FD 8650HS High-Security w/AutoOiler Cross-Cut Paper

Safety Precautions, continued
• Do not allow children to use the machine.
• Do not operate with a damaged power cord or plug, or when the machine is damaged
in any manner.
• Unplug the shredder when it is being moved, or if it is not in use for an extended
period of time.
• Do not disconnect the power by pulling only the cord. Hold the plug when
• Keep the shredder away from direct sunlight.
• Do not sit on the shredder or place anything on top of it.
• Never open the fixed switch or cover.
FD 8650HS High-Security w/AutoOiler
Cross-Cut Paper Shredder
Safety Devices and Other Features
Automatic Reverse Rotation
When too much paper is inserted, the cutter stops operating and
automatically rotates in reverse to discharge the jammed paper.
The shredder will beep. Reduce the amount of paper and restart the
Door Switch
If the door is open, the shredder will not operate.
Automatic Stop
When the waste bin is full, the “FULL” LED will light and the cutter stops
operation. Open the door, remove the waste bin and empty. Replace
the waste bin, close the door, and press START to resume operation.
Automatic Power Shut-Off
If the shredder operates continuously for more than 30 minutes, the
power is automatically shut off.
If the motor is overloaded, the “STOP” LED will flash until it cools down.
When the flashing stops the shredder is ready to be used again.
• Disconnect power by pulling power cord plug from wall outlet.
NSA Approved: Meets the requirements of NSA/CSS specification
for Level 6 High-Security cross-cut shredders.
• To clean the exterior, wipe the surface with a soft cloth. If the surface is very dirty, use a
neutral detergent, then wipe again with a soft cloth.
• Never put water directly on the surface of the shredder.
• Never clean the case with benzene or thinner, since it will cause discoloration.
• Do not dismantle the shredder. Contact your Formax Dealer for service.
The AutoOiler pumps 20 ml of oil onto the cutting head every 30 minutes to help keep the
FD 8730HS working at peak performance.
Cutting Style:
Cross Cut
Shred Size:
1/32” x 3/16” (Level 6)
Sheet Capacity:
14 - 15 sheets*
1. Fill oil reservoir with recommended HS shredder oil.
Up to 24 feet per minute
2. Insert hose into the top of the bottle.
Feed Opening:
28” W (includes oil reservoir) x 24” D x 43” H
3. The oiler is ready for use.
Security Level
Level 6 (HIPAA Compliant)
Bin Capacity:
53 gal.
319 lbs
Power supply:
110V, 50/60Hz 20A
Does not accept credit cards, staples or paper clips
* Capacity varies depending on paper and power supply
Set-up Guidelines
1. Install the shredder on a level surface, away from heat sources and direct sunlight.
2. Insert plug into wall outlet with the appropriate voltage, 110V. If the outlet is shared
with another electronic device, the total current should not exceed 30A (at 110V).
1. Flip the power switch “ON” located on the right side of the shredder.
2. Auto Start/Auto Stop
When the START button is pushed, the “AUTO” LED will light. Insert
paper to shred. The shredder will start and stop automatically when
using this function.
3. Manual Operation
If paper is too small for the shredder’s sensors to detect, shred it
manually. Push the START button once more and the “MANUAL” LED
will light. Insert paper to be shredded. Three minutes after shredding,
the cutter automatically stops rotating.
4. Reverse Operation
Push the REV button and the “REV” LED will light and cutters will
operate in reverse. If too much paper is inserted at one time in
standard modes, the shredder will automatically operate in reverse. If
this occurs, remove the inserted paper and shred in smaller amounts.
NOTE: The maximum amount of paper to be shredded differs
according to paper quality, humidity and voltage. If the shredder is to
be used continuously, do not insert more than half of the maximum capacity.
5. Full Sensor
If the wastebasket is full, the “FULL” LED will light and the cutter will stop
automatically. Open the door, remove and empty the waste bin. Replace the waste
bin, close door, and press START to resume shredding.
Hose & cap assembly
Oil reservoir bottle
ECO Mode
When the power switch on the right side of the shredder (see below) is initially turned on,
the shredder is automatically in ECO Mode. This energy-saving feature puts the shredder
into standby after 5 minutes of inactivity.
When the shredder is in standby, the ECO Mode LED on the control
panel will be lit.
To exit ECO Mode: Turn the power switch to the off position, then while pressing the stop
button turn the shredder back on, hold the stop button down until the shredder beeps
once and release. The Eco Mode indicator LED will go out indicating that the shredder
is no longer in Eco Mode. To re-engage Eco Mode simply turn the shredder off and back
on again.
Safety Precautions
To avoid personal injury, and damage to the shredder,
observe the following safety precautions. Please keep these
instructions for future reference.
NOTE: In case of emergency, flip the “Power Switch”
to cut off power and/or pull the plug out of the wall outlet.
• Keep hands, long hair, clothing, ties, jewelry and loose
items away from the feed opening and shred outlet.
Power switch
• Do not use the shredder for anything other than its
intended purpose. Never use it to shred cloth, plastic,
cardboard or any hard material that will cause damage to the shredder blades.
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