Action Battery Grip™
The new Action Battery Grip
provides an all-in-one
carrying solution for your
action camera – three times
the power and a mount!
Use the grip alone or even
pair with another ¼"-20
accessory for a variety
of set-ups.
Features & Benefits
• Triple the life of your action cam
This grip has a built-in battery that
can re-charge your action camera
fully two times while you’re out on
your adventure.
• Comes with USB charging cable
A shorter cord makes it easy to
charge your GoPro® while in use.
Even charge any accessory –
including your phone.
• Resizable tether for an added
and secure hold
The removable wrist strap provides
a hands-free hold when needed.
• Bottom ¼"-20 mount for
numerous mounting options
Mount to a tripod for an eye-level,
hands-free set-up, or to the
UltraPlate 208™ to create a
powered mini rig.
• Works with any action cam
with ¼"-20 design
Comes with built-in, standard
GoPro® mount and thumbscrew,
plus includes a top pin for use
with any other action camera
(¼"-20 screw).
Action Battery Grip™
Designed for
Any action video camera with
¼"-20 mounting ability,
including GoPro®, Contour®,
and Sony®
¼"-20 thread works with any
Durable ABS plastic,
silicone grip pad, nylon
cording, stainless steel,
TPU, nickel-plated copper,
Battery Information
Battery Type:
Rechargeable Lithium-ion
Output Voltage: 5.0V
Output Current: 1A
Cell Capacity: 2600mAh
Product Weight
164g / 5.8oz
Product Dimensions
30 x 60 x 179mm /
1.2 x 2.4 x 7 in
Universal stainless steel
¼"-20 screw or GoPro®
connection; USB micro cable