MARS Drinks
Serving people, and the planet.
MARS wants to go a step further and provide hot beverage systems that will enable companies to have a more
sustainable workplace. Their products and equipment help you reduce waste, reduce the amount of energy your
business uses, and through initiatives in developing communities, can help people to live better lives.
Helping you save energy
The Flavia C400 is the most energy efficient single-cup brewer on the market.
 It uses 60% less energy than the other guys
 It heats enough water to the ideal temperature for a few drinks at time to avoid unnecessary boiling
 Its energy saving mode and energy efficient LED screen conserve power
Helping you reduce waste
MARS Drinks offers an innovative recycling program through Terracycle Inc. to turn waste into useful
and reusable products. ǀ
 The packs are collected and shipped to Terracycle
 The coffees and teas are turned into compost
 The packaging is upcycled into other products – folders, binders, totes, park benches, etc.
 The single-cup system also eliminate waste from unused coffee, tea and water
Helping you help others
MARS Drinks supports communities and environments from which they source their ingredients.
 MARS supports sustainable farms and communities through Rainforest Alliance™ and Brighter
 Sustainability goes beyond Fair Trade or Organic certifications by improving the environmental,
social, and economic wellbeing of coffee and tea growers for present and future generations
 MARS associates volunteer and are actively involved in their local communities
Helping you reduce waste
Sign up with Coffee Ambassador
Fill out the form
Coffee Ambassador will set up your account
Login to your account
Collect your fresh packs
Order a MARS Recycling Box from Coffee Ambassador
Or reuse a box from your office (maximum 40 lbs.)
Please use a plastic liner.
Print a FedEx label
Login to
Click on Print a Label
Attach the shipping label to your box
Ship to Terracycle
Call Customer Service
Schedule a FedEx pick up
Or drop off your box at the nearest FedEx location
(858) 453-8584
How does it work?
Is there a cost to participate in the recycling program?
Yes, once a box is returned to Terracycle, a $27.75 recycling fee will be billed to
your Coffee Ambassador account. The recycling fee includes S&H, processing and
upcycling of the fresh packs. There is no charge for the MARS Recycling Box.
What happens to the fresh packs?
The coffees and teas are separated from their packs and turned into compost
The packaging is then upcycled into other products – folders, binders, totes, park
benches, etc.
What is upcycling?
Upcycling uses an existing product in a new way to make something else. By
repurposing a product, we conserve resources and reduce waste in our landfills.
Ask about our other Eco Solutions.