LOWER BELT GUARD - Yamaha Road Star (99-10)
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CAUTION! We Strongly recommend that a qualified technician install this kit
if you do not completely understand the instructions prior to the install.
Revision: 1.6 - 02/04/2010
Install Time: 30 Minutes
(1) - Belt Guard
(1) - 6mm x 25mm Chromed Button-Head Screw
(2) - 6mm x 12mm Chromed Button-head Screws
(1) - Flat Cover Plate
(2) - Chromed Flat Washers
(1) - 12mm Spacer
1. Place the motorcycle on a suitable stand to safely support it while you perform the installation.
2. If your bike is equipped with a Baron Rear Pulley Cover, you will need to remove rear wheel per Yamaha
shop manual procedures. Otherwise, loosen rear wheel and push forward to give drive belt as much slack as is
3. Remove chromed upper belt guard and plastic lower belt guard.
4. Install new Belt Guard onto motorcycle by sliding its rear section into rear pulley area first, then positioning
it inline with the stock mounting locations. Fasten upper rear mounting area first with provided 6 x 12mm
button-head screw and flat washer.
5. Install the front 6 x 12mm button-head screw and flat washer (sometimes you must flex the guard to get
proper hole alignment on the front mount hole).
6. Position supplied flat cover plate over belt guards lower rear swingarm mounting tab (make sure this tab is
not bent in toward the wheel) and install supplied 6 x 25mm button-head screw, placing supplied spacer
between rear of swingarm mounting tab and Baron Belt Guard. Screw fastener into Belt Guard.
7. If removed, reinstall rear wheel per Yamaha shop manual procedures. Adjust drive belt per shop manual
instructions and tighten axle to recommended specs.
8. Check for clearance in all areas, especially around the rear pulley (sometimes the tail end of belt guard may
have been bent inward during packaging and shipping - if this is the case gently bend outward for clearance)
9. Install chromed, stock upper belt guard per Yamaha shop manual procedures.
NOTE: We strongly recommend the application of Loctite®, or a similar material, on the threads of all bolts.
Our install guides provide a basic outline on the proper installation of our products. Further tuning and/or
fitment may be required. Barons bears no responsibility on installation costs associated with this product.
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