MemoryLink`s UltraSync™ GPS-100C generates a

MemoryLink’s UltraSync™ GPS-100C generates a precise, highly stable, proprietary
sync signal used by MemoryLink’s FLEXX™ and by Motorola’s Canopy™ family of wireless broadband radios for timing synchronization.
Integrated active GPS antenna and receiver which
allows reception to unit in low-signal environments where passive antennas fail
Frequency agnostic— Works with Memorylink
FLEXX and Motorola Canopy series radios.
NEMA 4X and UL 508 outdoor rated enclosure
FCC and CE approvals
No separate power supply needed—powered by
Memorylink’s UltraSync is the ideal solution to provide a cost-effective, reliable, highstability timing reference for Motorola's Canopy radios, whether in a FLEXX-connected
system, a system utilizing Motorola's Cluster Management Modules (CMMs), or operating standalone. It delivers significantly improved network performance and reliability. Use of the UltraSync minimizes timing drift and interference and provides a higher
resultant bandwidth, helping to maximize link and system performance. UltraSync is
critical for a wireless network’s efficiency and reliability when Canopy radios are used
to transport time division multiplexed (TDM) data over the wireless link, and particularly in a wireless coverage area where multiple radios and channels are in use. The
UltraSync’s high-quality components, including an active antenna which allows use in
low-signal environments, and a NEMA 4X and UL 508 outdoor rated enclosure, ensure
reliable performance that meets the highest standards.
The UltraSync receives a stable, accurate timing signal from its integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver, which obtains signals generated concurrently from 12 of
30 medium earth orbit satellites. The GPS system blanketing the Earth provides highly
stable and redundant Cesium (Cs) and Rubidium (Rb) atomic clock sources to GPS receivers including the UltraSync, which can be located almost anywhere on the Earth’s
surface where a physically unobstructed path to the GPS satellites is available.
Motorola Canopy power supply or FLEXX unit
Provides precise GPS Sync to attached Memorylink FLEXX , Motorola Canopy AP (Access
Point) , BHS (Backhaul Master) and Last Mile
Gear Cyclone radios.
Specifications are subject to change without notice. UltraSync™ and Memorylink™ are trademarks of Memorylink Corp. Motorola™ and Canopy™ are a trademark of Motorola . ©2010 Memorylink ver 1.0
Generates the proprietary sync signal used by Memorylink's
FLEXX™ and Motorola Canopy™ broadband radios, derived from a
stable reference originating from atomic clocks on GPS satellites
Includes internally mounted GPS antenna
 Connects via a six pin RJ-12 connector to compatible FLEXX and/
or Canopy products equipped with sync port
Protocol Support
 Passes 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet) over ETH1/PWR & ETH2/
Interface Specifications
Provides sync on pin one of the six pin RJ-12 connector (aka “RJ25” connector) and ground on pin six
 Ethernet pass-through
 GND terminal to ground to the shields of Cat5 cables
Maximum cable lengths
 SYNC: 3m (10’)
 ETH1/PWR & ETH2/PWR: Combined length cannot exceed 100m
Integral GPS receiver
 12-channel
 L1 1575.42 MHz
 C/A code (1.023 MHz chip rate)
 Minimum PPS accuracy: 1 µs
 Simultaneously tracks 12 satellites
 Powered by Motorola Canopies’ power-over-cat5 or FLEXX’s
power-over-cat5 via Ethernet pass-through
 Input: 24-56 VDC, 0.8 A max.
 Max. GPS-100C current: 70 mA
 Max. GPS-100C power consumption: 4.0W
 Enclosure
Height: 5.92” (150mm)
Width: 3.95” (100mm)
Depth: 2.79” (71mm)
• Material: UV stabilized PBT/PC blended plastic
• NEMA 4X and UL 508 outdoor rated enclosure
• UL94-5VA flammability rated
 Mount to post using included mounting bracket
Estimated weight: 23oz (650 grams) (w/o mtg. bracket, cables,
 Mounting bracket, Screws and cable gland for waterproof cable
LED indicators (PCB mount)
 Top PCB PPS_OUT|+3.3V|
 Bottom PCB +3.3V|RF_ON|GPS_FIX
 SYNC — RJ-12 connector (aka “RJ-25” connector)
 ETH1/PWR & ETH2/PWR — RJ-45
 GND — Terminal screw
 Operating temperature: −40° C to +60° C
 Storage temperature: −40° C to +85° C
 Operating humidity: 95% maximum (non-condensing)
 Storage humidity: 95% maximum (non-condensing)
 Passive cooling (no fan)
 CE
 RoHS -Restriction of Hazardous Substances – RoHS Directive
2002/95/EC compliant
Memorylink Part Numbers:
590 Tollgate Rd. Ste B Elgin, IL 60123
Specifications are subject to change without notice. UltraSync™ and Memorylink™ are trademarks of Memorylink Corp. Motorola™ and Canopy™ are a trademark of Motorola . ©2010 Memorylink ver 1.0