AE IAC601CM Black/White Image Acquisition Camera

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AE IAC601CM Black/White Image
Acquisition Camera
Key Facts
Product Description
• Digital image acquisition camera available
with different resolutions
• High-speed traffic observation
• Single lane and Multi-lane free flow
• Traffic telematics applications
• Red light and velocity applications
• High contrast images
• High sensitivity
• Low noise
• Easy installation and adjustment on pole
and gantry (3 degrees of freedom)
• Easy change of camera module in case of
• High-speed image acquisition up to 50
fps@2.3 MP
• Very short exposure times down to 26 μs
to eliminate motion blur
• Power supply and data connection via
2 x M12 Cables
• Trigger from server
• Front tube to reduce soiling
• Flash connects into camera
EFKON’s AE IAC601 Image Acquisition Camera is ideally suited for all applications for which
high quality images, rugged and compact design, longevity and robustness in harsh environments
are required. It is a perfect fit for any high-speed traffic observation application.
The coated aluminum enclosure protects the camera against salt spray and smog. With its
high sensitivity and high-resolution sensor the camera delivers excellent high-quality images
even under challenging lighting conditions. As a result the camera is perfectly suited for
optical character recognition (OCR). This is the base for high-rate automatic number plate
recognition (ANPR). The camera is sensitive in the visible as well as in the infrared domain.
This makes it possible to use invisible lighting to avoid driver distraction.
Equipped with a standard GigE Vision® interface the AE IAC601 cameras allow image capturing of up to 50 images per second@2.3 MP. Via digital interface the image acquisition
parameters can be adjusted in real-time to enable dynamic exposure control. The back of
the camera features a flash connector to attach any flash of the AE IAF series. The connector
also supplies the flash with power.
The cabling concept with two separate M12 connections for data and power provides easy
installation and cable guidance by using flexible and cost effective standard cables.
Two separate heater elements, one for the image acquisition sensor and one for the camera
window, avoid fogged-up windows and ensures clear pictures and a reliable operation under
all weather and temperature conditions.
Enforcement Products
Technical Specifications
• Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 430 (605
with bracket) x 170 x 170
• Weight: 6.2 kg including mounting
• Housing: Aluminum and Stainless
• Bracket: Stainless steel (1.4404)
• Window: 3 mm, AR-coated optical glass
• Power connector: M12-T (4 pol)
• Data connector: M12-X (8 pol)
• Flash connector: shielded M23 industrial 6-pin connector
• Data Interface: Gigabit Ethernet, GigE
Vision® compliant
• Operating temp: -40 °C up to +55 °C
• Storage temp: -30 °C up to +60 °C
• Vibration/Shock:
ENV EN60068-2-1
ENV EN60068-2-2
ENV EN60068-2-14
ENV EN60068-2-78
• IP Proof Standard: IP 66, refer to EN 60529
• All flash units of AE IAF series
• All EFKON server units
• Automatic Number Plate Recognition
• Lenses with focal length of 16 mm,
20 mm, 25 mm or 35 mm
• IR-Filter
• Swivel-joint bracket
• M12 power cable (optional)
• M12 data cable (optional)
• M12 Torque key (optional)
• 24 V DC (+/-15 %)
• Power consumption: 5 W typ. (heater
off), 22 W max. (excluding strobe unit)
• EMC: 2014/30/EU
• LVD: 2014/35/EU
• RoHS
Dietrich-Keller-Str. 20
8074 Raaba, Austria
Tel. +43 316 69 90-0
Fax +43 316 69 90-600
−− 2.3 MP Sensor: 1,936 x 1,216 pixels
−− 3.2 MP Sensor: 2,046 x 1,544 pixels
−− 5.1 MP Sensor: 2,464 x 2,056 pixels
• Frame rate: max. 50 fps@2.3 MP
• Shutter speed: from 26 μs to 10 s,
global shutter
• Sensor: CMOS, 8bit/16bit grey-scale,
visible light and near infrared
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