Traveling In Armenia (Rep. of)
Upon arriving in Armenia (Rep. of) you will need to power on the device and be sure it’s in Int’l GSM to access voice and/or data
Selecting Int’l GSM using the Samsung Ace:
▪ Press Start > More (left softkey) > More (left softkey) > Service Mode.
▪ The following options appear in the selection window:
• Sprint CDMA
• Int’l GSM
▪ Use the navigation key to select the Int’l GSM service mode and then press Apply (right softkey).
▪ A “Confirm Reset” dialog box appears in the display asking if you wish to change phone modes.
▪ Type ‘yes’ in the box and press Apply (right softkey).
▪ Press OK (left softkey). The device will power off and then restart in the selected mode.
Casual International Roaming rates in Armenia (Rep. of) are as follows:
Voice Calls: $4.99/minute for all calls placed and received, regardless of call destination.
Data Rate/Speed: $0.016/KB GPRS Data
Special Rate: Check for available plans to reduce your data roaming rates.
Making Calls
How to Make a Local Call: Please use the same procedures to dial locally from your Samsung Ace as you would from a landline
phone in Armenia (Rep. of).
How to Make an International call: Dial the international access code for Armenia (Rep. of), then enter the country code for the
country you are calling, finally enter the phone number you are calling
Example: Calling Manhattan, NY, from Armenia (Rep. of): Dial "00" (The international access code for Armenia (Rep. of)) then
"1" (The United States' country code) then the phone number.
Example: Calling London, from Armenia (Rep. of): Dial "00" then "44" (The United Kingdom's country code) then the phone
How to Use Plus Code Dialing: Placing calls is simplified with the use of the Plus (+) Code Dialing feature. To use this feature to
place an international call simply press and hold the 0 (zero) key to insert a “+” on the screen. The appropriate international
access code for the country you are in will be automatically dialed. After the plus dial the country code and number you wish to
Example: Calling Manhattan, NY: Dial "+" then 1 then the phone number.
Receiving Calls
Callers do not need to dial anything different and they will not pay extra to reach you, simply ensure your device is in Int’l GSM and
powered on as stated above. Roaming rates apply to you only.
Accessing Voicemail
Voicemail service is available however; you may not receive a voicemail indicator. To check if you have any new messages;
Dial "+"
Then "1" and your Sprint 10 digit number
When voicemail answers, press * (star) and enter the voicemail passcode followed by # (pound).
Sprint Worldwide Traveling Tips > Traveling In Armenia (Rep. of)
Sprint coverage and rates subject to change at any time without notice; check for current rates and coverage prior to travel.
Sprint Worldwide Traveling Tips
Texting is not yet available while roaming outside of the US. Although you may receive a free welcome message upon arrival in a
country, all other messages will be held for 48 hours to be delivered upon returning to the Sprint network. Messages that can not be
delivered will be deleted after 48 hours. Messages that go through will be rated based on your texting plan or $0.20 per message if you
do not have texting plan.
Resolving Issues
If unable to access voice and/or data services then your issue may be resolved by following the steps below.
1. Power the device off, remove the battery, wait a minute or more, replace the battery and power the device back on to re-register with
the network. Note: If data service has not been accessed on the Sprint network with the device then it will not work while roaming.
Services must have been utilized on the Sprint network with the device prior to departure for service to work while roaming.
2. Check to ensure the device is in Int’l GSM, see instructions on page 1.
3. Verify the SIM Card is inserted correctly
▪ Press the battery cover release button, slide off the battery cover and remove the battery.
▪ Hold the SIM card so that the metal contacts on the SIM card face down and the cutoff corner points toward the lower-right corner
of the ACE device.
▪ Slide the SIM card into the SIM card slot until it stops.
4. Manually select a carrier in the area
▪ Press Start (left softkey) > Settings > Phone > More... > Networks.
▪ From the Network selection field, select Manual.
▪ Press Menu (right softkey) .
▪ Choose Select a Network (option 2). A list of available networks in the area will appear.
▪ Scroll to select a Network and select.
▪ Press Done (left softkey).
– Choose: ArmenTel or K-Telecom (voice only)
Sprint Worldwide Customer Support
If any issues arise that need further troubleshooting or if information is needed, Sprint Worldwide Customer Support is available 24x7.
From your Sprint phone: (this call will be free) Dial "+" 1.817.698.4199, select option 3.
From a Landline phone: Dial the international access code of "00" then 1.817.698.4199, select option 3.
Chat with us on-line at:, click Chat with us >> (available M-F 7am – 7pm Central and Sat./Sun.
10am – 7pm Central)
The Sprint Worldwide representative will need the following information to complete trouble resolutions:
▪ Your wireless phone number.
▪ The city and country you are traveling in.
▪ Contact number (hotel, number of another traveler in your party, etc.)
▪ Time available for troubleshooting
▪ Amount of time will you be in the destination where trouble is occurring
▪ Any error messages that display on your device or that you heard when trying to place a call.
▪ If the issue is with voice service were you able to access data?
▪ If the issue is with data, were you able to place voice calls?
Sprint Worldwide Traveling Tips > Traveling In Armenia (Rep. of)
Sprint coverage and rates subject to change at any time without notice; check for current rates and coverage prior to travel.