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Please read through the instruction manual before using the
phone in operation. The English description see page 02.
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Eveline Pupeter, emporia Telecom
1 Loudspeaker
2 Display (screen)
3 Navigation ring:
• For navigation in menu and lists
• When the phone is on standby: open four selected functions
4 Left function key
• Press this to select the option shown in the bottom left-hand corner
of the screen (e.g. Menu, OK, ...)
5 Middle function key
• To confirm selections
6 Right function key
• Press this to select the option shown in the bottom right-hand
corner of the screen (e.g. Name, Back, ...)
7 Green key
• Start or accept a call
• When the phone is on standby: Access All calls
8 Red key
• When in a call: End
• In menu: Back to standby mode
• Press and hold: Switch phone on / off
9 1 key (voicemail)
10 key (keypad lock)
11 0 key (torch)
17 key (silent)
Headset port
Port for USB charging cable
Camera lens and flash
Battery cover
Symbols on the screen
12 13 14 15 16 Network signal strength
Roaming (abroad)
Battery indicator
Missed call
Call forwarding
New message
Profile: Silent
Profile: Outdoor
Profile: Meeting
Alarm on
Bluetooth activated
Bluetooth connected
Inserting a SIM card
• Lift off the battery cover – begin with the recess at the bottom left
corner of the cover.
• Slide the SIM card into the SIM card holder with the gold contacts
facing down.
• Slide your data card into the card holder with the gold contacts
facing down.
Inserting and charging the battery
• Insert the battery, making sure that the battery contacts touch
the phone's gold contacts.
• Put on the battery cover – press the battery cover down onto
the phone until it clicks into place on each side.
• Plug the charging cable into the USB port on the bottom
of the phone.
Attention: Charge the battery for at least four hours before you use it for
the first time. Only use batteries and chargers that are permitted for use
with this specific model.
Turning on the phone
• Pressing the key for at least two seconds switches the phone on.
• To turn the phone off, press the key for two seconds again.
Using a new SIM card for the first time:
Enter the four-digit PIN code (personal identification number)
_ Press the left function key for OK to confirm.
The PIN code is a four-digit number that is intended to prevent
somebody else from being able to switch on your mobile phone. You
have a maximum of three attempts to enter the correct number. If you
enter the wrong number three times in a row, you will only be able to
unblock the SIM card with the PUK code. You will find the PIN code and
PUK code in the documents supplied by your network operator.
Setting the language, time and date
Menu _ Settings _ Phone settings _ Time & date or
Language _ Change the selection in the list with the navigation
ring _ Confirm the entry with the left function key for OK.
In standby mode the phone is on, but is not running any
applications (calls, SMS messages, etc.).
Menu items: File manager, Contacts, Call center,
Messages, Multimedia, Tools, Settings, Sound & alert,
SIM services
Using the menu
to open the menu.
• Press
• Navigate through the menu items with the navigation ring.
function key to open the selected menu item.
• Press the middle
• Options which you can select with the function keys are shown at
the bottom of the screen.
• To return to standby mode, press the red
Saving energy
If a few seconds pass without the phone receiving any input from
you, the screen will go blank to save energy. In the event of an
incoming call or you pressing any key, the screen will automatically
light up again.
Dual-function keys
Some keys have additional functions if they are pressed and held
down for a few seconds:
1 key: Listen to your voicemail (settings in menu _ Call center
_ Call settings _ Call forward)
key: + for country code, e.g. +49 for Germany
0 key: Torch on continuously when the phone is on
key: Silent mode on / off
key: Switch phone on / off
Number keys 2-9: Speed dial (save in Contacts _ Options
_ Phone book settings _ Speed dial)
Incoming call
Accept the call with the green
• Dialling: Enter the number you want to dial using the keypad.
• Open contact: Press the right function key for Name in standby
mode and select a contact.
key in standby mode and open
• Redialling: Press the green
All calls and then select the contact in the list.
_ Start the call with the green
end it with the red
key or reject with the red
key and
During a call:
Call up Options with the left function key:
Hold single call, End single call, New call, Phonebook,
Call info, Messages, Background sound, DTMF
_ Change between Speaker on and Speaker off with
the middle function key.
_ Change between Mute and Unmute with
the right function key.
Saving contacts (name and number)
_ Contacts _ Add contact
Open the menu with
_ Enter the name and number
_ Set the caller picture
_ Save the entry with Options _ Save.
Always save names and numbers with the international dialling code,
e.g. save +41 for Switzerland, +43 for Austria and +49 for Germany.
Searching for contacts:
_ Contacts
Open the menu with
_ Flick through the entries with the navigation ring or enter the
first few letters of the entry you're looking for with the keypad.
_ When you have selected the entry, start the call with the green
Call info
Menu items: Missed calls, Dialled numbers, Received calls,
Delete, Call duration, Text msg. counter
Call settings
Menu items: Call waiting, Call forward, Call barring,
Suppress number, Advanced settings
Enabling the mailbox:
_ Call center _ Call settings
Open the menu with
_ Call forward: Define which calls are to be diverted to the
Listening to and setting your mailbox
Press 1 for about three seconds. This connects you to your mailbox
and you can listen to your voicemail.
Follow the audio instructions to change the settings for your
Menu items: Write message, Received, Drafts, Unsent,
Sent, Delete messages, Broadcast message, Templates,
Message settings
Writing a message
_ Messages _ Write message
Open the menu with
Enter text using the keypad.
Writing using predictive text
Predictive text has been activated on your phone at the factory.
• Press the number key displaying the letter you require once
(e.g. 4 for i).
• Once you've pressed several keys, words will automatically be
• One word will be highlighted in blue. If this is the word you require,
you can insert it simply by pressing 0 , which is also used to insert
blank spaces.
• If the word you require is not highlighted, you can use the
navigation ring to move between the suggested words. When the
word you require is highlighted, confirm your selection with 0 .
Writing without predictive text
If you don't want to use predictive text, turn it off in the menu
Messages _ Write message _ Options _ Input method
options _ Predictive text input. To enter text without
predictive text, press the respective number key the required
number of times for the letter you need
(e.g. 2x 4 , 1x 2 , 3x 5 , 3x 5 , 3x 6 for Hallo).
The symbols available vary according to which language you are
Sending a message
Options _ Send to _ Enter a number or open contacts with
Add from Phonebook.
Receiving a message
Received messages are indicated by an audio signal and
• Open immediately with the left function key for View.
• To view your message list, select Messages _ Received.
Menu items: Camera, Photo album, FM radio
Your phone has a camera. You will find
photos you have taken in the menu under Photo album.
• Take a photo with the middle function key.
• Open the camera Options with the left function key.
Photo album
Your photos will be saved in the Photo album menu.
• Open the Options for the selected photo with the left function key.
You can connect your phone to a PC using the USB data cable and
transfer your photos.
You can use a data card to increase the storage capacity of your phone.
You can purchase these cards from electronics stores.
FM radio
Always use the headset to listen to the radio.
• Adjust volume: with the
• Switch radio on/off: press bottom side of the navigation ring
• Change frequency: with the left and right sides of the navigation
• Auto station search: switch on/off with the top side of the
navigation ring, start search with the left or right side
• Open Options with the left function key
Menu items: Channel list, Manual input, Auto search,
Menu items: Alarm clock, Calendar, Tasks, Notes,
Calculator, Favorites
Alarm clock
• Setting the alarm clock
A maximum of five alarm times can be saved.
Press Edit, select the following settings and then save:
• Status: Switch the alarm clock on or off
• Time: Enter the alarm time with the keypad
• Repeat: Select between Once, Everyday or Custom
• Alarm tone: Select the alarm tone
• Snooze: Set the length of the snooze function
• Alert type: Select between Ring only, Vib. only and Vib. and
• Ringing alarm
• Turning off the ringing alarm: Press the left function key for Stop
• Muting the alarm: Press the right function key for Snooze, the
alarm will ring again later after the set time.
Menu items: Phone settings, Network settings, Security
settings, Connectivity, Master reset
9.1Phone settings – Navigation ring
Assign four functions you use most to this key.
9.2Security settings
• PIN: PIN request on/off, change PIN
• Phone code: on/off, change (factory preset code: 1234)
• Automatic key lock
Set the duration of the automatic key lock.
• Manual key lock
function key for Menu and then the key for
Press the left
Seconds. Keypad locked appears on the screen. The symbol on
the screen then shows that the keypad is locked.
• Unlocking the key lock
Press the left function key for Unlock and then the
Keypad unlocked appears on the screen. The phone then
responds to every press of a key again.
9.3Connectivity – Bluetooth
This function allows you to use Bluetooth-enabled hands-free kits
• Bluetooth on/off
• Visibility _ On
Make your phone visible so that
it can connect to a Bluetooth device.
• Connect _ Search for new devices
Search for devices you want to connect
_ Select with the green
Devices that have been connected before will be recognised and
connected automatically.
9.4Master reset
You can restore all the factory settings on your phone
(factory preset code: 1234).
Select Preferences (Profiles: General, Silent, Meeting, Outdoor,
My style) and enter your personal settings for sounds,
signals and vibration.
Safety information
• Turn off the phone in hospitals and whenever you are near medical equipment.
There should always be a distance of at least 20cm between pacemakers and the
phone when it is on.
• Never try to control a vehicle while holding the phone in your hand. Always
comply with relevant national laws and traffic regulations.
• Turn off the phone whenever you are travelling in an aeroplane.
• The phone must be switched off whenever it is near a petrol station or other
places with explosive substances.
• Never shine the LED torch in the eyes of people or animals! (Protection class 3)
• To prevent hearing impairments, do not use the phone on a high speaker
volume for extended periods of time. Do not hold the phone to your ear
when the hands-free mode is activated or the emergency button has been
• Using a headset on a high volume can cause hearing impairments. Check the
volume of the headset you are using.
• The phone and the accessories may contain small parts.
Keep the phone out of the reach of young children.
• As a precaution, we recommend disconnecting the phone from the charger
during thunderstorms.
• The mains adapter serves as a separator between the product and your mains
supply. The mains supply must be close to the device and easily accessible.
• This guarantee is only valid if the original batteries supplied
by emporia have been used.
• Mobile phone: 24 months
• Battery: 6 months
• Emporia Service Centre
Industriezeile 36 · 4020 Linz · Austria ·
• Germany: +49 · (0) 800 · 400 4711
• Austria: +43 · (0) 732 · 77 77 17 · 446
• Switzerland: +41 · (0) 8484 · 50004
Intended use
• This phone is robust and designed for mobile use.
However, it still needs to be protected from moisture (rain, bathroom water, etc.)
and heavy impacts.
• Do not leave it where it will be directly exposed to the sun.
• Using the phone for any purpose other than that described above will result in
damage to the product. Doing this also entails hazards such as fire, electric shocks,
etc. This product must not be changed or modified, and the casing must not be
• The adapter is only suitable for use in conjunction with a standard household
mains socket that is connected to your electrical grid and uses 100240 volts/50/60Hz (10/16A) of alternating voltage.
Scope of delivery
• Mobile phone
• Battery: Li-ion 3.7V / 950mAh
• USB cable with USB AC adapter
Technical data
GSM 900/1800 MHz
Dimensions: 124.5mm x 52.5mm x 12.5mm
Weight: 92g
Battery: Li-ion 3.7V/950mAh (replaceable)
Internal antenna: SAR 0.92 W/kg (body), 0.1 W/kg (head)
Standby time: 320 hrs*
Talk time: 300 min * (* Depending on network coverage and
activated applications the battery life can be reduced.)
• Disposing of the packaging
The packaging and packaging aids are recyclable and should
be made available for reuse.
• Disposing of the battery
Batteries should never be disposed of as domestic refuse!
As a consumer you are legally required to return used batteries.
They can be handed in at one of your community's local collection
points or at specialised stores.
• Disposing of the device
If this product ever wears out, please don't dispose of it as domestic refuse.
To ensure you don't cause damage to the environment, take it to a collection
station or recycling centre where used devices are processed for recycling in
an environmentally friendly manner.
We, Emporia Telecom GmbH & Co.KG., Industriezeile 36, 4020 Linz, Austria,
hereby declare that the construction of the device described in the following
complies with the relevant EC directives stated below.
Item description: Dual-band mobile phone
Item number: V400
Relevant EC directives
irective 1999/5/EC on radio equipment and telecommunications terminal
equipment (R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC)
Harmonised EN basic and engineering standards
• Health and safety:
EN 60950-1 (2006) +A11 (2009) +A1 (2010) +A12 (2011) +AC (2011) +A2 (2013);
EN 62479 (2010); EN 50360 (2001) +AC (2006) +A1 (2012); EN 50566 (2013) +AC (2014)
• EMC:
EN 301 489-1 V1.9.2 (2011-09); EN 301 489-7 V1.3.1 (2005-11);
EN 301 489-17 V2.2.1 (2012-09)
• Radio spectrum:
EN 300 328 V1.9.1 (2015-02); EN 301 511 V12.1.1 (2015-06)
Eveline Pupeter emporia Telecom
10.06.2017, Linz, Austria
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Misprints, errors and technical changes excepted.
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Toutes erreurs d'impression, erreurs et modifications techniques réservées.
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