Mac configuration: Panther MAC-OS Configuration Click on

Mac configuration:
Panther MAC-OS Configuration
Click on the AirPort icon in the MAC OS-X menu bar, at top right corner. Turn on the AirPort
interface if it isn't already on.
Select the Open Internet Connect option at the bottom..
Go into the File menu and select New 802.1X connection. A new window is opened in your system,
as shown:
While over Configuration click on your mouse to raise the pop-up menu in which you can select
Edit Configurations.
On the configuration window that is shown, please fill all the fields with the following information:
A descriptive word or sentence of the new connection you are beginning to create. Recommended
anything related to nccit2k6
Network port
You leave it untouched, since very kindly your system only have one wireless interface. And it is
called AirPort.
User Name
Here you have to fill the field with your METU username, (DO NOT include
Here you supply yours.
Wireless Network
It is the name which you gave to this network. It is recommended to keep it as nccit2k6 in order to
easily identify it.
You only have to select TTLS. But this one is mandatory to proceed.
Once you are ready completing the information, click on the Configure button.
Here you still have to provide more info to your network profile, as shown in the image:
TTLS inner Authentication
You have to pick PAP method.
Outer identify
When ready you click on OK button, the TTLS window shuts and you are back at the Edit network
configuration settings. Here, again, click on OK button to close it.
Now you have configured your nccit2k6 SSID. You may try it by clicking on the Connect button at
the window called 802.1x in your system. Remember that you get it by clicking the icon on the
Application folder.
The window will show like this one, once you select nccit2k6 network combo box.
The first time you try to get connected to nccit2k6 SSID at the Middle East Technical University
NCC, you should accept a Certificate. This is a certificate of the server which checks your username
and password.
So, this first time you will have a window like the one shown, that you have to accept in order to
proceed and get connected.
As an alternate way, you may prefer to install the Server Certificate, as well as the Certification
Authority, from or
Once you have passed the configuration steps shown above, and installed the Server Certificate,
you may effectively try your connection the way it should be from now on with the next screen (same
that the one asked you the certificate first time):
Mac/Os Leopard (OS X 10.5) & Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6).
To begin configuring your connection, please click on the AirPort icon on the system bar. It is
located on the upper right corner of your screen.
You first check that the AirPort interface is on. If it is not, please, turn it on before going on.
On the pop-up menu that is shown, select the option Open Network Preferences, as we show on
these images:
A new window is presented on your screen like the following one. Click on the Advanced button.
Select the flap TCP/IP, and check that you have selected the option Using DHCP on the Configure
IPv4 combo box.
Now select the flap 802.1X.
On the left hand side of the window you have the Profile list. Possibly it is empty, and so this part
of the window is blank. Look at the bottom of this box, and click on the + button in order to pop-up a
menu which ask you to select an optio. Select Add User Profile.
You have to complete the information of the new user profile you are adding.
We suggest you to keep the name nccit2k6 as the profile name in order to easily identify it in the
In the User name field you have to write your METU user name, DO NOT include
On the field Wireless Network select nccit2k6.
Finally, as the Authentication protocol you only have to select TTLS, but this one is mandatory!
...and you have to configure it by clicking on the Configure button in the lower part of the
Authentication protocols section.
When you have clicked on the configure TTLS protocol, a new window is opened, like the one we
show below.
In this new window you have to select as TTLS Inner Authentication the PAP method.
You don't need to fill Outer identity.
When ready click on the Ok button.
After clicking Ok, you should be back in the Prefered networks window.
When you are back in that window, go to the flap Airport and check that the network nccit2k6 has
been successfully added.
You may review your configuration by clicking on the Pencil icon that is in the three icons group in
the lower-left corner of the Networks list. This icon lets you edit the configuration of the network you
have previously selected in the list by clicking on it.
When ready with all the former steps, you may try your connection. Connecting to the nccit2k6
network is always preceded by the following screen in which the system ask you to identify yourself.
When you first connect to nccit2k6 you have to accept the Radius Server Certificate. The Radius
Server is the one which validates your id (username and password). To do so, click on the Certificates
button the new window show you. Select the Radius Server one, issued by the METU NCC CA.
We recommend that you mark the option Always trust METU NCC certificate in order to avoid this
checking every time you want to connect nccit2k6.
Click on Continue button to go on.
As an alternate way of installing your certificate, you may download it from or And install it the
way we propose:
Open the Keychain Access window (you can do it via the magnifying glass on the top-right of the
system bar, look for the word "keychain").
Look for the METU NCC certificate, select it by double clicking. A new window with the certificate
settings is shown. Like the following one.
Click on the Always Trust button which is on the lower right corner of this window, that will accept
permanently this certificate in your system.
Proceed the same way with the METU NCC Certification Authority certificate. As well, we
recommend you to Always Trust it.
Once you are ready with the certificates, you have to turn off and on the AirPort interface (the
very first instruction of the ones in this sheet of Mac-Leopard Wireless configuration).
Now you are connected to the METU NCC nccit2k6 Network, Welcome!!
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