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Hygro-Thermometer with outdoor sensor
RT817 CE
frost alarm, outside temprature probe with braket
Jumbo-Display for: Temperature indoor/ outdoor, humidity, time
MIN/ MAX-temperature memory
Daily Reset function for MIN/MAX-memory
Alarm clock, alarm snooze
Foldaway stand, mounting keyhole
°C/°F selectable
12 or 24 hour format selectable
Use sensor holder to fix outdoor sensor at desired outdoor space. Plug
outdoor sensor into unit. Install battery with correct polarity positioning. The
unit will perform a self-test and display readings normally after 5 seconds.
Place unit at the place away from direct sunlight, rain or extreme heat. Peel
off display protective sheet.
Time setting
Press and hold SET-button until “SET” icon appears, then release. Press
“MAX/MIN”button to set hour. Press SET once. Press MAX/MIN button to
set minute. Press SET again to finish.
Clock alarm setting
Technical data
Hygro-thermometer RT817 CE
Measuring range
Inside: 0...+50 °C, 20 ... 99 % RH
Outside: -50...+70 °C
Measuring rate
Display dimensions
Outdoor sensor
Alarm duration
EMV-noise emission
EMV-noise withstanding
Ordering number
Technical changes reserved
0141 0315-144 23.08.2016
Temperature: ± 1 °C,
humidity ± 3 % RH at 25 °C
Time: 3 sec/day
0,1 °C, 1 % RH, 1 min
10 sec
79 x 66 mm
98 x 110 x 21 mm
Wire length 3 m
1,5 V Type AAA
12 min
EN 61000-6-3:2011
EN 61000-6-1:2007
0560 0064
Press SET once and “Alm” icon will appear. Repeat time setting steps to
set alarm time.
Maximum/Minimum reading memory
Press MAX/MIN button to display maximum measured value, press the
button once more to display minimum measured value, press the button
again to return to normal display. Press and hold MIN/MAX button until two
bars “--” are displayed then release to reset memory.
Outdoor temperature display
Press OUT button to display outdoor temperature. Press the button again
to display normally.
Frost alarm
Press ALERT to switch on ice point alert function and alarm will sound
when outdoor temperature is below 0 °C.
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