay. Whenever an issue occurs, you get dedicated
phone support, including remote diagnostics. If the service issue cannot
be resolved, a Toshiba certified professional will be dispatched to repair
the device on-site within one business day.
Furthermore, the Silver On-Site Service comes with a Warranty Extension
and allows you to add additional services which cover the replacement
of your battery or docking device once their warranty has ended, and
the retention of your defective hard drive in case it needs to be replaced.
Service Specifications
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This service is a hardware repair service and includes a telephone diagnosis to determine the failure on your Toshiba hardware. Should a
repair be necessary, Toshiba will either send a service part (CRU part which can easily be replaced by the customer themselves) or dispatched
a Toshiba Certified Engineer to customer’s location by the end of the next business day*1.
3 years Silver On-site Service including Warranty Extension - Europe (SONS103EU-V)
4 years Silver On-site Service including Warranty Extension - Europe (SONS104EU-V)
Can be purchased within 90 days of procurement of your Toshiba product.
Compatible with Toshiba Satellite Pro, Tecra and Portégé.
Available in Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece,
Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal,
Oman, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and the
United Kingdom.
Depending on the country, the service will be provided within a 50 or 100 km radius of a major city. Should the product be located outside
this radius, the service will be provided on a best effort basis.
Needs to be activated within 30 days following procurement. To activate your service, it must be registered online at
Visit and find the most recent contacts of the Toshiba Support Centre or your local Authorised Service Provider.
The Toshiba Support Center is open from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. local time, excluding public holidays.
Please get in touch with your Toshiba representative.
Additional Services which can be added on top of the Silver On-site Service
•• Battery Replacement Service:
Add an additional Battery Replacement
Service to extend also the warranty
of the battery. You will get a free
exchange after the battery standard
warranty has ended. *2
•• Docking Replacement Service:
Add an additional Docking Replacement Service to extend also the
warranty of your Toshiba Port Replicator
or dynadock™. *4
*1 Next business day response: In order to qualify for Next Business Day response, the service claim needs to be logged before a cut-off time (3:00 PM). Next business day response is subject to parts availability.
*2 Battery Replacement: ONE free exchange after the battery standard warranty period has ended (1 year), if the battery capacity is less than 50% . The remaining battery capacity can be checked
via the preinstalled PC Health Monitor. If CRU is applicable, the replacement battery will be shipped to you.
*3 Hard Drive Retention: The hard drive remains your property, but will not be eligible for any ongoing support. Any additional products and components, as well as additional hard drives replaced
under warranty, shall become the property of Toshiba.
*4 Docking Replacement: When claiming a Docking Device as defective, a new or refurbished Docking Device that is equal to a new product in performance will be sent to you. If requested by
Toshiba, the defective Docking Device has to be returned to Toshiba at Toshiba‘s expense. In the event that the defective Docking Device is not received by Toshiba within fifteen (15) working
days following receipt of the new or refurbished Docking Device, you will be charged the retail value of the replaced Docking Device.
•• Hard Drive Retention Service:
Add an additional Hard Drive Retention
Service and retain your defective hard
drive should it need to be replaced. *3
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