quick calling guide
Dialing to the Aircraft
All calls to-and-from Iridium telephone systems are considered
international calls. You can direct dial or use two-stage dialing.
Two-stage calls may provide you with more cost-effective
calling. In two-stage calls, the caller is charged by their long
distance provider for a call to Tempe, Arizona, USA for the
call’s duration. The person in the aircraft is charged low
Aircell per-minute rates - from the time the call connects in
Tempe, until the call ends.
Note: International customers may or may not save with
two-stage calls, and should first check the rates with their
ground provider.
Note: US based land and cell phones without international
calling access can use two-stage calling.
Direct dialing may not always be possible, as some long-distance
providers do not recognize the Iridium Country Code (8816).
Direct Dialing to the Aircraft from Ground Phones
Dial IDD prefix (International Direct Dial prefix) of the
country you are calling from (USA/Canada = 011) +
Aircraft Iridium Telephone Number (8816.XXX.XXXXX).
Making Two-Stage Calls to the Aircraft from Ground Phones
Within USA/Canada
Dial 1.480.768.2500 & wait for prompt, then dial
Aircraft Iridium Telephone Number (8816.XXX.XXXXX).
Outside USA/Canada
Dial IDD prefix of the country you are calling from, then dial
1 (USA Country Code) + 480.768.2500 & wait for prompt, then
dial Aircraft Iridium Telephone Number (8816.XXX.XXXXX).
Dialing from the Aircraft
Follow the instructions on this guide to make Iridium® satellite
calls using an Aircell telephone.
Note: Toll-free numbers, such as 800 numbers, may not work
for airborne or international calls.
Using Iridium Calling from the Aircraft
Dial 9 + Country Code (USA/Canada = 1) + Telephone Number.
Example (USA): Dial 9.1.303.301.3278, then press
Example (Panama): Dial 9.507.XXX.XXX.XXXX, then press
Using Iridium-to-Iridium Calling from the Aircraft
Dial 9 + 8816 (Iridium Country Code)
+ Other Iridium Telephone Number (XXX.XXXXX). Press
Example: Dial 9.8816.XXX.XXXXX, then press
Note: A slow beep indicates the call is in progress. A fast beep
indicates that no channel is currently available to that handset.
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Aircell Document • D13377 • Revision B • April 2010
AirCell Document 862-20010-001 Revision G • October 2009