Excel Category 6 Unscreened Twisted Pair (UTP) Patch

Excel Category 6 Unscreened Twisted Pair (UTP) Patch Panels
25 Year System Warranty
Category 6
Labelling Options
25 Year System Warranty
Labelling Options
Backward Compatible
Rear cable management
Category 6
LSA Style Termination Blocks
Choice of Port Density
No.2 cabling system by market share, as reported by
Product Overview
The Excel Category 6 Unscreened Twisted Pair Patch Panels are available in 24 & 48 Port versions to accommodate installation
requirements. Each panel has a screen printed labelling field postioned above each port, included with the panel is a pre
printed self adhesive labeling sheet – pre numbered 1‐ 96, for fast and easy labelling on site. Termination can be made using LSA
compatible tooling, cable tie bridges are positioned between the IDC blocks to relieve cable stress.
Installation can be further enhanced by use of the rear cable management tray which is attached quickly and easily to the
panel without the need for fixings (included).
Performance / Specification Table
Wiring Specification:
Category 6
T568A & T568B
Port Density:
24 ports per 1U (44mm)
RJ45 Jack:
480mm wide x 33mm deep (without rear management tray) x 44mm (1U) or 88mm (2U) high
Min life expectancy 700 insertions
RJ45 Jack:
IDC Contacts:
50 microinch gold plated contact pins
LSA style, maximum 100 reterminations
NEXT at 250MHz
SPEC ‐ 33.14dB (in channel worst pair)
FEXT at 250MHz
Actual ‐ 38.87dB (in channel worst pair)
SPEC ‐ 15.33dB (in channel worst pair)
Actual ‐ 22.29dB (in channel worst pair)
Performance Overview
Excel Category 6 patch panels are manufactured to provide Category 6 channel performance. A range of parameters are tested
in frequency sweeps up to and including 250 MHz.
The panel is also backward compatible with Category 5 and 5e components.
Typical Applications
100BASE‐TX Fast Ethernet
Token Ring
1000BASE‐T Gigabit Ethernet
155 Mbps ATM
Composite Video
622 Mbps ATM
Part Number Information
Part No.
Category 6 Unscreened Patch Panel 24 port 1U Black
Category 6 Unscreened Patch Panel 48 Port 2U Black
System Warranty
The Excel System Warranty provides a 25‐year product and applications assurance of compliance with the industry
performance standard appropriate to the class of cabling installed. The warranty may be applied for by an
accredited Excel Partner who has designed, supplied and installed the said system.
Excel is a world‐class premium performing end‐to‐end infrastructure solution ‐ designed,
manufactured, supported and delivered ‐ without compromise.
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