Electric Wall/Ceiling Projection Screen
Saker Tab-Tension Series
User’s Guide
Important Safety & Warning Precautions
Make sure to read this user’s guide and follow the procedures below.
Caution: The screen’s Black Top Drop is already set to its maximum drop distance. There is NO extra
Black Top Drop in the roller. Please be aware of this as it will void your warranty with Elite Screens.
Unapproved changes or modifications (except for cutting the power cord for hardwire installations) to this
unit are prohibited and will void your warranty. For more information, please contact our Technical Support
Department at (877) 511-1211 Ext. 604.
Please retain this user’s guide for future reference.
To avoid damaging the unit, do not use with any unauthorized accessories not recommended by the
Handle the unit carefully during transportation to avoid any damages.
To ensure safe and reliable operation, direct connection to a properly grounded power source is
The power outlet supplying power to the unit should be close to the unit and easily accessible.
Do not install the unit on uneven or inclined surfaces.
Do not put heavy objects on the power cord and position it properly to avoid creating a trip
Never overload the power cord to prevent an electric shock or fire due to a loose contact or a short
There are not user serviceable parts in this unit. Do not attempt to disassemble this unit by yourself.
No one except authorized technicians can open and make repairs to this unit.
Make sure the power source this unit is connected to has a continuous power flow.
If there is need to use an extension cord, make sure the cord has an equal rating as the appliance to
avoid overheat.
Do not handle the power plug when your hands are wet or your feet are in contact with water.
Do not use this unit under the following circumstances.
 Disconnect the power cord under the conditions of heavy rain, wind, thunder or lightning.
 Avoid direct Sunshine, rain shower and moisture.
 Keep away from fire sources and high temperature to prevent this device from overheating.
 Cut off the power supply first before transportation or maintenance.
 Fully disconnect from the power supply when the unit is not in use for a long period of time, as
should be done with any other electric household appliance.
 To avoid possible injury and/or an electric shock, do not attempt to use the screen if there is
obvious damage or if there are any evident broken parts.
The Screen’s Top Black Drop is already set to its maximum drop distance. There is NO extra top black
drop in the roller. Please be aware of this as it will void the limitation of your warranty.
Individual modifications to this product are prohibi
ted and will void the warranty with the manufacturer.
Please contact Elite Screens Customer Service for any questions.
This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to
Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential
installation. This equipment generates and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used
in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.
However, there is no guarantee that the interference will not occur on a particular installation. If this
equipment causes harmful interference to radio or television reception, which ccan
an be determined by turning
the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the
following measures.
 Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna of the device which may cause interference.
 Increase the separation
paration between the screen and the device’s receiver.
 Connect the equipment into a different power outlet other than the device.
1. Carefully unpack the screen.
2. Always handle the screen in a leveled position on a clean surface.
3. In order to protect the screen from exposure to stains, keep the screen out of contact with foreign
particles such as dust, sawdust, and/or liquids.
Regardless of the mounting method, the screen should be securely supported so that the vibration or
pulling on the viewing surface will not cause the casing to become loose or fall. The installer must insure
that the fasteners used are of adequate strength and suitable for the installation location.
location Included mounting
screws are complimentary and may not be appropr
iate for all mounting surfaces. Use appropriate anchors to
safely secure the screen to the mounting surface or consult with a professional installer
Hardware Parts List
Please make sure all parts listed below are included before proceeding with the installation.
A. Wall/Ceiling mount
bracket x2
For 135” below
For 135”-180”
F. M5x25MM round head
cross screws x2
B. M5xx60 Screw x4
C. M12 Dry-wall
anchor x4
connector x2
E. M5x11 Bolt
Screw x4
G. M5x30MM eyebolt
screw & M5 nut x2
H. Hidden wall
bracket x2
I. R18xR6x1
washer x4
J. Snap link x2
Installation Instructions
For installation assistance, please consult a professional Installer. Elite Screens is not liable for faulty installations.
A. Wall Mount
I.Flush mount with wall/ceiling brackets (fixed position)
M5x11 Bolt Screw
Bracket connector
Wall/Ceiling Mount
Bracket (A)
1. Begin by sliding the bracket connector (D) all the way to each end of the housing.
2. Then attach it to the wall/ceiling mount bracket (A) with the M5x11 bolt screw (E).
3. Measure and mark the (WxH) distance between the two holes on each bracket.
4. Drill a hole for each screw hole on the marked areas.
5. Insert a dry-wall anchor (C) into the wall.
6. Insert aM5x60 Screw (B) in each dry-wall anchor (C) and screw it in leaving about 1/8” of an inch.
7. Hang the screen by aligning the end cap holes to the M5x60 screws (B).
anchors (C)
screws (b)
II. Flush hidden mount (movable position)
This mount method allows the screen to slide horizontally.
Front view of bracket (h)
Side view of
bracket (h)
1. Determine where the screen will be installed. Then, measure and mark the distance between the top and bottom
screw holes from each hidden wall mount bracket (H).
2. Drill a hole on all marked areas and install the brackets with the dry-wall anchor(C), M5x60 screw (B), and a
washer (I). Make sure both brackets are properly leveled.
3. Hang the screen by placing the downward “catch “located on the back over the brackets upper “catch”.
4. After making sure the screen is secured, you can slide it left / right to properly center it in position.
5. Lastly, screw the M5 screw (F) into the upper hole of the bracket to add additional support for the screen.
B. Ceiling Mount
I. Ceiling Mount(fixed position on end caps)
Dry-wall anchors (C)
Washer (I)
M4x50 screw (B)
NOTE: The brackets do not slide. They are designed to attach the end caps only.
1. Attach the Wall/Ceiling mount bracket (A) to the Bracket connector (D) located on top of the screen’s housing (preinstalled).
2. Determine where the screen will be installed. Then, measure and mark the distance between the (WxH) locations.
3. Drill a hole on all marked areas and insert a dry-wall anchor(C).
4. Secure the screen by inserting the M5x60 screw (B) and a washer (I) thru the wall/ceiling mount brackets (A).
Two or more people are required while one holds the screen in place.
II. Suspended
1. Screw the eyebolt (G) on the bracket connector (D).
2. Attach the snap link (J) through the eyebolt (G) and connect it to an eyebolt screw (not included) rated
for the screen’s weight.
Screen material tension adjustment (4mm Allen Wrench required and not included)
Remove the weight bar end cap to expose the adjustment tension knob. Insert your 4mm Allen Wrench to
push in the adjustment tension knob, turn clockwise and your screen will gain more tension. Turn the Allen
Wrench counter clockwise and the screen will lose tension. Please note this adjustment is not necessary as
the tension of the screen has been set to its factory setting for best performance. Please contact Elite Screens
for assistance to avoid damaging the screen and voiding your warranty at techsupport@elitescreens.com
Saker Tab-Tension Series | Controls and Accessories
A. IR Remote
B. RF Remote
C. Wall switch control box
D. 5-12
volt trigger cable
E. IR extended “eye” receiver
F. Wireless 55-12v trigger cable
G. AAA batteries
H. Bubble leveler
Screen operation
Electric Current: Depending upon region, your Elite Screen will operate on 100v, 110v, or 220v voltage.
1. After ensuring the power outlet & screen are compatible (voltage), plug the power cord into the power outlet.
2. Once the screen has power, you’ll be able to control it using any of the 6 methods described below.
6 ways to control your Saker Tab-Tension
1. IR remote control (Item A, Fig 1):
): The Infrared functions by direct line
of sight contact with a beam range of 30 feet. Aim the IR remote at the
circular window located on the left side of the screen.
2. IR “Eye” Receiver (Item E, Fig 2):: The IR “Eye” Receiver plugs
directly into the screen’s RJ-45
45 input to present a low profile line
control option for your IR remote control even in a recessed ceiling
3. RF Remote Control (Item B):: The radio waves eliminate the need for a
direct line of sight with a range of 100 feet.
IR/RF remote
4. 3-Way Wall Switch (Item
Item C, Fig 33): The 3-way wall switch
is a wall mount control box with an up/stop/down button and
plugs directly into the screen’s RJ-45
45 input.
IR “eye” receiver
3 Way Wall Switch
(does not have IR sensor)
5. 5-12 volt trigger (Item D, Fig 4): The built-in 512V trigger input allows your screen to synchronize
its drop & rise with the projector’s power cycle.
The screen deploys when the projector powers up
and will retract when the projector powers down.
The 5-12 volt RJ45 cable connects to your
projector’s trigger output via a separate cable that
may or may not be provided by the manufacturer of
the projector. The trigger feature will not work
without an output cable from the projector, but it
can be tested by connecting the Red (+) and Green
(-) cable to a 9-volt battery.
3 prong power cord
RJ45 Input
5-12 volt trigger cable
6. Wireless 5-12 volt trigger (Item F, Fig 5): The RF remote control serves as a dual purpose, independently as a
handheld remote control, or in conjunction with the Wireless 5-12 volt trigger cable. The radio frequency
technology can be programmed to send a wireless signal to synchronize its drop & rise with the projector’s power
Here’s how to set up your Wireless 5-12 volt trigger | Synchronization Instructions
Step1: Connect one end of the 3.5 mm wireless 5-12 volt trigger cable to the RF remote.
Step 2: Connect the other 3.5 mm end of the wireless 5-12 volt trigger cable to your projector
Step 3: Make sure to unplug your screen from the power outlet
Step 4: Hold the UP button on your RF remote
Step 5: While holding the UP button, plug the screen back to the power outlet
Step 6: Wait 5 seconds and then release the UP button
Step 7: Your 5-12V wireless trigger should now be activated with your screen and ready to be used and able to
control your screen with your projector’s power cycle
Repeat the steps again if not successful.
(Please be aware, the projector on/off cycle may take longer to fully activate. It usually takes around 2030seconds for full off and on cycle each time)
The back of the
DC 5-12V out
Fig 5
Wireless 5-12V
trigger cable
For the following videos please visit:
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For more information, technical support or your local Elite Screens contact, please visit