HPE Server Memory with HPE Qualified Memory, purpose

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HPE Server Memory
HPE Qualified Memory, purpose-built for
HPE ProLiant servers
Get higher performance, more
power savings, and better
efficiency with genuine,
HPE Qualified Memory, built to
work with HPE ProLiant servers.
Qualified Server Memory from HPE
HPE Qualified Options mean every
component has been through our
rigorous qualification process that
begins with using high-quality DIMMs,
and extends beyond standard industry
practice, to help enhance compatibility,
performance, and reliability.
Only memory that meets the strict
requirements of Hewlett Packard
Enterprise are selected to begin the
HPE Memory Qualification process.
For the latest news, videos, podcasts, and
updates, visit hpe.com/info/memory.
Enjoy reliability, performance,
and compatibility
HPE Memory authenticates whether
memory has passed the rigorous
qualification and test process from
Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and provides
you high quality.
HPE Memory is performance tested and
tuned on every supported HPE ProLiant
server by changing workloads and using
proprietary software that simulates extreme
operating environments and conditions.
This is key because these tests consider the
robustness and signal integrity of the overall
solution to further enhance compatibility
and reduce the possibility of memory
With HPE Qualified Server Memory, you
have the peace of mind of having an
outstanding component that seamlessly
integrates with your HPE ProLiant to deliver
unmatched performance and efficiency.
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As applications grow more complex,
memory becomes more critical to
rapid server startup, processing,
and interaction. By integrating
HPE SmartMemory, HPE ProLiant
servers unlock an entirely new level
of excellent performance for those
resource-intensive apps.
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Choose the right memory
Configuring your server with the right
memory is critical to obtaining excellent
performance. You simply cannot afford to
have under-capacity memory servers, or
face compatibility and quality issues that
lead to operations disruption.
Your server hardware and workloads define
the type of memory that best fits your
needs. HPE’s broad memory portfolio ranges
from HPE Standard modules to our fast and
low power-consuming HPE SmartMemory.
Choose from different types and capacities
to leverage memory slots and optimize
capacity to support your business
HPE SmartMemory
•Authentication verifies genuine
HPE SmartMemory and qualification
with HPE ProLiant servers
•Performance tuned and enhanced for
HPE ProLiant at higher speed on selected
•Unique technology introduced for ProLiant
servers; provides real differentiation to
industry-standard memory
•Built-in intelligence (advanced error
detection) to improve performance, reduce
downtime, and lower energy costs
•Capable of enhanced support through
HPE Active Health System
•Available in 2 GB to 64 GB capacity
HPE Standard Memory
•Performs to Intel®-defined specifications
•Supports HPE ProLiant Gen9 Servers for
10 and 100 Series
•Offers only low-capacity modules
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Help me choose
SMB or enterprise
Business type
A small but growing business, along with midsized
ones have different IT requirements than large
enterprises. Business applications and workload
requirements define your server platform.
An HPE server for every need
Hewlett Packard Enterprise understands that when it
comes to servers, one size does not fit all. That’s why
we offer you a comprehensive array of server families,
purpose-built for a wide variety of business needs.
Gen8: MicroServer
ML100 Series
ML300 Series
ML10 Series
DL100 Series
DL300 Series
HPE’s broad memory portfolio ranges from
HPE Standard modules to our fast and low
power-consuming HPE SmartMemory.
SL Series
XL Series
• The right memory at the right price without
compromising quality
• Performs to industry-defined specs
• Designed for lower memory capacity solutions
• Only available in low-capacity DIMMs
• DIMM offerings include UDIMM and RDIMM
Figure 1. Selection guide
HPE Apollo
HPE Moonshot
DL500 Series
DL10 Series
HPE Server Memory
BL Blade Series
SmartMemory low-capacity
DIMMs are supported
• Capable of enhanced support through
HPE Active Health System
• Authentication verifies genuine HPE SmartMemory and
qualification with HPE ProLiant servers
• Performance tuned and enhanced for HPE ProLiant at
higher speed on selected servers
• High-capacity DIMMs available
• DIMM offerings include UDIMM and RDIMM
Data sheet
Use our web-based memory configuration
tool at hpe.com/info/memory.
HPE Advanced Memory
Error Detection Technology
This innovation monitors several memory
parameters and seeks out specific defects
that either cause performance degradation
or significantly increases the probability of
a non-recoverable memory condition. By
improving the prediction of critical memory
error conditions, this technology prevents
unnecessary DIMM replacement and
increases server uptime.
HPE Active Health System
HPE SmartMemory works in conjunction
with the Active Health System, which
monitors changes to the server hardware
configuration to enable lifecycle monitoring
of memory health status. Having insight into
memory-related service events shortens
diagnosing problems and delivers rapid
resolutions when failures occur.
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