Photo MPS | 8 mil Instant Dry Universal Photo Satin

Photo MPS | 8 mil Instant Dry Universal Photo Satin
Photo MPS is an 8 mil premium, universal satin photo paper. In addition to having a Waterfast coating, it offers
"instant dry" properties and is designed to give high performance with a wide array of printers, from piezo to
thermal inkjet. Because of its instant dry technology, it can be printed at very high speeds. Photo MPS is
compatible with both dye-based and pigmented inks. This wide format photo paper laminates well with thermal
or pressure-sensitive lamination films as well as ProTect lamination spray. It is designed for use as
photorealistic image displays, indoor display graphics and short-term outdoor graphics when laminated, using
pigmented inks.
Basis Weight (Total)
Caliper (Mils)
Opacity (%) 99
Gloss (@60°) 25
Ink Compatibility
Dye based and pigmented inks
Application Suggestions
Photography, posters, graphic art reproduction, POS signage, Exhibition graphics, Desktop Publishing.
Imaging Guidelines
Printing: Photo MPS can be used on a wide variety of printers with both dye-based and pigmented inks.
Print dry time is instant.
Media Handling: Media should be allowed to acclimate for 48 hours in the printing environment before use.
The use of cotton gloves when handling may prevent transfer of oil and dirt to the print surface, which could
affect print quality.
Storage/Printing Environment: It is recommended to store and print on this media in a controlled
environment at a temperature between 50 - 85° F and a relative humidity between 30 - 65 percent.
Printer Settings:
Finishing Recommendations
Lamination: This media is compatible with both thermal and pressure-sensitive lamination films as well as
ProTect lamination spray. It has been tested with various types of lamination films and no incompatibilities
were found.
Laminators: As a guideline, we recommend a “low-melt” film laminating at approximately 205̊ F with a speed
of around 5 fpm. When laminating with PSA films, a heat-assist of approximately 120̊ F on the top roller at a
speed of around 3 fpm is recommended. These specs can greatly vary from machine to machine and can also
be affected by your environment.
Mounting: Mounting prints can be easily done with pressure-sensitive mounting materials or spray adhesive
applied directly to the mounting substrate.
Handling: When laminating with a PSA laminate, a curing time of 24 hours is recommended in order to allow
the adhesive to achieve optimum strength.
Shipping/Delivery: When preparing a piece to transport, roll the laminated image print-side out as LOOSE
as possible; this will help avoid tunneling.
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