Seat Belt Child Saftey Restraint Laws

Seat Belt Child Saftey Restraint Laws
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Washington State Has Two Occupant Protection Laws:
me Traffic Safety
The Seat Belt Law and The Child Restraint Law
The Seat Belt Law requires:
- ALL velucle occupants to be
properly restrained in ALL
« The driver is responsible for
seeing that all children under
the age of 16 are properly
« Passengers 16 years of age and
older are responsible for
themselves and may receive
their own ticket if they are not
properly restrained.
Buckling one seat belt around two
people or placing the seat belt under
the arm or behind the back is
dangerous, can cause death or
serious injury in a crash, and 1s a
violation of the law.
The law requires evervone to
wear the seat belt correctly.
The driver can be given a ticket
if the seat belt does not
properly fit the child (for
example: the shoulder belt crosses
the face or neck: the shoulder belt 15
under the arm; the shoulder belt 15
behind the back; or the lap belt is up
on the stomach).
Washington's Child Restraint
Law requires:
- Children under 15 vears old be
transported in the back seat
+ Children up to their g"
birthday, unless they are 4'9"
tall (57 inches), be transported
in a child restraint system. (For
example a child car seat,
booster seat, vest, or other
restraint that is federally
approved for use in the car.)
» The restraint system must be
used according to the car seat
AND vehicle manufacturer's
« Vehicles equipped with lap-
only seat belts are exempt
from the requirement to
use a booster seat.
« Children 8-years of age or at
least 4'9” who wear a seat belt
MUST use it correctly. (NOT
under the arm or behind the
Try this 5-Step Test to learn
when the adult seat belt
properly fits your child.
1. Does the child sit all the way back
against the vehicle seat?
2, Do the child's knees bend
comfortably at the edge of the
vehicle seat without slouching?
3. Does the lap belt stay on the
top part of the child's thighs?
4. Is the shoulder belt centered on
the chest and shoulder?
5. Can the child stay seated thas
way for the whole trip?
If vou say no to ANY of these
questions, or if your child puts the
shoulder part of the seat belt under
their arm or behind their back,
vour child still needs a booster
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