ATV/Motorcycle/Scooter/Vehicle Computer
CA-085-1XX/2XX-XX User Manual
Thanks for purchasing the ATV/Motorcycle/scooter/vehicle computer; this manual is
specifically designed for CA-085-1XX/2XX-XX series. It has needle speedometer scale,
each series has different models, each model has different LED indicators. You may find
that the photo has a set of LED indicators different from your computer, the photo is for
reference only.
Different series with different needle tachometer or speedometer scales are as bellows:
CA-085-15X: 150Km/H
CA-085-21X: 210Km/H
CA-085-26X: 260Km/H
The last suffix “–XX can be identified material of the upper bezel as bellows:
No. suffix: Plastic material.
-AB: CNC aluminum bezel with anodizing mesh black treatment.
-CP: CNC aluminum bezel with chrome plating treatment.
12/24 Hour Clock
Digital Tachometer
*Temperature Meter
Average speed
AM/PM 0:00’ – 11H59’ / 23H59’
100 19,900 rpm
0 -180 / 32 -356 , HI or Off
<0 display -L-, >180 display -H2.4-399.9 km/h (248.5 MPH)
Maximum speed
Riding timer
2.4-399.9 km/h (248.5 MPH)
Maximum RPM
100 19,900 rpm
*Max. Temperature
0 -180 / 32 -356
0 - 999999 KM, 0-624999 Miles
Total Riding Time
Hour meter
Voltage Gauge
Maintain reminder
8-18VDC, battery voltage warning settable
Power Input
Tachometer Sensor
Speed Sensor
*Temperature Sensor
Speed input divider setup
Maximum speed input frequency
Wheel circumference setting
DC 12V
CDI or Ignition Coil Signal
Reed or hall Sensor for CA-085-1XX/2XX only.
Thermo Sensor for CA-085-3/4/5/6XX only
1-199 Pulses
7K Hz
Main Unit Installation:
*Temperature sensor is an optional parts for these series, temperature function
can be set On or Off by user, descriptions with “*” are for user who purchases
additional temperature sensor reference only.
1. Needle Tachometer /speedometer
2. Digital LCD display
3. 6 LED indicators
4.RESET Button
5.MODE Button
6.RPM Shift Warning Indicator
Main Unit
Sleeve Rubber Pad
Main Unit Sleeve
Rubber Pad
Spring Washer
Fixing Screw Nut
Models and Indicators
1. Connect either the yellow or white wire to sense the RPM signal.
2. The yellow wire can be wrapped around the spark plug lead.
a. Signal strength from the ignition coil is dependent on coil type.
b. Coil 2-5 turns around spark plug lead, the more turns the stronger the
signal. A weak signal will not show a reading on the screen whereas a
very strong signal will have a reading which is too high or very jittery. If the
reading is incorrect then try putting the 1MΩresistor which is included in the
box inline in the sensor wire.
3. If the signal is still unstable, please try to connect the white wire to either the
ECU rev counter output or to the primary side of the coil or to the pulse wire on
an active spark plug cap.
*XX is for 15 , 21 and 26
Clastic 85mm needle speedometer or tachometer with digital LCD display.
LCD shows digital functions of speedometer, tachometer, maximum RPM and
SPD, average speed, trip meter 1/2, odometer, riding time, total riding time, total
hour meter, volt meter, temperature meter, volt meter and clock.
Integrates 6 LED warning lamps with different symbols depending on model.
Built-in RGB LED backlight, user can adjust his/her prefer backlight color.
Backlight can be switched on independently.
Fast processor so can connect to pulse type gearbox speed sensors.
Allows end user to adjust odometer when the odometer is less than 30km / 18.6
Universal wheel circumference setting range: 1-3999mm.
CA-085-1XX/2XX includes main unit, bracket, RPM sensing wire, speed sensor, SPEED SENSOR Mounting:
fitting kits, wiring harness and sleeve of main unit.
ACEWELL has several speed sensors; the unit may include one of them. If
Excellent water resistant, anti-vibration structure and noise immunity design.
the model is intended to be connected to a gearbox electronic speed output to
obtain the speed reading, no speed sensor will be included.
Trip meter 1&2
Reed Speed Sensor and Magnet:
CA-085-15X 150Km/H
CA-085-21X 210Km/H
CA-085-26X 260Km/H
Needle Speedometer
Max. 8mm
Km/h / MPH
2.4-399.9 km/h (248.5 MPH)
TRIP 1or 2
0.00-999.99 KM /624.99Miles
1. This sensor is universal sensor for motorcycle, find a rotating part to install
magnet (for example disk, sprocket or driveshaft) and a location to install the
sensor where it can be aligned to the magnet.
2. Align the center of the magnet to either of the sensor marking lines or the
side of the sensor. The magnet must not travel down the body of the sensor
3. Installing the sensor parallel to the vibration direction creates optional
anti-vibration effect.
4. Make sure the gap between the magnet and the sensor is within 8mm.
1. ODO accumulates total distance traveled.
2. ODO data is adjustable when it is less than 30km (18.6 Miles), after that it stored
in memory and cannot be reset.
Max. 8mm
Vibration Direction
RT: Riding Timer
1. Calculates total running time since last RESET.
2. Counter automatically begins with movement.
Vibration Direction
TT: Total Riding Timer
Hall Effective Speed Sensor and Magnet:
1. This is universal sensor for ATV or motorcyclefront or rear wheel
installation or motorcycle front wheel installation. For some fitments
an accessory speed sensor holder may need to be purchased.
2. Find a rotating part to install magnet (for example disk, sprocket or
driveshaft) and a location to install the sensor where it can be aligned
to the magnet
3. Align the center of the magnet to center of side face of the sensor.
4. Make sure the gap between the magnet and the sensor is within 5mm.
1. Calculates total riding time from the beginning of the bike.
2. TT data is stored in memory, and cannot be reset.
HRTT: Total Hour Meter
1. Calculates total engine operation time since installation RESET.
2. Count automatically begins with engine starting.
3. HRTT data is stored in memory, and cannot be reset.
: 12/24 hour Clock
It displays 12 or 24 hour current time.
*TEMP: Temperature Meter
1. It measures and displays from 0 -180 / 32 -356 .
2. It displays -L- or -L- when temperature is lower than 0
(32) or
disconnected temperature sensor, and displays -H- or –H- when
temperature is over 180 or 356..
3. The LCD backlight flash red and green in turn and temperature LED indicator
(for models with temperature warning indicator only) flash when the thermo
sensor detects temperature higher than the maximum preset temperature.
*MAX TEMP: Maximum Temperature
Displays highest temperature achieved since last Reset operation.
: Digital Voltage and Battery Warnings
Specific Hall sensors:
Cable drive adaptors for most bikes originally fitted with cable driven
speedometers or odometers are available. When using these cables it
is necessary to divide the circumference setting by the number of
rotations of the cable per rotation of the wheel.
*Thermo Sensor and Sensor Tube:
1. The unit includes a water temperature sensor; you may have to
purchase a suitable water pipe temperature sensor tube to install
the sensor on some bikes.
2. Cut the water pipe, insert the temperature tube into the pipe and
secure it by attached pipe clamps.
3. Screw the sensor into the tube.
4. If your vehicle is fitted with a thermostat that stops water flowing to
the radiator when the engine is cold, you will not get a reading until
the thermostat opens.
5. Custom sensors are available for carburetted bikes to replace the
original sensor.
1. It checks bike’s battery and charging systems health.
2. Indicates range 8-18VDC.
+TRIP: Maintenance Reminder
1. The maintenance reminder is set by trip meter, and an “Off” mode to switch it off.
2. The trip meter maintenance can be set up to 9999km.
MODE Button
Press the MODE button to move partial functions in loop sequence as “
from one function screen to another.
RESET Button
Reset button cycles through functions in reverse order
RPM sensor mounting:
ODO: Odometer
Needle Speedometer:
1. Indicates speedometer by analogue needle.
2. Speedometer Scale shows the needle maximum speed of the model as
CA-085-15X: 150Km/H
CA-085-21X: 210Km/H
CA-085-26X: 260Km/H
RPM: Digital Tachometer
1. It displays digital tachometer up to 19,990RPM and displays 19,999
rpm when tachometer is over 20,000rpm..
2. It has 2 wires to pick up RPM signal, the yellow wire is to connect to Plug,
and white wire is for signal from ECU or Ignition coil.
Shift Warning RPM
1. The function enables you to set up a shift warning RPM.
2. Shift warning LED indicator flashes when RPM reaches setting value, and
stops flashing after you shift gear.
MAX RPM: Maximum Tachometer
Displays highest tachometer achieved since last Reset operation.
SPD: Speedometer
1. Displays speed meter up to 399.9 Km/H or 248.5 MPH.
2. The maximum frequency from speed sensor is 7K Hz.
3. With a small wheel size and large number of pulses per wheel revolution it
may not be possible to display very high speeds.
MAX SPD: Maximum Speed Meter
Displays highest speed achieved since last Reset operation.
AVG: Average Speed Meter
It calculates average speed from last RESET. The AVG is calculated from TRIP be
divided by RT.
TRIP 1 or 2: Trip Meter 1 or 2
TRIP function accumulates trip distance since last RESET as long as bike/vehicle
is moving.
1. Press MODE or RESET button to reach the desired screen then press RESET
button for 2 seconds to reset TRIP 2, MAX SPD, MAX RPM and MAX TEMP data
from stored values to zero individually. The maintain reminder data will be
reset to the preset value rather than zero.
2. The data of Trip 1, AVG & RT will all be reset at the same time when one of the
3 data functions is being reset.
3. ODO, clock, HRTT and TT data cannot be reset.
Shift Warning RPM Operation
1. Press MODE or RESET button to reach the RPM screen; pull on the throttle until
the desired shift warning RPM.
2. Press RESET button to confirm and set up the shift warning RPM.
3. Warning LED will flash to remind you shift gear.
4. Press RESET button for 2 seconds at the RPM screen to re-adjust the shift
warning RPM.
Backlight Color Adjust:
1. Press MODE button to get to the VOLT screen when not moving; push and hold
RESET button for 2 seconds to go into backlight color setting mode.
2. It displays “LED RGB and RX-GX-BX”, the X after R, G and B indicate each color
of Red, Green or Blue color to be adjustable, each color has 10 levels 0, 1, 2,.9
for setting, “0” means the color is off, “9” means the color is turned on 100%.
3. Each press of the RESET button increments the flashing digit by 1, press MODE
button to confirm the flashing digit setting and jump to next digit to be set.
Press MODE button for 2 seconds to finish the setting and go to normal mode
Trip 1.
1. The details below have been calculated using following formula: Tire
Diameter (inches) x 25.4(mm/inches) x 3.1416 = wheel circumference
(in mm).
2. Identify the tire size of your ATV/Motorcycle when you need to
change different tire size and key in the corresponding number
shown in the following chart.
Tire outside
15 inch
16 inch
17 inch
18 inch
Tire outside
19 inch
20 inch
21 inch
22 inch
Tire outside
23 inch
24 inch
25 inch
26 inch
3. These values are approximate and will differ for different brands of
tyre, we would always recommend that you measure the distance
travelled per revolution of the wheel in mm and enter this into the
4. The computer calculates the wheel rotating length between 2 passes
of the magnet; use this table to find the settings when you are using a
reed sensor or an universal hall sensor with magnet to measure your
5. If you are using a cable drive speed sensor then enter the number of
turns of the cable per turn of the wheel into the pulses screen.
6. You can use more magnets, enter the number of magnets fitted into
the pulses screen.
7. If using a sprocket tooth counter speed sensor or internal pulse
gearbox speed sensor enter the number of pulses per wheel
revolution into the pulses screen.
Clock, RPM, Wheel, Divider, Unit, Maintain, Thermometer, fuel meter and ODO SET UP
1. Setup operations include 12/24hour clock, maintain reminder,
shift warning RPM, numbers of engine rotation per signal,
wheel circumference, speed pulses, speed sensor type,
temperature unit and warning, and odometer adjustment.
These must be set up step by step. The computer will be
automatically revert to normal mode if no button is pressed for
75 seconds at any setting screen.
2. Press both MODE & RESET buttons to go into setting mode.
In setting mode, each press of the RESET button increments
the flashing digit by 1 or converts units.Press MODE button to
confirm the digit setting and jump to next digit or next setting
screen to be set.Press MODE button for 2 seconds at any
setting screen to finish the setting and go to normal mode.
3. It displays "12 or 24H and XX:XX:XX " symbols and AM/PM
when you select 12H. Operate buttons as described in item 2
to finish clock setting and jump to maintain reminder setting.
4. It displays “ , TRIP and 1000” means the reminder is
based on trip meter. Follow the item 2 of button operation to
finish the maintenance reminder setting and jump to shift
RPM warning setting.
5. It displays the default "RPM r06500", the digit “0” flashes.
Follow the item 2 of button operation to finish the shift RPM
warning setting and jump to engine specification setting.
6. It displays "RPM SP 1r1P", the default value is 1r1P; there
are 5 options: 1r1P, 1r2P, 1r4P, 2r1P, 3r1P, “r” means the
numbers of engine rotation, “P” means number of signals
from engine. For example the value 2r1P means the engine
rotates 2 turns to output one signal.
7. Press RESET button to move in loop sequence from one to
another value of the 5 values. Press MODE button to confirm
the setting and go to wheel circumference setting.
8. In "SPD cXXXX" display, "c" means "Circumference",
following 4 default digits; flashing digit is digit to be set.
Follow the item 2 of button operation to finish the wheel
circumference setting and jump to signal divider setting.
9. It displays "SPD P-001", the pulses screen, the number of
pulses into the computer per turn of the wheel. Follow item 2
of button operation to finish the setting and jump to speed
sensor type setting.
10. It displays HALL or rEEd, HALL type is for Acewell's unique
2 wires hall sensors only, rEEd type is for reed sensors,
gear sensors and signals from ECU. A gear sensor has 3
wires and must be powered from the bike. Follow item 2 of
button operation to confirm the sensor type and jump to
speed unit setting screen.
11. It displays “SPD UNIt-1 or 2”, 1 means KM/H and 2 is for
MPH. Follow item 2 of button operation to finish the setting
and jump to temperature unit setting.
12. *It displays "TEMP and ,
or HI or oFF", each press of
RESET button converts , , HI or Off, the temperature
meter will disappear when you select oFF mode; press
MODE button to confirm temperature setting and jump to
temperature warning setting. In “HI” mode connecting the
input wire to ground can flash red and green backlight
and/or temperature warning LED indicator.
13. *It displays "XXX" and the selected unit. Follow the item 2
of button operation to finish the temperature warning setting
and go to odometer setting.
14. It displays “ODO & 00000X km”, the “X” is from odometer
testing in factory, follow item 2 to set a desired odometer
value and jump to clock setting or return to Normal Mode.
This setting screen will disappear when the odometer is
over 30km (18.6Miles) or your setting is over 30km.
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