cStar Technologies Inc.
Hardware Platform
Motorola MC68302 @ 25MHz
512 KBytes FLASH (1Mbyte max.)
512 KBytes battery backed SRAM (2MBytes max.)
Real-Time Clock:
Battery backed
Network Interfaces:
Motorola DataTAC (4k/5k/6k), CDPD, Mobitex, GSM/GPRS, PCS, Cellular 900 MHz/2.4GHz band
Landline Modem:
PSTN simulator with Bell 103/212A and CCITT V22/V.22bis Sync/Async Line Modem, V.34 Async
Modem, RS-232, V.24, V.35, Ethernet (10/100 Base T), ISDN D/B, Frame Relay, Token Ring,
AppleTalk, Powerline Carrier and CAN.
Power Supply:
External AC/DC adapter, 120/240 V @ 50/60 Hz input, 12V 1.5A output, UL approved
Software Platform
Operating System:
Proprietary real-time multithreading OS
Software Architecture:
Open virtual communication framework, Object/Component oriented distributed system, Free
threading component apartments, Virtual Gateway™ methodology
Network Protocols:
SDLC/HDLC NRM primary/secondary, HDLC LAPB/LAPD/LAPM, Ethernet, Token Ring, Apple Talk, ISDN
D/B, Frame Relay, SLIP/CSLIP, PPP/MLPPP, VISA I/II, derivative protocols optional, SNA, X.25, X.28,
X.29, Internet protocol suite, Wireless Transport Protocol™NCL/DataTAC messaging, MASK/MPAK,
CEBus protocol stack, ModBus and CAN.
Network Management:
Proprietary remote network management agent with standard and extended MIBs provides complete
remote setup, configuration, real-time analysis and diagnostics, as well as firmware updates over any
of the available interfaces/protocols.
Physical Characteristics
Rack Mount Case
Wall Mount/Desktop Case
254mm W x 203mm L x 57mmH
(10’’ W x 8’’ L x 2.25’’ H)
102mm W x 203mm L x 51mm H
(4’’ W x 8’’ L x 2’’ H)
1.1 kg (2.4 lb)
0.7kg (1.6 lb)
Operating Temperature: 0C – 50C (32F – 122 F)
Storage Temperature:
0C – 50C (32F – 122 F)
15% - 95% non-condensing
ISO 9000, 9001, 9002
cStar Technologies Inc.
1-1122 Finch Avenue W. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Tel: (416)739-8484 Fax: (416)739-8998
http://www.cstartech.com e-mail: info@cstartech.com
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